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Haven: Roots

Chris: “Worst date ever.”

I’m not sure what to make of this episode. Last week was a let down after a terrific two-Audrey fest, and this week was even worse. The weekly weirdness was a bit off and we didn’t get much of the overarching mystery. I guess what we mostly learned about was the various relationships of our Scooby gang.

Weekly Weirdness

Who doesn’t like an evil sentient wood? Well, this one seemed to come out of nowhere, get super evil, and then just sit there. Love laid the wood to rest - really? It was just hard to make sense of this week’s trouble. It takes both halves of the family to activate this trouble--which is what? Controlling the forest? Waking it up? I liked the feuding families, and I was especially happy that it was the older Romeo and Juliet who saved the day, but it just didn’t fit together for me. I am more than willing to suspend my disbelief, but I like to have some logic to my magic. I just feel that the writers were a bit lazy with this one.

Overarching Mystery

Not much here, other than the fact that the box Duke has is quite old and Evi is working for someone to find out what Duke knows.


This was the focus of the episode. Duke is not willing to leave Haven with Evi because of a promise to his dad. I can’t figure out if she really would run away with him to Mexico (if he was willing), but I also don’t know if Duke was being honest when he said his dad didn’t tell him why he had to come back when the troubles started again. What a crazy relationship. Chris and Audrey are now an item. This annoyed me. Not just because poor Nathan, the good guy, is being overlooked for a jerk, but because I don’t think there is any chemistry between Chris and Audrey. This independent, self-contained woman goes to bed with a guy on their first date and it seems all he has to do is tell her she’s amazing. Yuck. Maybe I just don’t like Jason Priestly. He seems a little wooden in this role. Poor Nathan, he fights his way through murderous tree roots with only a flare on a hockey stick to rescue Audrey and she basically ignores him, says "we’ve got it," and walks out hand in hand with Chris. That also seemed a bit off the mark for her character. And it was too predictable that Nathan would call just as it became “too late”.

Bits and Pieces

Loved the bit with the CB radios. Dave was Dave the Destroyer and Nathan was Baby Bear (again, poor Nathan).

Dave and Vince are having a Twitter war. Of course they are.

I thought it was a bit odd that Audrey would walk into that wood alone with an obviously huge and vicious creature in it. Then she and Chris slowly back out of the woods when they feel they are being observed, but they don’t look up. It’s those kinds of details that make me crazy.


Chris: “As your friendly neighbourhood scientist: don’t touch the goo.”

Audrey: “Why would I need a plan? I’ve got you.”

Duke: “Guess I am better than a plan.”

Evi: “Seriously, this is the part of the movie where you say,'Don’t go in there, you idiot!'”
Duke opens the door to find evil tree roots.
Evi: “That’s why we yell at the movie screen.”

Nathan: “Now you need someone from each side to make the trouble work?”
Dave: “Like epoxy.”
Vince: “Or peanut butter cups.”

Duke: “I am in this up to my eyes.”


  1. I was going "nooo!" but Dan says they're just using Chris as a stepping stone for Nathan. Or we're *hoping* that they're using Chris as a stepping stone for Nathan. Because I find Nathan about three thousand times more interesting and attractive.

    Love will keep us together. Roots will keep us apart. Got it.

    Dave really does have a Twitter account, of course.



  2. so, so really happy I am not the only one frustrated with pretty much everything that's been going on.... It felt like they've let a total stranger to write the last two episodes. Audrey would never leave the barn without Nathan, no matter what "new feelings" she might have for Chris. Maybe she's not that immune to his powers as she'd like to think? There's a hope! And how could Duke sell that little box?

    Jason Priestly - generally love the actor, but not on Haven. I felt like he stole every scene he was in, yet every scene was ruined because he was in it. Does that make any sense? He simply doesn't belong in Haven and he ruins the balance....

    And what happened to Julia who had a tatoo on her shoulder revealed and then she just left? Is it not important who has the tatoo? Is it only people close to Duke that are capable of killing him and therefore have one? It would have made more sense for Julia to be the villain and not Evi. Did I mention that I don't like her?
    I think the actress is just bad and there's no chemistry between her and Duke, as much as there's sero chemistry between Chris and Audrey.

    So our love triangle fell apart for no valid reason.... The highlights of the episode was Duke saving Audrey and Evi revealed to be well on the other side. YAY!

  3. I am severely disappointed with this season! I loved the first 2 episodes (the one with the fears and the biblical curses) but then it went so fast downhill that I'm wondering if to even keep watching... this last episode was CHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEESE. I couldn't stand it... hoping for better


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