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Haven: Business As Usual

Stu: “People are already divided. All that’s left now is for you to choose a side.”

So I guess this is business as usual for Haven. The troubled on one side and the non-troubled on the other. And all this has happened before. How long has it been going on? It seems like hundreds of years. I hope we get some answers next week but we won’t get them all. There’s a whole other season coming.

Weekly Weirdness

Stu was our troubled person of the week. Poor Stu, he desiccated two of his friends and now can’t touch his wife or anyone else until the troubles are over. I’m not sure I would have gone off with Stu. What if you touched by accident? Would gloves work? I guess so since it is his sweat that affects people. Still pretty risky business for love. Patrick Grolsh is “troubled” in a different way. He is a total bigot and loudmouthed lawyer. I couldn’t believe that he was actually willing to kidnap Stu, use him to kill Audrey or anyone else who got in the way and then burn Stu alive. Seriously, and it’s the troubled who are Haven’s problem? On the other hand, as I’ve been saying all along, I’m not sure I would understand if Stu dried up one of my loved ones even by accident. Haven is not a safe place for anyone. I think if I lived there I would be afraid to go out.

Overarching Mystery

Audrey isn’t Lucy she just had her memories in a previous incarnation. That was a surprise to me. For a moment I actually thought we might meet Audrey’s mother. The previews they show of the previous episodes are often misleading. It seems that Audrey/Lucy/whoever she is has been erased before and may be erased again. Is killing her what erases her? How does she manage to pop up again when needed? How many versions of Audrey/Lucy have there been?

Dave and Vince are the keepers of the town secrets and they are disagreeing over how to handle them. Dave is up to something. I didn’t like the look in his eye when he talked about providing a space for the meeting. Vince is trying to stop things from replaying but Dave is stirring things up. Ps. Vince is a terrible liar.

Dwight also seems to be in the middle of things and he knows more than our scoobies. He may not have known what was in the box when he went for it but he figured it out just before or as soon as Duke cut him. Why would he have been willing to kill Duke if he knew what it was ahead of time?

Duke found his father’s legacy. Is this what is supposed to save him from being killed by someone with a tattoo? What are the weapons for? It seems that spilling the blood of a troubled person with one of the weapons gives you your own trouble or power or at least super strength. Do different weapons work on different people or provide different powers? So many questions. But the big question is why is Duke supposed to kill Audrey and will he even consider it?


Well, it only took two seasons to get Audrey and Nathan to kiss. What happens now? He admitted his feelings for her and she returned them. While I was happy to see them finally connect I’m a bit worried about what happens now. Once you put the leads together you have to find a way to separate them again to keep up the sexual tension going. I wonder what the writers have in mind? And how does Duke fit into all this? Let’s just forget about Chris. He became old news really quickly.

Bits and Pieces

The troubles are definitely triggered by emotional stress. As Nathan said, he had never seen a trouble triggered just by physical stress.

This was the episode of the crappy parent. Evi’s mom wanted her stuff inventoried before it is sent. Dwight’s father was willing to send him to Afghanistan without warning him about his trouble. And Duke’s father has left him what seems like a terrible burden.

Nathan looked adorable after Audrey kissed him. Lucas Bryant does an excellent job of being that vulnerable, good guy. I hope Audrey doesn’t crush him. Chief Wournos didn’t end too well.


Nathan: “People winding each other up.”

Dave: “It’s time this town faced its realities, all of them.”

Audrey: “Nathan, that man was jaywalking.”
“State law, you’ve got to cross at the corners.”

Lucy: “My God, you’re really here.”
Audrey: “Did someone tell you I was coming?”
Lucy: “You, 27 years ago.”

Duke: "What happened to honour amongst thieves?”

Vince: “If people really knew what you were doing... you’re starting a war.”


  1. Great write up, as usual!
    I really liked the Audrey/Lucy twist and had to watch that part twice to get it. So the picture wasn't Lucy, and wasn't Audrey's Mom - it was Audrey - with Lucy's memories at the time...and then Audrey was wiped of Lucy's memories (and the ones she had gained during that time) and given Audrey Parker's memories. Cool. And anyone NOT watching Haven would not make heads or tails of that confusing paragraph! Phew, I wrote it 3 times and it still makes no sense! How do you guys do this?
    Did you notice how Duke made a point of commenting that the handwriting - supposedly of his father's - looked just like his? Wonder if there is something more to that? I don't think it was a throw away line.
    Loved Nathan and Audrey's kiss - finally. She went for it and his unbelievably sweet reaction...had I commented on the "list of date-able / shagg-able" TV guys, Nathan would have been near the top of my list - my advanced age be damned.
    So does Audrey just not age? Does she die and come back? Who is erasing her? And why? Why does Duke have to kill her? Will he eventually understand and want or have to - or will he change the pattern? Was it Dwight's blood that gave Duke superpowers -or only because it was spilled with that particular knife? What else do Dave and Vince know that the rest of us don't? Will the writers be able to keep the Audrey/Nathan hookup interesting?
    I do hope the writers don't make this war overly sympathetic on the troubled side - meaning, I hope that they give us, they viewers, some sympathetic characters on the non-troubled side. As you said, Dr, Haven must be a very scary place to live - and who wouldn't want to protect their loved ones? The non-troubled folks can't all be portrayed as complete a-holes.

  2. What a great twist about Audrey and Lucy! And actually the one that makes sense and doesn't dissapoint.

    I also noticed the remark about handwriting, when Duke said it looked familiar, I thought it was his. I even considered for a moment that Duke and his father are the same person, but only for a moment :) because that is not possible...

    great review! thanks


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