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Alphas: Blind Spot

Rosen: “I’ve allowed this to go so far beyond what I envisioned for all of us.”

Wow, this week’s episode was great. Full of action, issues and developments.

I’m starting to agree with Bill and Gary. The team needs more training in things like self-defense and tactical action, not to mention that they sure could have used sleeping gas dispensers on their super cage. On the other hand, Rosen is right as well. How might this have gone down if they had talked to Kern like reasonable people? I’m not enjoying the whole terrorist theme. Red flag seems to have some valid points. Maybe Rosen should be listening instead of allowing people to be shipped off to secret government facilities or be killed by an "unsanctioned variable."

This Week’s Superpower

This week we got two for the price of one and they were pretty splendid superpowers. We have Dr. Kern, who can use his sonic abilities to give him enhanced vision and eventually tear apart a building. He is one of the few people who can “see” Griffin who is able to slide around in people’s blind spots, essentially invisible to most people.

And we had the whole scientific discussion of how Griffin could make herself invisible to people, although Dr. Kern’s was simply explained as echo-location. I’m quite glad that neither bats nor dolphins have the capacity to tear a building apart. Or if they do, I’m glad they are refraining from doing so. It seemed pretty clear that Kern and Griffin were on opposite sides. Does that mean Griffin is working for the same people as our Alpha team? I hope not. I didn’t like her very much.

The Alpha Team

Rachel was the hero this week. For a young woman who started out quite shy and retiring, she is certainly finding herself. I almost cheered when she took out Griffin with the computer.

Cameron and Nina are heading for coupledom, despite the warnings of Rosen and their own history. It will be interesting to find out just how bad they are going to be for each other. It would be kind of refreshing if they turned out to have a nice, normal relationship, but this is television so I’m not holding my breath.

Bill was quite happy to be a non-alpha. His temperament improved and he was nicer to everyone, but it was only a matter of time before he had to revert. His ability was just too important. I felt sad for him when he realized he had to go back to his angry, super-strong self.

Gary is thoroughly himself and the team enjoys him. It is wonderful to have someone around who speaks their mind without a filter. I was horrified when Gary was stuck in the room with Griffin. This team really cares about each other and it showed all through this episode.

Bits and Pieces

Bill is a Jets fan from the age of six months. And, yes, that is a football team.

We had two great guest stars this week. Brent Spiner of Star Trek fame and Rebecca Madder from Lost. Sci-fi people really get around.

Did you try the dot on the paper thing? I did and it worked.

Stanton Parish — a gift from Griffin. Any guesses as to what it is?


Most of the great quotes come from Gary this week.

Gary: “This isn’t going to work, this isn’t going to work, you didn’t go over my checklist. I made a detailed list, sleep gas dispensers, telepathy blockers and automatic gun turrets.”

Gary: “I like the old Bill better. You took things seriously. Your veins popped out when things weren’t right.”

Nina: “I’ve screwed up every relationship I’ve ever had.”
Cameron: “Me, too.”
Nina: “Sounds like we’re perfect for each other.”

Rosen: “We know that you are so much more than your abilities, Gary. You have very many talents.”
Gary: “I know I’m amazing.”

Cameron: “We’re adults. We get to make our own mistakes.”

Cameron: “Any ideas how we break him down?”
Bill: “He’s sonic guy. Maybe it’s time we pull out the Captain and Tenille’s 'Muskrat Love'.”

Kern: “A person should believe in something, don’t you think?”

Gary: “Why do we always have to fight other people with abilities? It’s annoying.”

Gary: “You have to stop hiding. DCIS. You’re under arrest. Please stop, you have to stop.”

Gary: “Duck and cover. Bill, duck and cover.
Bill: “Gary, Gary, watch her.”
Gary: “Okay I’ll do both. I’ll watch and I’ll cover, I’ll cover us.”

Rachel: “Things aren’t going to get easier, are they?"


  1. Nice review, dranamom. You've pretty much covered everything.

    The only part of this episode that I really didn't buy is Griffin's ability. The explanation was way to sketchy for my taste. If it turned out she emmited pheromones that confused people, or even mental waves, I'd buy it; but moving really fast to fit people's blind spot? There's a reason the dot on the paper thing works: the dot is tiny. Rebecca Madder is certainly slender, but bigger.

    And I agree with you on the terrorism thing. I'm starting to think Red Flag may have a better point of view after all (thought it might be because the word "terrorist" doesn't mean the same thing to me). If the producers have enough guts, the team will join it, or at least part of it. I can see Gary, Rosen and Mina switching sides; Bill and Cameron, no way (government man and ex-marine). Rachel could go either side, but since she's Arabian descendant, it would be too sensitive for tv. This split would make really good tv.

  2. Personally, I like the terrorist thing. I think it is great that their enemy has some really valid points, but both sides often use abhorrent methods to accomplish their goals. It makes our "heroes" struggle with how to operate in the grey areas, which is much more interesting to me than black and white morality. So, I hope they keep it up!

    One thing that stuck out to me about the Nina/Cameron dynamic, was Cameron emphasizing that he's an addict. I can't help wondering if he's so drawn to her because he's an addict and is being told she's bad for him. Plus, when they were together last week, it was under the influence of something that acted like a drug. The guy that came out of it said it was like the best high ever. I wonder if Cameron's insistence on overriding Rosen's request is some lingering addiction effect related to the whammy Jonas put on them. Bill clearly had lingering effects, so "the paradise effect" doesn't just wear off quickly.

    I was very impressed with Malik Yoba this week. Bill was still Bill, but at the same time, a very different version of himself. Very nice shading.

    Definitely a great episode. Too bad Dr. Kern ended up dead. I liked his debates with Rosen, and wouldn't have minded seeing him again.

  3. That's what I meant, I don't like them being labeled as "terrorists". I agree with you, Jess, and I believe that's what dranamom meant too.

  4. Was great seeing Brent Spiner again!

    I don't know why, but even though I watch it week in, week out (because there really isn't much of anything else on during the summer), I'm still not 100% convinced by this show! If it were on during the regular TV season I would have dropped it. The story just isn't convincing enough. DUnno, hope it improves!

  5. I really liked this one, too. I especially loved it when they were destroying the office with mustard and creamer and a fire extinguisher. "There's footprints in the creamer!" :) Although if one of them had to die, couldn't it not have been Brent Spiner?


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