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Programming note: Our coverage of Haven is substantial but incomplete.

Haven (2010-2015) is a show about an orphaned FBI agent, Audrey Parker who ends up in a creepy, yet charming little New England town where people call their psychic or super powers "troubles". Audrey is exploring her past with the help of a handsome, clean-cut detective who can't physically feel anything, and a dark, intriguing bad boy who smuggles for a living. There is a piece of weirdness uncovered each week as well as the standard ongoing web of lies and deceit about what is really going on in Haven. Haven is a Showcase original show made in Canada and shown in both Canada and the United States.

Season One

1.1 Welcome to Haven
1.2 Butterfly
1.3 Harmony
1.4 Consumed
1.5 Ball and Chain
1.6 Fur
1.7 Sketchy
1.8 Ain't No Sunshine
1.9 As You Were
1.10 The Hand You Were Dealt
1.11 The Trial of Audrey Parker
1.12 Resurfacing
1.13 Spiral

Season Two

2.1 A Tale of Two Audreys
2.2 Fear and Loathing
2.3 Love Machine
2.4 Sparks and Recreation
2.5 Roots
2.6 Audrey Parker's Day Off
2.7 The Tides that Bind
2.8 Friend or Faux
2.9 Lockdown
2.10 Who, What, Where, Wendigo
2.11 Business as Usual
2.12 Sins of the Fathers

Season Three

3.1 301
3.2 Stay
3.3 The Farmer
3.4 Over My Head
3.5 Double Jeopardy
3.6 Real Estate
3.7 The Magic Hour
3.8 The Magic Hour, Part Two
3.9 Sarah
3.10 Burned
3.11 Last Goodbyes
3.12 Reunion
3.13 Thanks for the Memories


Haven, so far (first three episodes) by Billie Doux
Haven: first season wrap-up by Billie Doux


Emily Rose (Audrey Parker)
Lucas Bryant (Nathan Wuornos)
Eric Balfour (Duke Crocker)
Nicholas Campbell (Chief of Police Wuornos)