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Alphas (2011-2012) follows a group of specially evolved humans who have what most of us would call superpowers. They came together through their doctor, Lee Rosen, who helped each of them deal with the difficulties they experience from having their "gifts." Now they work as a secret government team, dealing with new Alphas as they emerge.

This is the kind of science fiction I love, grounded in real science and possibilities that we may face in our future.

Season One

1.1 Pilot
1.2 Cause and Effect
1.3 Anger Management
1.4 Rosetta
1.5 Never Let Me Go
1.6 Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure
1.7 Catch and Release
1.8 A Short Time in Paradise
1.9 Blind Spot
1.10 The Unusual Suspects
1.11 Original Sin

Season Two

2.1 Wake Up Call
2.2 The Quick and the Dead
2.3 Alpha Dogs
2.4 When Push Comes to Shove
2.5 Gaslight
2.6 Alphaville
2.7 Gods and Monsters
2.8 Falling
2.9 The Devil Will Drag You Under
2.10 Life After Death
2.11 If Memory Serves
2.12 Need to Know
2.13 God's Eye


David Strathairn (Dr. Lee Rosen)
Ryan Cartwright (Gary Bell)
Azita Ghanizada (Rachel Pirzad)
Laura Mennell (Nina Theroux)
Warren Christie (Cameron Hicks)
Malik Yoba (Bill Harken)