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Dexter: Get Gellar

Dexter: "Travis is proving to be my penance."

Only Dexter would go alone into a dark hole after a serial killer.

Dexter was sublimating saving himself from darkness by trying to save Travis. So much for that, and for the teachings of Brother Sam. Dexter blew it by not seeing Travis clearly for what he was – a serial killer who keeps seeing and talking with a father figure, and doesn't that sound familiar? As if that particular parallel wasn't stated clearly enough, Travis was confronting "Gellar" at the exact same time Dexter was arguing with "Harry."

I have to give them credit, though, because even though I went into the episode thinking Travis was loonytunes and working alone, every Dexter/Travis scene was so incredibly tense that I kept changing my mind. (Although it was a bit of a giveaway when we got to the hand in the sink. Gellar would have been way too invisible and diabolical to pull that off, pun intended.) To make it even more tense, Dexter kept taking the lead, with Travis trailing behind him. I kept expecting Travis to Gellar out and attack Dexter.

Hey, at least we know now, and it isn't even the penultimate episode of the season. Travis is young, strong, totally demented, and he knows what Dexter is. This could be an actual challenge for Dexter.

Interesting how they balanced this episode about a complete lunatic with Deb in therapy. I was actually wondering last week if Deb was planning to tell Dr. Ross about her past, and voila. When Deb started talking about Lundy and the Ice Truck Killer, Dr. Ross was doing her best to not look shocked. I laughed out loud.

People in therapy usually work though issues with their primary relationships, and often end up seeing those closest to them in a new light. I'm really looking forward to Deb discussing Dexter with Dr. Ross and then confronting him with what she learns. After Deb revealed that Dexter was Brian's biological brother but not her own, I thought for a moment that the Doctor was going to suggest that Deb was hung up on Dexter. I've always assumed they'd never go there, but it would be fascinating if they did. If it was done believably.

Deb finally stood up to LaGuerta. I wonder if LaGuerta wasn't at all upset about it; in fact, I thought she looked proud. Maybe she sees this as her way to taking Matthews' job.

Bits and pieces and hands:

-- So we had the severed hand in the sink, and ITK's hand in Greene's apartment. Interestingly, we had another suggestion of severed hands when Dexter axed the chain holding Travis's hands together. I'm sure this is all valid symbolism of something.

-- Greene's apartment was actually sort of creepy. And he's obsessed with serial killers. Maybe Jamie shouldn't have succumbed to his charms.

-- Louis Greene did the fabulous geek computer thing again. Doesn't Miami Metro have an IT department to do that stuff?

-- 2LOT. Sounds like it should have led to a numbered parking lot. That's where I thought they were going with the parking token. Did Dexter really find the next victim so easily, or did Travis just take the hint?

-- Loved Dexter on the phone pretending to be a burned out college student.

-- Travis stayed in the Colony Motel. Appropriate for a dual personality. The maid is going to be deeply unthrilled by what he did to the walls.

-- Dexter is now on Travis's speed dial. Dexter had better get that phone back.

-- That entire cast drenched with blood was pretty gruesome, like Carrie times whatever.

-- I could swear Olmos moved. What's with the production values on Dexter lately? And was there a pillow under Gellar's dead body? Maybe Travis was trying to make certain Gellar was comfortable.

-- Creationists claim that evolution contradicts the second law of thermodynamics. I hadn't heard that, but here is more info from Cornell if you're interested.

-- Did they have to make the atheist such an ass? You don't have to ridicule the beliefs of others to make a point.

-- I also didn't know that "the writing is on the wall" is from the Bible. Live and learn. Was that Travis's message to himself that it was over? If Gellar had decided to go through with killing Travis, would Travis have killed himself? Or would he have defeated "Gellar" in a fight?

-- Gellar's blog was at http://www.beginning-of-the-end.com. It redirects to the Showtime Dexter kill room page.


Deb: "Would have helped if my dad had paid me any attention. That's probably why I fell in love with someone twice my age. He was shot in front of me, did I mention that? I was probably looking for someone safer after being engaged to this really great guy that also turned out to be a serial killer."
Dr. Ross: (after a pregnant pause) "Would you like it if we started seeing each other more than once a week?"

Deb: "So he and Gellar either got the fuck out of Dodge, or they're holed up somewhere planning the latest installment of 'what the fuck'."

Masuka: "I understand the whole 'cowardly geek' response."
Greene: "I'm not a geek."
Masuka: "One bridge at a time, Louis."

Masuka: "When it comes to matters of the heart, always follow your dick."
Wow. Words of wisdom, indeed. There should be one of those tiny little books that you pick up in the book store near the front counter. Masuka's Obscene Words of Wisdom.

Quinn: "Omigod, we took pictures."
Maybe this particular MILF encounter will be enough to shock Quinn out of his increasingly idiotic behavior. I bet Angel is finally ready to stop covering for him.

Deb: "Are you saying that I chose to be with a serial killer on purpose?"
Dr. Ross: "I think you have a history of choosing inappropriate or unavailable men."
Well, the doctor's got that right.

Dexter: "Are we okay?"
Deb: "I have no idea if you are. I'm sure not, but I'm working on it."

This one wasn't as exciting when I watched it the second time and knew what was coming, but I thought it was very good. Three out of four severed hands,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Great review as always Billie.

    I usually don't guess twists, and I guessed that Edward James Olmos was imaginary around episode four or five. Although being right in this case didn't feel very good. I was secretly hoping the twist of the season would be something else.

    Although I am interested in seeing how Travis behaves when he becomes Gellar. At least Travis as a character definitely became a lot more interesting.

  2. I really wish they hadn't made it so obvious that Gellar and Travis were one and the same. I found myself getting bored in this episode, as well as the last two or three, just waiting around for Dexter to inevitably find Gellar's body and figure it all out.

    I love Deb and her new therapist though! Is it just me or were there some romantic vibes flowing in that room? Unless I'm mistaking shock and concern for romantic interest. Either way, I'm loving it.

  3. I knew the ITK hand was significant. I wonder if Greene's little man crush is going to get anyone in trouble. And, my husband asked, who was watching Harrison? Jamie was with Greene and Dex was with Travis. Do you think Deb would babysit?

    1. They called Sonya to look after Harrison :XD

  4. I'm with Emma on this one.... I found the episode quite boring and was actually hoping Gellar would turn out to be alive or that there will be some other explanation that we haven't thought of. I really miss the shock and suspense of the earlier seasons.

    Can someone tell me what is the purpose of the character like Quinn other than torture us slowly? Even Angel is loosing his appeal. I feel like Luis and the nanny and stupid Quinn steal way too much of a screen time.

    If not for Deb's therapy sessions I would have been completely disspointed.

  5. I was a bit disappointed with this one because they did a bad job with this twist and they didn´t make it ambigious enough for us to suspect that maybe Gellar was real. They made it too obvious.
    I still like the season but it feels like it has lost its way a bit.

  6. I think I first heard the idea that Geller may not be real on this blog, so I'm not sure when (or even if) I would have started thinking it myself. It's hard to judge once the idea's been planted in your head. But I do agree it was disappointing as a twist. Dexter hasn't really caught fire yet this season. It's solid. But there have been no real wow moments for me yet.

  7. Yeah, the best episode so far was "Nebraska". The other episodes have all been a bit tepid. It used to be must see TV, now it's just"maybe" TV.

    I didn't think 'Gellar' was like Dexter's 'Harry' in the beginning, I just thought he seemed like a really bland character. Probably because he never interacted with other people even when he was in the room with them.

    In terms of the season it's like everyone's sleepwalking through it, the hunger is gone and it's just a job now. The downturn started with Rita's death in the 4th season.

    I think they're making Quinn too stupid and they need to give the new African American cop more to do and stop focusing on the mundane.

    I'm hoping it will get better, after all they've signed on for 2 more seasons. That's two more tries to get it right, or die trying....

  8. First 1 since a long time ago.

    Quinn and Angel?. Pathethic.

    The twist?. Gellar should have been real. The writers have been "cheating" to make us think so: the chains, the spade, etc, etc. Bad writing.

    And, worst of all, Dexter. Again. Travis goes into the church, and instead of entering through the back door and listening (and of course discovering immediately what's going on), he simply forgets about it, and goes to sharpen his knives and have a chat about how he wants to be a better father. EFFING really?. NOW is the time for that?.

    That is just atrocious writing, and if that's what we're getting the next two seasons, I'm sorry but I'm off the bus. Smart villains are one thing, dumb heroes that haven't been that dumb in the previous 5 seasons (ok, 4 and a half) are a completely different one. And boy, was Dexter DUMB this time. Bad, bad writers.

    I only liked Debra's story. It's about the only thing keeping me interested in the next 3 episodes. Will she take Mathews down? (of course!). Will Laguerta help her covertly?. I think so. And perhaps then Deb will resign as Lt.

  9. I'm truly surprised at all the negative reviews. In my view, even though we all saw the "twist" coming (i.e. that Gellar wasn't real), the suspense/excitement of the episode was knowing that *Dexter* didn't know Gellar wasn't real and that Travis could, at any moment, use the element of surprise to attack Dexter. This had me on the edge of my seat in every Dexter/Travis scene. And when Dexter DID finally find out, he was trapped in a basement in the church that was Travis/Gellar's home base, with Travis/Gellar waking up and ready to stalk Dexter. A great little cliffhanger. And all the Deb scenes were, as everyone mentioned, wonderful.


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