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Eureka: It's Not Easy Being Green

... in which a prank leads to disaster when Fargo and the GD bowling team face their archrivals in an annual tournament.

I liked ‘It’s Not Easy Being Green’ much better than the last episode. The overall vibe was just more fun (as opposed to borderline ridiculous) and the bowling rivalry between Global Dynamics and Area 51, with its extremely high tech pranks, was hugely entertaining. Plus, the Lexi-Duncan story was stronger this week and much better integrated into the rest of the episode.

That said, ‘Green’ is yet another episode that doesn’t demand much in the way of deeper analysis. It’s starting to feel like Eureka is shifting into a purely light-hearted fun mode, which, while enjoyable to watch, doesn’t exactly inspire thoughtful commentary. Maybe we’ve just come to know the characters too well, and reached the point where sharing their adventures no longer means exploring what makes them tick. Or maybe I’m just burned out on the show because I’ve spent too much time cramming to catch up before it returns in July with new episodes.

Even the newest half-season arc isn’t giving me much to work with. We keep getting brief moments telling us that something extra-terrestrial is coming and that Global is attempting to identify it and prepare for its arrival. But what is there to say beyond that? Nothing really. No grist for the speculation mill (unlike the previous arc with Eva Thorne), and no real issues to debate. I suppose this week gave us a small issue to ponder at the end: who’s approach to impending alien arrival is best, Tess’s or General Mansfield’s? Should we approach the unknown with an open hand or a clenched fist? Will our visitors be E.T. or Predator? I favor a hope for the best, prepare for the worst approach. Reach out that open hand initially, but make damn sure you’ve got a clenched fist in reserve, if need be.

I was glad that the Lexi and Duncan story was much more substantial this week. Whereas last week, their basic conflict seemed artificially generated by her foolish deception, this week it felt like they were struggling with genuine issues. After Duncan walked out on her to have his initial freak out, Lexi understandably retreated to a defensive posture. Carter tried to help his sister see that Duncan’s reaction was a completely normal response to a surprise of that magnitude, and that she just needed to give him some time to sort out his feelings. However, given all her fears about revealing the pregnancy in the first place, it’s only natural that she would fixate on the “Duncan leaving” part and resolve to go it alone. Was it unfair? Yes. But completely understandable. Even if he came back to her and said he wanted to make a go of it, how could she be sure that he truly wanted to be with her and wasn’t staying solely out of a sense of obligation? “I don’t want him to change because of me. For them.” How could she selfishly give in to her feelings for Duncan and her desire to raise her children with their father, and risk him later coming to resent her and their sons? Especially given that she spent her entire childhood believing her dad wished he was somewhere else. It was certainly frustrating to see her refusing to let Duncan speak his peace, but I can understand why she’d find it difficult to listen and truly believe.

Other Thoughts

Seth Osborne! Putting in your annual appearance? I was expecting you two episodes ago.

I loved the little fake out with the “Aliens Welcome” sign at CafĂ© Diem.

Bismark: “Big Ed Fowler? The former PBA champion?”
Fargo: “He also happens to be a very gifted biochemist.”
Big Ed: “Bowling’s more of a hobby.”

Carter: “So when are the Little Green Men coming to Eureka?”
Tess: “I’m sorry, I can’t share the details.”
Carter (mocking): “But you and I shared an alternate universe. Does that not mean anything to you?”

Lucas: “So we’re not gonna turn into the Hulk?”
Henry: “Only if you get really, really angry.”

Tess (re: the green): “It’s actually a pretty color.”
Carter: “Yeah, if you’re a Muppet.”

Big Ed’s fate was rather gross.

Got some more teasing and mild friction on the Carter-Tess front. Lots of playful banter between them. Henry teasing Carter about her getting under his skin. Tess asking Allison about him and being bemused by his enigma of a brain.

Tess: “It’s normal and generally safe, though neither of those words seem to apply around here.”
Carter: “Yeah, you get used to that.”

Nice little moment between Allison and Lexi talking about kids changing your life. “My only regret is that Nathan isn’t here to share it with me.” Man, I miss Stark.

Carter: “We’re gonna need a bigger container.”

The part with Carter in the maintenance tunnels was giving me serious Alien vibes. “Not that way, Dallas!”

Tess worked at SETI and Area 51. Interesting.

Even though Lexi making up with Duncan and agreeing to raise their kids together didn’t feel rushed, their departure at the end felt rather abrupt. “We don’t have to live here, do we?” That’s it then? Aunt Lexi’s gone for good?

So is S.A.R.A.H. going to be down for the count until they can make her a new power source? Did SPOT completely drain her?

The town’s intensity at the bowling tournament was hilarious. Especially Jo’s. “Fargo, wipe the floor with them! Woo!” And the splitting bowling ball was pretty cool.

Final Analysis: A more enjoyable episode than last week’s, but I’m starting to miss the deeper issues this show used to explore.

Jess Lynde is a highly engaged television viewer. Probably a bit too engaged.

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  1. Notice that Big Ed, like the pizza guy, was also wearing a red shirt...


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