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Glee: Rumours

Sue’s revival of the school newspaper causes rumours to spread around the school, causing trouble for Will and the New Directions.

Sue’s Second Hand News

As a weekly themed assignment, Will’s choice of Rumours songs made little sense, but as the frame to an episode of Glee it was great, and worked very well with Sue’s plot to bring down New Directions by spreading lies in the school paper. I am slightly shocked that Sue hasn’t been sacked/committed yet, because attacking the kids through the backdoor of school gossip is a new low for her. I am not sure it tallies up with her previous, albeit uneven portrayal as a mean mean woman who still has integrity and wants to be a good educator deep down. Anyway lets overlook that because let’s face it, rumours are Fun (OMG did you hear, rumours are Fun).

Will’s Dreams

You know what else is fun? April Rhodes! Yes, the dastardly plan that Honey Badger came up with involves inviting the beautiful songstress back into Will’s life. This is evidence that Terri really is over Will, since she didn’t seem at all worried about the chemistry between him and April. April’s tactic to seduce Will with eargasmic harmonies to convince him to leave for Broadway nearly worked. Whilst it was a given that Will wouldn’t leave his New Directions, I was worried for a moment. It was a strange move for Emma to push Will to leave, after she was the one who broke out his old yearbook and convinced him to stay on as Director of the glee club in the first place, in a very similar scene all the way back in the Pilot. It seemed like Will was remembering that as he was moved to tears. He confessed to Emma that he really does desperately want to perform on Broadway. Might he actually leave in a future episode?

Gold Dust Women

Brittany continues to become more loveable with every episode. I hugely enjoyed her Fondue for Two talk show (she has impressive editing skills) and even though it led to a rumour about Santana being lesbian, Brittany was willing to come out with her and ask her to prom. I hope that will happen in the next episode. Santana is definitely going to regret saying she is in love with Karofsky. Brittany’s interview of Will was also comedy gold dust – I hope her rising career in journalism continues to thrive.


- Brittany’s room has a huge poster of bluebells and floral wallpaper – I am a botanist so this makes me love her even more.

- Lord Tubbington only eats HUMAN food!

- I have no idea who Ann Coulter is but Sue looked brilliant. Even more so with mocha powder on her nose.

- Emma’s OCD seems to be getting better pretty quickly.

- How New Directions were so ready to believe that Sam and Kurt were hooking up. I’m guessing this is an in-joke regarding the rumour about Chord Overstreet being cast as Kurt’s love interest that was flying around at the beginning of the season.

The reveal about Sam’s home-motel was touching stuff. I didn’t see Sam’s moteldom coming, but as someone who has had no kitchen for the past three months, I felt his pain (well, a bit!).

Didn’t Love

- Sue looked waaay too comfortable in that David Bowie outfit.

- April Rhodes is definitely an off road drinker these days. What happened, I thought she was getting better?

- That look that Will gave April during Don’t Stop. Looks like he is still ‘thinking about tomorrow’.

- Poor pianist guy, being branded ‘just furniture’ by Santana!

- I appreciate Ryan Murphy trying to educate us on the subject of Fleetwood Macology but Kurt’s speech about the band members refusing to talk to each other except regarding work didn’t have anything to do with his and Rachel’s conversation; even as deflection, it didn’t fit.

Glee Against the Music

I should start this section with a little background information on Fleetwood Mac and their Rumours album, since this is the first time Glee has revolved an episode around one album, and the real life story of the recording of Rumours is just as interesting as the plot of any TV episode.

Fleetwood Mac had a huge hit with their second album, also entitled Fleetwood Mac. Along with the normal pressure of creating an equally impressive follow up, the band’s members were undergoing some intense personal trials. Two members, the McVies were ending their almost eight year long marriage, refusing to talk aside from when working on the album. Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks were experiencing a story patch in their on/off relationship, and could only get along by working on new material together. To cap it all, drummer Mick Fleetwood discovered his wife was cheating on him with his best friend – puts Glee to shame doesn’t it?

The album’s title refers to the untrue rumours created by the press such as Buckingham and Nicks being the parents of Fleetwood's daughter Lucy, Christine McVie being seriously ill and original members of the band returning to it. Despite these difficulties, and others involving drug abuse and hard core partying at recording sessions, the resulting album turned out to be a huge commercial success. Apparently they were aiming for an album where every track sounded like a potential single. If the songs Glee showcased are any indication, there’s a good chance they succeeded. If you want to know more about Rumours click here.

Dreams (April and Will):
I am hugely embarrassed to confess I only knew this from The Corrs’ album Talk On Corners (admittedly I was only 13 when they released it). As a result I got a rush of elation when I heard those familiar chords despite expecting I wouldn’t know any of the songs from Rumours. Beautiful version by Matthew Morrison and Kristin Chenowith. But didn’t Will and April seem far too into one another for the choir room? Grade A-

Never Going Back Again (Artie):
Hmm well this wasn’t exactly filler but I didn’t find it thrilling either. Maybe it was because I a) didn’t realise Artie and Brittany’s conversation was them breaking-up and b) don’t want them to be together anyway. I did enjoy all the boys with their guitars though. Grade C

Songbird (Santana):
Wow, seems Fleetwood Mac have cornered the market on Gleeful Sapphic serenades eh? This was lovely, but the choir room isn’t exactly the most romantic atmosphere - I would have preferred it if Santana had really been alone with Brittany (no ‘furniture’) and they had kissed at the end. B+

I Don't Want to Know (Quinn and Finn):
The slightly confused tone of the song’s bitter lyrics and upbeat melody fit Quinn and Finn’s mixed feeling for one another, producing a rather uncomfortable experience! Grade C+

Go Your Own Way (Rachel):
The message of this song fit perfectly with the fact that Rachel wants Finn to defy his girlfriend’s wishes and duet with her. I also liked Puck and Finn being featured with their instruments again. It’s not like Puck had anything else to do in this episode. Grade B

Don't Stop (New Directions):
This is such an optimistic song; it was a natural choice for a Glee episode ender. To me, the addition of Stacey and Stevie (otherwise known as Adorable Child #1 and #2) was one step too far on the sentimentality, but then Glee is often a Quattro Formaggio experience – Too. Much. Cheese! Despite that I still found myself grinning like a loon. It was a canny move by Bill Clinton to choose this as the theme for his first presidential campaign. Grade A-

Quotes for Gleeks

Brittany: “Hi, I’m Brittany S. Pierce and this is my new Internet talk show, Fondue for Two, which combines the two things I like the most: hot cheese and talking to people.”

April: “My all white production of The Wiz was a disaster.”

Tina: “I want to talk about the rumor about Asian men. Not true.”

Brittany: “Tune in next week for Fondue for Two. We will be dipping raw meat into boiling chocolate.”

Sue: “The newspaper is making a comeback at this school and like print newspapers everywhere, we’re leaner and meaner, no longer concerned with facts, fact checking, integrity or facts.”

Sam: “Santana told me never to speak alone with you because you would try to steal all of my gold.”

Rachel: “Look at all the different combinations that we’ve had. Finnchel. Puckelberry.”
Tina: “Tina Cohen-Chang Chang.”
Artie: “Artittany.”
Puck: “Pizes?”

Kurt: “Oh, how I’ve missed your insanity.”

Brittany: “Question 1: Do you think The Aristocats is an accurate portrayal of the feline relationship? You know, just because we’re doing this interview, it doesn’t mean I’m still not mad at you, cuz I know you started smoking again.”

Sue: “I'm pretty sure that barista is onto me. Now I'm Ann Coulter. As you may have noticed, I'm coming slightly unhinged.”

Santana: “My private feelings.”
Brittany: “What about him?”
Santana: “He's just furniture. Sorry, no offence.”

Santana: “I blame Sam for all of this. And Rachel, too, I blame her. I’m sure you did something.”

April: (singing) “...because my name is April Rhodes, I’ve kissed princes and toads, and it’s a good bet I’ve slept with yoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooou!”

April: “Thanks for the invite ladies. You know what I call an afternoon where I'm getting drunk? An afternoon!”

Sue: “You know what they say? Those who can't, teach. Turns out, maybe you actually can. Think about that the next time you prop your butt chin up on one of those little face toilets.”

Sue: “We all agree Will Schuester has no business teaching in a high school. You believe he’s too talented. I just hate him.”

Sue: “More placenta anyone?”

Quote of the Week goes to Brittany: “Lord Tubbington is allowed to eat cheese because he's on Atkins.”

What with both Sam and Will’s plots ending with them in tears, it was a serious, more grounded episode than previous ones in the season, which left lots of plot threads open for next week. Roll on prom! Three out of four pieces of broccoli covered in melted cheese.


  1. OMG I just luvvvv yure reviews! Sooooo much detail! Wicked roll on prom and yer next review!

    Happy glee fan xoxo

  2. Harry - Ann Coulter is a horrible, nasty, ultra-right conservative commentator and writer. She loves to stir up hate.

  3. Great review, Harry. I liked this episode and thought the music was really good. And I liked learning more about Fleetwood Mac because I knew practically nothing about Fleetwood Mac. They're not the only group to break up because of romantic conflict.

    Ann Coulter, as Sooze mentioned, is a hateful human being who likes to shock in order to get attention. She calls liberals 'traitors'. Here's a link to an article with a compilation of her nastiest quotes.

  4. I must be the only one who liked Artitanny, and was sad to see them go. :(

  5. I had forgotten how great those songs are...time to pull out my old Rumours album (yup, album, I am THAT old) and give it a good listen.

    When Artie was singing Never Going Back Again, I loved the guys following him around the hallways with their guitars...the instruments really ARE everywhere!

    Songbird is a beautiful song and "Santana" sung it well.

    The reveal about Sam's family's situation was done well. Very believable, especially in this day and age.

    And Sue has just gone off the deep end...but back to the Ann Coulter stuff...Glee definitely gave her a good jab with Sue's line about becoming (or being?) unhinged...ha!!

  6. Nice touch with the Fleetwood Mac background, really puts things into perspective huh?

    Half the episode was just blah teenage tripe to me with how everyone fell for those rumours SO easily (not sad to see Arty and Brittany go though) but then they just overturned it in the second with Will and his Broadway dreams and Sam's motel home, which I wasn't expecting. Just when I thought I didn't care about Glee any more. Now if only they'd do it like this more...

  7. Was I the only one who was rather disappointed that the only Blaine we got was a mention and the picture in the only-slightly-less-creepy-now-that-they're-actually-dating "Courage" collage in Kurt's locker?

  8. It's funny, a couple of staff at my school have just been suspended for the sort of heavy petting Will and April were engaged in.

    One of the problems I have with Glee is that Will is a danger to children and shouldn't be anywhere near a school: witness his behaviour in Britney/Brittany, his attitude towards Kurt and his blatant disregard for a trifling little document called the American Constitution in Grilled Cheesus, his selfishness in The Substitute and his wholly unprofessional behaviour in Blame It On The Alcohol.

    I work in a school and if I did just one of the things I've mentioned I'd be invited to spend a long time at Her Majesty's Pleasure.

    At least in Sue's case she's presented as a panto villain with occasional human moments. She's not supposed to be believable but Will is presented as a good guy and a good teacher when he's neither.

    Apologies for the rant, I just really dislike Will.

  9. Long time reader … first time remarker (?) …

    THANKS Harry (and Billie and Serena) for producing & publishing these recaps, reviews, song lists, funny quote-ables, and rays of sunshine & humor. This site is a sane spot on the InterNet for Glee-full banter of (basically) a good television show. Your reviews always help me find the one or two “moments” in an episode which make me care about the characters and curious to tune-in, next week, to discover what happens next. Thank you for your time and talent.

    For me, Glee is a television series which is AT ITS BEST when: championing the under-dogs; shinning a spotlight on the life (& struggles) of modern (?) teenagers; showcasing some outstanding music (& performances); and celebrating relationships (parent/child … sisters … step-brothers … soul-mates … first romance) – all with some cleaver humor, engaging characters, decent story-telling, unexpected plot-twists, and the occasional (!!) guest star. Like you, Harry, I did not see Sam’s moteldom revelation coming. Wow!

    I cheered when Glee brought forward the issue of bullying in schools. (I’m typing these thoughts while wearing my purple ERASE HATE wristband from the Matthew Shepard Foundation.) I am confident students, teachers, administrators, parents, coaches … and even team-mates … are looking carefully at their words and actions. Bottom-line: it is a matter of R-E-S-P-E-C-T.

    As such, I must draw a critical line in the (school-yard) sand to Ryan & Co, and urge them to practice what they preach. Santana’s line: “He’s just furniture. Sorry, no offense.” went over the edge for me and was offensive. Granted, it built up, this season, with too many “Hit-it!” remarks snarled by singers toward fine-fingers Brad at the piano, the brunette-mop-top talent on guitar/bass, and “super-duper-sticks-dude” at the drums.

    Okay, I admit, this show is over-loaded with (neglected) characters clamoring for a scene (or song) every couple of weeks. (By-the-way, where is outstanding & hilarious Coach Bieste ?!!?) But dear writers, is it beyond your abilities to have a soloist turn, once in awhile, to the instrumental musical talent next to them and say: “Thanks”? Those are people; not furniture. Not funny!

    Fine, I will step off my soap-box, and return quietly to the sofa to (wait and) watch the Prom, Funeral (yikes!) and Nationals in New York episodes.

    Harry, please keep up your great effort with these writings. Cheers!

  10. Anonymous -- thank you so much for your terrific comment. I love Glee for many of the reasons you just gave. High school can be a horror, and Glee is all about acceptance without getting too preachy about it. I wish it had been around when I was in high school.

  11. Wow, if we had such an award, you'd win Comment of the Week for that post Anonymous, thank you! Keep posting :)

    Hopefully in Season 3 we might get an episode featuring the band and and Brad, or even a new character who comes out of the school band to join New Directions.

    I missed Blaine too Anonymous #2, and thanks for the info about Ann Coulter guys - from that article you posted Billie I can't understand why they would feature her at all on Glee, even as a creation of Crazy Sue.

  12. As someone who's always been bothered by the characters' disregard for their musicians, I saw Santana's "furniture" line as a way for the writers to hang a lampshade on the fact that they do this unspokenly so much. Of course, it would be even better if they started actually acknowledging the musicians as characters. And the techies who design lights, build rotating couches, and flood the stage for their every rehearsal.

  13. Sooze -- you and me! I bought the album when it first came out (yes, I really am that old as well) and have since owned it on cassette tape, CD and mp3. The evolution of music in my lifetime. Saw Fleetwood Mac a couple of years ago. Besides the music, what made the concert so great was that the audience was made up of three generations, all singing the same songs. Now, that is the sign of a great band.

    I, too, did not like the furniture comment. It crossed a line for me.

    I was interested in Iago's comments about Will, especially as Iago is an educator as well. One of the negatives for me this season is that the writers didn't really seem to know what to do with the character. He is either behaving badly or absent. Maybe sending him to Broadway would give the show, and the writers, a fresh start.


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