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Eureka: What About Bob?

... in which Carter is tasked with finding a researcher who’s gone missing after 11 years living in Global’s top secret underground biosphere.

So, in case you missed the 20,000 references, this week’s theme was “balance.” Feeling out of balance. Trying to find the perfect balance. Restoring balance. According to Eva Thorne, you need to remove the ailing parts to preserve the health and balance of the whole, but as GD’s biosphere residents and our favorite Eurekans can attest, sometimes changing a single element in a system can throw the whole thing out of whack.

Down in the biosphere, a small shift in the light spectrum contaminated the water and subsequently started causing the residents to devolve into snakelike creatures. For all its freaky horror, this disaster-of-the-week didn’t do much for me. I was certainly creeped out by Bob’s prehistoric jungle plants and Snake Man Bob was pretty darn gross, but the other biosphere residents were a fairly flat and lifeless group, and the mystery of Bob’s disappearance spooled out in rather blah fashion. The best part of the “down under” events was seeing Carter and Henry working together again! Just like old times.

Back on the surface, it was nice to see Zane finally getting to deliver on his initial promise as a GD researcher, and I was entertained by the Café Diem crowd treating the biosphere happenings as a sort of Truman Show reality program. But I was most interested in Eva’s corporate downsizing machinations. The “corporate fixer” outsider who doesn’t understand how our beloved town functions could be a thankless stock role, but Frances Fisher brings a certain spark to Eva, and even though the character seems to be up to evil shenanigans, I can’t help liking her. She’s tough and sassy, but is also a keen observer, who’s smart enough not to marry herself to a “one size fits all” strategy for creating a “lean and commercially productive” organization. “I’m not your normal corporate fixer, you know.” By the end, Eva seemed to take Jo’s and Zane’s advice to heart, restoring the free food at Café Diem and getting Henry pardoned and bringing him back home where he belongs. Yea?

I’m thrilled to have Henry back in the mix (although I’m still wondering if we’ve really resolved the Carter-Henry issues from last season), but I’ve got serious doubts about the purity of Eva’s motives. “I hope it’s worth it.” She’s obviously up to something, and I think the real reason she brought Henry back is to capitalize on his synergy with Carter and Stark to accomplish her nefarious goals. Whatever they may be.

Other Thoughts

As noted above, it is so nice to see Zane getting some science stuff to do! Although, given that he considers theoretical research the real mind candy, I’m surprised he’s been doing so much practical application lately.

Why is Eva so high on Zane? Does she just like his rebellious, risk-taking spirit, or is there something more to it?

How was Henry controlling his holographic avatar? Did Zane create some sort of electronic head gear he could use from the prison?

Allison’s disgust at Snake Man Bob coming on to her was really funny. “Ew.”

Zane: “Carter, Henry, and Stark. That’s your money team.”
And yet, the one who saved the day was Carter. Henry and Stark just sort of watched from the sidelines. I guess Stark brought Carter the gun.

Gorgeous, gorgeous sunset. Was that Buntzen Lake again? Or one of the many other gorgeous lakes in the Vancouver area?

Henry: “I’m not even sure I should have come back.”
Carter: “Of course you should! You’re home.”

Why was Eva watching old films from the historical museum? Was she just trying to find a new way to improve efficiency by understanding the town and its history, or was it something more sinister? And what exactly did she see that gave her pause? Was it the nuclear testing in general? Was it the streaks coming down from the sky in the one shot of the super flashy nuclear explosion? Was she surprised that Eureka was involved in the development of the atomic bomb, or that the town was around in 1938? (I thought it was founded in 1947.)

Final Analysis: The tale of Snake Man Bob wasn’t an overly compelling disaster, but it was great to see Henry in action again. If only I could shake the feeling that this is just the calm before the storm.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.


  1. Great review! I'm treating myself to them all.

    Why does Eva turn to Zane? I think we get the answer in a later episode. She knows he is smart and creative and if she does something for him he will owe her. Furthermore, as he is young, he does not have the life experience to see through her and to say no (as Henry will when she asks him to solve a puzzle).

  2. I'm glad that Henry is home, although I hope that there is more resolution to his issues with Carter at some point.

    I like what Eva is bringing to the mix, but now I am very curious about why she wanted the museum shut down...


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