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Eureka: Sight Unseen

... in which chemicals begin mysteriously disappearing from the pharmacy, the dry cleaner, and the Global Dynamics collection of moon rocks.

Well, the Invisible Man plot didn’t do overmuch for me, but the few scenes with Henry and Stark really got my brain churning! Stark was incredibly cagey and suspicious when talking to Henry about what happened to Kim, and I can’t decide if it’s just because he’s protecting Kevin, or if there’s more to it than that. I actually started wondering whether Henry made a mistake in trusting Stark.

Stark told Henry, “We both have things we’re trying to protect.” But what exactly is Stark trying to protect? The Artifact? Kevin? Henry? If it’s Kevin, why not share what he knows with Henry? Not only is Henry brilliant, he’s a trusted friend who understands the value of and need for secrecy. Surely, he could help Stark and Allison figure out what’s happening to Kevin while also investigating what happened to Kim. I actually thought he was already doing this. Isn’t that why Allison hurriedly ushered him back into the GD fold over Beverly’s objections?

Since I don’t really understand why Stark couldn’t share his theories about Kevin with Henry, I’ve started wondering if maybe he’s trying to protect Henry from himself. After ‘Once in a Lifetime,’ I speculated that Beverly’s Consortium contact was a future version of Henry. But what if it was Future Stark? The glowy head was calling from some place in GD that resembled Stark’s office. At the time, I dismissed the notion that the contact was Stark, but now I’m reconsidering. Moreover, I’m wondering if our Stark is really some future version of himself that jumped his consciousness back in time. “Has it only been a year? Seems like eleven.” Funny quip about how exasperating he finds Carter, or something more?

Whatever the case, I hope any hidden agendas Stark may have are related to protecting his friend, because I like the dynamic these two have and I don’t want to see yet another friendship ruined by all this messing around with the flow of time. For the love of God, writers, stop doing this to me!

In other developments, both Carter and Zoe found themselves “clicking” with potential new love interests. Callie and Carter were pretty cute together, and I was glad she turned out to be part of the solution for the disaster of the week, and not the problem. I’m not sure their budding relationship is going anywhere, but Callie should at least provide a pleasant diversion for Carter, since Allison seems to be slowly, but surely drifting back to Stark.

As for Zoe’s new guy, Lucas, … well … He seems like less of a d-bag than her past interests, but I still find him kind of creepy. He’s very gloomy and cynical, and yet oddly aggressive with the flattery and the kissing. The combination makes him seem like a stalker or serial-killer type. At least he’s challenging Zoe intellectually and encouraging her to be more than she thinks she can be. It was nice to see her playing chess with a guy instead of just making out with him.

Other Thoughts

I’m glad that Carter pretty quickly followed up on Henry’s suspicions regarding Kim’s death, but it didn’t exactly go where I expected it to. I thought it would advance the story threads regarding Jack’s wiped mind or the state of Jack and Henry’s friendship, but instead, it lead to tension between Henry and Stark and stirred up a bunch of questions for me about Stark’s role in all this.

We now know that Beverly’s mystery chip was a recalibration device, which created false readings on Kim’s equipment while she was sampling the Artifact. Stark suggested that her actions mean someone was willing to kill to keep his team from learning more about the Artifact.

Carter’s only been in Eureka for a year? I thought it had been longer than that.

The Eureka pharmacy has the Cure for the Common Cold, permanent sunblock, and instant cavity filler. Awesome!

Vanya Asher (Lucas) reminds me of Reid Ewing (Dylan, Modern Family). It distracted me a bit, because I kept trying to figure out where I’d seen him before.

Henry: “Did you talk to Jack today?”
Stark: “Couldn’t avoid it. But I did get to crush a childhood memory, so it wasn’t all bad.”

It was nice to briefly see Henry in his coveralls and backwards golf cap. I miss “jack-of-all-trades” Henry.

So GD was working on invisibility, miniaturization, and teleportation in the late ‘90s. Freaky. I’m kind of surprised the events of September 11th put a stop to that kind of research. You’d think it would have made the government even more eager for super-covert spies.

Final Analysis: Somewhat average episode, but it certainly got my brain spinning on the season arc.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.

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