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Yes, It's Vampire Month

Welcome to our second annual Vampire Month!

This July, we'll be observing Vampire Month with reviews of the fourth season of True Blood premiering tomorrow, and my review of my favorite vampire movie, which will be posted this weekend. (Aren't you curious?) Since we won't be doing retro reviews of two other vampire shows like we did last summer, we've come up with several vampire-related polls (below). What's the greatest human/vampire romance? Which vampire has the weirdest eyebrows? Inquiring minds want to know!

Note -- you'll need to click VOTE for each individual poll. We're not big with the technology here. And if we didn't list your answer, feel free to post write-in answers in the comments.

POLLS ARE NOW CLOSED! Here are the poll questions with their responses, plus some snide comments in italics by me.

Do you prefer...

59% Vampires,
26% Witches,
13% Zombies,
32% Aliens, or
25% Intelligent cybernetic organisms bent on world domination?

[Since this is the site that Buffy built and the title of this post is "Yes, It's Vampire Month", I'm not surprised that vampires swept this category. We sort of had it wired.]

Sexiest vamp, or, The vamp you'd most like to bite you:

4% Angel (Buffyverse)
11% Darla (Buffyverse)
2% Drusilla (Buffyverse)
31% Spike (Buffyverse)
0% Mitchell (Being Human)
0% Aidan (Being Human - the other one)
2% Mick St. John (Moonlight)
0% Josef Kostan (Moonlight)
1% Bill Compton (True Blood)
21% Eric Northman (True Blood)
8% Jessica Hamby (True Blood)
1% Pam de Beaufort (True Blood)
13% Damon Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)
1% Stefan Salvatore (Vampire Diaries)
2% Caroline Forbes (Vampire Diaries)
2% None of the above
1% You missed mine (post a comment!)

[Nice spread on this one, although note the concentration of votes on the vampire "bad boys". Even Caroline did better than Stefan Salvatore. Spike won! Of course Spike won.]

Greatest human/vampire romance:

2% Bella/Edward
3% Beth/Mick
27% Buffy/Angel
45% Buffy/Spike
7% Cordelia/Angel (come on, we dare you to click this one)
5% Hoyt/Jessica
0% Sookie/Bill
7% Sookie/Eric
3% Blade and that woman whose name you'd already forgotten by the end of the first movie
1% You missed mine (post a comment)

[And Buffy/Spike sweeps the category!]

Which vampire has the weirdest eyebrows?

41% Edward Cullen
14% Damon Salvatore
7% Bill Compton
12% Count Dracula (Bela Lugosi in Dracula, 1931)
25% Count Chocula from boxes of Dimitri's favorite cereal
2% You missed mine (post a comment)

[I am totally not surprised that Edward Cullen took this one to the bank. Robert Pattinson's eyebrows really are something special.]

What character do you think would benefit the most from becoming a vampire? (inspired by Caroline on Vampire Diaries)

6% Erica Evans (V)
7% Olivia Dunham (Fringe)
31% Rachel Berry (Glee)
11% Rhys Williams (Torchwood)
20% Sansa Stark (Game of Thrones)
1% You missed mine (post a comment)
23% I am completely befuddled by this poll question

[I loved this question. And that Rachel Berry won.]

What's your favorite currently running vampire show?

12% Being Human (BBC)
1% Being Human (the other one)
50% True Blood
31% Vampire Diaries
1% You missed mine (post a comment)
6% I hate vampire shows

[True Blood did have an unfair advantage, since it's running right now.]

What's your favorite vampire show of all time?

25% Angel
0% Being Human (BBC)
1% Being Human (the other one)
69% Buffy the Vampire Slayer
2% Forever Knight
3% Moonlight
9% True Blood
1% Vampire Diaries
2% You missed mine (post a comment)
1% I hate vampire shows

[This doesn't surprise me. As much as I love Being Human, True Blood and Vampire Diaries, Buffy is still my favorite show. I'm pleased that Angel did so well, too.]

Happy Vampire Month! Bite me!


  1. The Pollhost polls are pretty clunky and I don't like Blogger polls. Any suggestions for a better place to get free polls is very welcome!

  2. The original DARK SHADOWS is the greatest vampire series of all time.

    There, I said it!

  3. I am a sucker fo vampire stories... I have read and watched a lot of them... but True Blood has something irresistible for me, and not only Eric Northman.

  4. Glad to see a good showing for Aliens and Intelligent Cybernetic Organisms in the "favorites" poll! Always happy to know I'm not alone in my "just not into you" stance with vampires. (Excepting the Buffyverse, of course.) :)

  5. Best eyebrows: Count Orlok's beat all of those with their unusual bushiness! And bonus: Best mustache goes to Vlad Tepes.

    Best vampire show: The Little Vampire. I still remember that scene where the children are looking in on the family meal...

    has anyone enjoyed Suck?

  6. "Cordelia/Angel (come on, we dare you to click this one)"

    Ha! I bet people will pick them just because of the teasing.

  7. OMG!!!!!!!!! Sorry Billie but where is Katherine from The Vampire Diaries in the sexiest vampire poll?


  8. I wanted to pick Blood Ties as best vampire show & Henry Fitzroy as sexiest vampire.

  9. It's funny that I don't see Buffy as a vampire show. For me, it seems like part of her enemies (and a few friends) happen to be vampires, but that's not central. I see it more like a supernatural show. Angel too, because, even though the lead was a vampire, it goes much beyond that.

    And I'm not a vamoire lover (not a hater either)

  10. You made me choose between Eric and Spike! That's just mean!

  11. Favourite vampire series - Dark Shadows, 1991 version. Come on, vampires, ghosts and time travel? Plus a complete ham as the lead vamp? Classic.

    Also, I prefer demons to any of the listed creatures. How can you not list demons?! Sebastian Michaelis would like a word, please.

    Vamp I'd most like to bite me - Carmilla (from the original story) if I'm going for actual vampires. Otherwise I'd have to be ubber creepy and say the Hansel & Gretel twins from Black Lagoon. Mind you, they'd be more likely to hammer nails into my head than bite me ...

  12. The polls are now closed and I've posted the results where the polls used to be.


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