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Got Welsh?

As though you could forget...but just in case you did: Torchwood's new season Miracle Day premieres on Friday. For those of us stateside, that means we have to get Starz.

Warning: getting Starz might mean that you stay up until sunrise watching the oddly addictive movie The Social Network. I suppose it's a small price to pay for more Captain Jack.

Billie, of course, will review the new episodes as they air. In the meantime, please enjoy this clip of John Barrowman singing "Anything Goes."


  1. Can't wait! We don't get it until Saturday and because I watch it online I have to wait until Sunday. It will be my Sunday morning treat!

  2. Hmm... don't have cable. I'm hoping this series will make its way to iTunes. Or maybe Netflix later. There seem to be a bunch of more recent movies on Netflix that start of with a "Starz encore" splash page.

  3. I'm Welsh! And yet have never seen Torchwood. I have however seen the "Save Ianto Jones" wall that still adorns one of the supposed entrances to the hub in Cardiff Bay

  4. Trousers, what one earth do you mean by "supposed"? :-)


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