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Community: Studies in Modern Movement

“He tweeted it!!!!!”

Hands up who still has Seal's 'Kiss From a Rose' stuck in their head?

This was probably one of the more conventional episodes of the season. No paintball wars, zombie attacks, stop motion animation or trips to alternative timelines. Just our beloved Greendale human beings doing typical sitcom stuff like helping someone move into their new apartment. Take out the dreamatorium and the tribute to Seal and this almost could've been an episode of Friends. That isn't to say that it wasn't funny and I didn't enjoy it, because I did. I laughed out loud several times, in fact, especially during the big musical montage/mash up sequence.

Troy and Abed and Princess Annie

Annie learned this week that there is a big difference between being friends with someone and living with them. She clearly doesn't watch any sitcoms, otherwise she would've known that already. It is one of the genre's most sacred laws. Another is that when two people of the opposite sex start living together, they will eventually have sex. Unless one of them is gay. So I don't think we have to worry about any hanky panky in the bunk beds between Annie and Trobed (and now I apologise for putting that rather disturbing image in everyone's head).

As adorable as their shadow puppet shows are, Troy and Abed are becoming one of those couples that you can easily love in small doses, but would want to smother with a pillow if you had to spend too much time with them. At this point, they exist in their own little bubble wrap universe. A universe where it is acceptable, and not inconsiderate at all, for grown men to turn their spare bedroom into a holodeck while their friend sleeps in a quilt fort in the living room. It might have all worked out well for them in the end, with hugs and kisses and the Ballad of HorseBot 3000 (a tale so moving it even made Jeff Winger cry), but I can't help thinking that there will still be trouble ahead for Annie and her new roommates.

Jeff and Greg and Heidi Klum's Husband

Jeff learned that if you ditch your friends to go shopping, there will be consequences. Oh, and that the Dean uses the Patriot Act to read student emails. Before I proceed, I feel I should point out that there is a difference between two people willingly wearing the same clothes because they think its cute, and the pansexual imp stalker wearing your exact same outfit. One is annoying, the other is likely to end up with you in jail. Which, knowing the Dean, might just be the objective.

I'm really disappointed in Jeff. Of the entire group, Annie is the one he is closest to, and yet instead of helping her move he'd rather spend his day at the mall buying clothes. What The Frak Jeffrey? You know what, you've got no one to blame for your date with the Dean but yourself (and possibly the Patriot Act). Oh, and don't even try to deny that you didn't enjoy your duet together. I saw you, Jeff, you cut loose and enjoyed yourself. You need to do that more often. Preferably with the people who love you.

Shirley and Britta and Our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ

Britta and Shirley learned that just because you disagree with your friend about some things doesn't mean that you have to disagree about everything. Their belief systems might be very different, but both Shirley and Britta are unwavering in their conviction that they are right and everyone else is wrong. Of course, Shirley is the more passive when it comes to imposing her beliefs on others, a word that is not in Britta's dictionary. She probably doesn't even have a dictionary. She likely Britta'd it when she went to buy one and got Pictionary instead.

Notes and Quotes

-- Call it a dreamatorium all you want, but that doesn't change the fact its a holodeck.

-- Pierce was left on his lonesome this week because he is forever doomed to be the odd one out. His entire storyline felt just like an excuse for Chevy Chase to be Chevy Chase.

-- The real Jesus Christ did indeed love marijuana, after all, he was the original hippie. And as for drinking human blood.... well, I think Jason Stackhouse explained it best: “Maybe Jesus was the first vampire. Man, he rose from the dead too, and he told people, 'Hey y'all, drink my blood, it'll give you special powers.'”

Dean Pelton: “Off-campus I’m just a Craig-ular Joe.”

Annie: “Okay, there may be a slight danger I might end up hating them.”
Britta: “Man, children, can't live with 'em, can't leave them alone with your tape."
Annie: “Britta, don't make jokes, you're bad at it.”

Troy: “Just because we're awesome doesn't mean we're not adults!”

Dean Pelton: “You know this one, Jeff, we’ve sung it a thousand times together, in my mind."

I've got a really horrible cold at the moment, which is only getting worse, so I don't think this review was my best effort. I'm just not in the best state of mind for reviewing right now (I'm sure there are mistakes all the place). And the news that NBC is pulling Community from their mid-season schedule has also left me feeling more down and depressed than I already am (not to mention furiously angry). So I'll end this review on a more positive note with the highlight of this episode, a nice reminder of what is so great about this show and why it is worth saving.

Two and three quarters out of four Seal songs that are now stuck in your head.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. Great review, Mark! I hope you feel better soon. There may be a choc chip cookie in the post ... if I don't send it to Paul instead. :)

    Chevy Chase never needs an reason to be Chevy Chase. He's the Chuck Norris of ... really-bad-but-you-still-watch-'em movies?

    Is the Dean called Craig or Greg? It might be because of the accent, but I really couldn't understand if he was a Greg or a Craig :(

    And now I am going to have to wait a very long time for any more Jeff/Annie moments. Guess I can always watch youtube videos. :)

  2. Thanks, Morgan. I do hope the cookie gets here soon. My chocolate withdrawal is starting to kicking in.

    The Dean is definitely called Craig. I checked Wikipedia and everything just to be sure. And by 'everything' I mean just Wikipedia.

  3. Hope you feel better soon Mark!

    Not impressed with the news of less Community. Have ordered the season 1 DVD to tide me over, but I'm not going to be happy if we don't even get a full season 3...

  4. Juliette, NBC ordered a full season so we are guaranteed that, its just a matter of when the remaining episodes will air. But the chances of us ever getting a fourth season are now looking pretty much non-existent.

  5. Haven't read the review, gotta go eat supper LOL

    Just pissed that I've read above that the show is ending. Nonetheless, I loved this ep which made me LMAO.

    The karaoke-lift-paint-induced-hallucination scene flabbergasted me. I consider this little gem to be a beautiful piece of, yes, TV anthology...

  6. No trips to alternative timelines? I beg to differ, Sir Mark. I would submit that the dreamtorium/holodeck is where alternate timelines get made.

    (Mostly, I really, really want my theory about this whole season being a dream to be correct, and I'm willing to twist the evidence any way I see fit.)

  7. One of the best shows on TV and I hope that it can be saved somehow. However, after Arrested Development (one of best series of all time) got cancelled, I believe that no show is safe no matter how good it is.

    This was another solid episode for the show, but definitly not a good jumping on point for anyone who has not watched the series at all.

  8. LOL

    EVEN in 2011, I was talking about Anthology. Still do today. I'm gonna spend so much time in my Jeff Winger wing...


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