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Let Us Give Thanks…

Lots of great news in TV Land this week! It’s almost enough to make us feel better about Community’s mid-season hiatus. (Well, not really.) Click your way through to find a list of the Top Five things we here at billiedoux.com are thankful for. Minor casting spoilers ahoy!

5. Jason Dohring will guest star on Supernatural in mid-January. (The link reveals his role.)

4. Amy Acker will guest star on Grimm in early 2012. (Same deal with the link.)

3. Sherlock is coming back! Stateside, May 6th.

2. Downton Abbey is coming back! Stateside, January 8th.

1. Arrested Development is coming back on Netflix!


  1. As much as I'm enjoying some of the new fall shows, I'm going to show my love and give thanks to a couple of older ones. Starting soon, I'm going to be taking on Justified and covering the third season as it airs. And I'm also planning to take on Breaking Bad. I'll soon start posting reviews of the first four seasons, and I'm going to review the fifth and final season as it airs this summer. Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Ooh, I can't believe I forgot! I'm thankful that Dexter is getting two more seasons!

  3. Wow Billie, I just can't wait for BB reviews. That show is just amazing and actually gets even better with each season. I guess I will have to watch Justified now. (Already was thinking about it though)

  4. I actually just finished Justified season 2 yesterday Billie and it is now almost my favourite show on TV (which means it will probably get cancelled!). Can't wait for Arrested Development but it still feels so far away.

    Not sure I'm that happy about Dexter getting renewed for 2 more season. Although it is still a good series (was great for a while), I'm afraid that stretching this series out might lessen the series as a whole. This season is confirming to me that it's time to wrap this series up before it fades away.

    I'm still upset about Community. Don't understand how this is not more popular.

    I'm thankful that the Walking Dead is actually better then I thought it would be. I'm a huge fan of the comic and so far the episodes have been good.

    As far as disapointments go this past year. I'm extremely disappointed that Terra Nova ended up being such a dud. I really gave it a chance and stuck it out through the first 4 episodes before giving up.


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