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Smallville: Prophecy

Lois: "And a big part of that is a squinty head tilt, right?"

Welcome to the ultimate dysfunctional Kryptonian family, Lois! This week, Snow Dad manipulation time. What a terrific automated father-in-law you're acquiring, huh?

At least, if this was Jor-El's last appearance, it was a good one. He (or It) stepped over the line and interfered in Clark's life for probably the last time, although I think this time his intentions were good. Lois, more than anyone else in Clark's life, really needed to know what it felt like to be him, and I'm glad she took it to heart. Unfortunately, she absorbed the lesson, but not the most important part. She didn't internalize that Clark needs to be a person, too, that he can't just be a superhero machine.

So it definitely had its moments, but at this stage of the game, I felt like they were just going through the motions. Does anyone actually believe that the series isn't going to end happily for Lois and Clark next week? Anyone? Show of hands?

This was obviously Kara's last appearance, and Dan was pleased that they honored comic book canon and sent her to the future to work with the Legion. It was a good ending for a not so great character, although I do seem to like her more since Laura Vandervoort did so well with a much heavier role on V.

So no bow of Orion, huh? And Oliver is still "possessed" and has just dug up some gold K. This does not make me happy. When Smallville is finally, finally, finally over, I want to think of Oliver and Chloe together in Star City saving lives and taking care of each other. So it had better not end badly for either of them, you hear me?

And speaking of the finale, I am expecting a big wedding, tights and flights, the defeat of the big bad and (as I said above), a good resolution for Oliver and Chloe. And one final exceptional appearance by Lex and Lionel. I'm not sure how they're gonna fit in all of my requirements, but that's not my problem.

Bits and pieces:

— I really enjoyed the red suit Lois was wearing as she was zipping a mile in her future husband's shoes. The "burgundy blur."

— Oliver carries more than one bow around with him? I guess he might need a spare. He did this time.

— Return visit from Toyman. Could have been better, even though I thought he was one of the better latter day Smallville villains. And hey, now that I'm watching Eureka and Sanctuary, I know the actor a lot better. Those Vancouver actors get around.

— Toyman said the words "Lana Lang," and I swear, I cringed.

Oliver: "I'm starting to regret not packing my intergalactic dictionary about now."

Three out of four intergalactic dictionaries,

Billie Doux had a love-hate relationship with Smallville, which is why some of her reviews are briefer than they should be.


  1. I'm timidly raising my hand because I think Lois will lose her memory of their time together, allowing Clark to court her all over again.

  2. All due respect, Dimitri, but if they do that again, I'll scream. :)

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Magical Superman II selective amnesia kiss! Just throwing it out there. =P

    Zob, it took me two or three episodes to notice Rosenbaum in Breaking In as well. I blame it on the fact he's always sharing the screen with Odette Annable, so my eyes aren't exactly on him. In fact, who were we talking about again?

  5. I doubt Lois will need a "magical selective amnesia kiss". She's been knocked out so many times in the show, her napper must be all but scrambled as it is.

  6. The episode kinda set things back for me. If they decide to go with giving Clark the ridiculous tacked-on powers the old Superman had, then well there goes like a few years of character development down the drain. They broke the Lois-Clark canon so long ago that frankly I don't care anymore, so she better not forget!

  7. As Nick said, they broke with the traditional Lois and Clark canon so long ago that I don't think the amnesia thing would work. Lois has known Clark as Clark for -- is it five years? and they kept them apart too long; splitting them up again at this late date would infuriate the fans. Even though they've done a ton of homages to the Reeve movies, I don't think they would dare go that way.

  8. Moreover, if the writers are going to make a final reference to Reeve's Superman, I imagine they know not to make it one of the most ridiculed plot points in the movies...

    Ooh! Clark flies backwards around the earth really quick, undoing the whole series' timeline! Final scene: teenage Clark with knowledge of the future is in the barn with Lana...and actually makes a move!

    What do you mean, I'm banned from the site?

  9. You've done it now, Dimitri. Get your coat, and the door's over there.


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