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Haven: Fear and Loathing

Duke: “In my experience when people are scared they either run or they fight. I’d start planning for both.”

Wow, things are heating up in Haven, literally. I really enjoyed this week’s episode. We got not one, but three types of weekly weirdness and some interesting tidbits in the overarching mystery.

Weekly Weirdness(es)

The central “troubled” person this week was a young woman named Jackie who brought out people’s worst fear when she looked at them. It is hard enough being a teenager, but having people running screaming from you has got to make it worse. This was an interesting trouble, but it was overshadowed by Ian’s ability to steal anyone’s affliction and his quest to gather the pieces of a horrible puzzle that can destroy the buildings its pieces represent. That is a whole lot of weirdness for one episode. Surprisingly it fit together well. And the puzzle brought us some history. People have been hating Haven for a long time. It also looks like Ian was not acting alone. I wonder where that money came from?

The Audreys

This week we got more questions than answers about the overarching mystery. Audrey has accepted that she is part of the town and the troubles, and is clear that Audrey II is the real FBI agent. Audrey's Agent Howard seems to be the key to the mystery of the two Audreys and he is leaving them clues. I'm not sure what is important about a book called Unstake My Heart (other than being amusing), but it was obviously significant. What really intrigued me this week were Vince and Dave. They obviously know a lot more than they are sharing and are not the affable old men that they appear to be. There is some bitterness between them as well. So much for my jolly, lovable, small-town newsmen.

I Can Feel Like a Real Boy

Another important piece was the lifting of Nathan’s affliction. It was obviously wonderful for him to feel again, but sad that all he got to touch were roses. Duke was kind enough (or sleazy enough - depends on your perspective) to offer him the company of some lovely ladies at Duke's expense. Duke is becoming more likable every week, but Nathan continues to be the stand-up guy and the white knight. His gift to Jackie was touching and very honourable. I guess that’s why he stuck to roses.

Bits and Pieces

There are new scenes in the intro. They were probably there last week. Not sure how I missed them.

Beattie managed to come to the memorial for Nathan’s dad. Helen is still around as well.

The Audreys were kind of cute together - “Remember spring break?”

We got one small bit of a New England accent with Ian - it kept popping up.

I wonder what happened with Vice Principal Delores Bachman?

Audrey is afraid of clowns (another reference to It or Supernatural :)) due to a bad funhouse experience as a child at a carnival in the fifth grade.

We never get to know what terrifies Nathan, but it looked like it was awful.

I’m really enjoying the music at the end of the episodes. It is usually by Sweet Talk Radio.


Duke: “I want round-the-clock police protection. I pay my taxes.”
Nathan: “No, you don’t.”
Duke: “Some of them.”
Nathan: “No, you don’t.”

Vince: “They have draft root beer, the kind with extra vanilla.”

Duke: “I’m safety guy.”

Nathan: “Back when you kissed my cheek, it was the first time in years I’d felt anything. I hope you didn’t feel weird about it.”
Audrey: “Why would I feel weird about it?”
Nathan: “Exactly.”

Audrey: “Something weird is going on here.”
Nathan: "Bold statement.”

Vince: “Back at the bus station - that person that you thought you saw - your worst fear - was it Lucy?”
Dave: “No.”
Vince: “I’m sorry.”
Dave: “No, you’re not.”

Nathan: “Not every day you can save an entire town, but it is happening more often lately.”


  1. I liked this one, too, Sandy. I'm really enjoying the two Audreys; they're doing it so well. And what Nathan did was touching, pun intended. Although I also think it's oddly romantic that Nathan can only feel Audrey. I wish they'd do more with that.

  2. So far, so good this season. The weekly troubles are interesting and we're getting more overarching mystery and more of the fantastic characters. I like the two Audrey's too - and I agree that they are playing it very well. They only thing I don't get is why "our" Audrey isn't a little more freaked out about the fact that she may not be who she thinks she is. But I guess it wouldn't be in character if she got too emotional over it.
    That last scene between Vince and Dave had me leaning forward in my seat saying "excellent!" - I love when characters start to have more to them than you think.
    And, Billie, I agree that Nathan only being able to feel Audrey's touch is romantic. It is good though that we're getting the slow burn with it.
    Eureka, Haven, TrueBlood - this has been a great summer so far.
    Oh, and I am watching "Life on Mars" (US) on Netflix and loving every minute. Wish I could see the original also. Anyone know where it may be available (other than buying the DVD's)?

  3. Hi, Sooze: I saw the U.K. original of Life on Mars on Netflix, so I think both versions are available. They are in Los Angeles, anyway.


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