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Ringer: Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead?

"So you're Bridget now. Because I can't tell anymore, can you?"

This was a far more character-driven episode than any of the ones preceding it, but lacking in anything particularly juicy. All the show needs to do now is find some kind of balance between the two. While I enjoyed a lot of the character beats on offer here, it was an hour that was practically crying out for something additionally soapy and ridiculous. And on that front the episode came up short. Up until the FBI wire scene, this was a major snooze-fest.

"Maybe We Can Get a Dog Instead?" did eventually perk up. The seeds appear to be getting sewed for a Bridget/Malcolm/Andrew triangle, and it's something I'm already a fan of. Sarah has chemistry with both men, and you can understand Bridget's interest in the two of them. Malcolm is Bridget's longest-standing supporter, and the role reversal midway through the episode showed significant friendship. It was a scene that felt particularly poignant, as Bridget insisted on helping Malcolm get off the bad shit, just like he did for her.

At the same time, Bridget likes the closeness of her surrogate family with Andrew and Juliet. The animosity between Bridget and her sort-of step-daughter appears to have entirely dissipated, while there's a striking connection between her and Andrew. I like seeing Andrew suddenly engaging with his 'wife', and seeing new levels to her personality. Of course, there's that tragic irony beneath the surface, but I'm enjoying watching it unfold.

Outside of those particular angles, though, I feel like Ringer has lost a lot of its forward momentum ever since Gemma's departure. There wasn't even a shred of urgency here, and the 'spiraling-out-of-control' tone that sparkled just a couple of episodes back has already bottomed out. Eight episodes in, and I still don't know what kind of show Ringer is trying to be. The pregnancy resolution is a good example of that, since all the juicy possibilities (secret bi-racial baby, fake bump, self-inflicted miscarriage) were squandered in favor of the lamest possible outcome. A show like Revenge would have probably went all out, and Ringer was happy to remain flat and stagnant.

I'm still enjoying the Bridget/Malcolm/Andrew character work, but Ringer is in serious need of some kind of narrative defibrillator. And fast.


- Loads of students get crushes on their teachers, but I don't understand why Juliet feels she can legitimately come on to the guy and expect sexy results? Is she stupid? Or is the writing just crazily artificial?

- Sarah looked gorgeous tonight, especially during the wire tap scene. Maybe it was to make up for Bridget looking rough-as-hell in those flashback sequences...


Malcolm: So what's your poison? Mine was heroin.
Bridget: Crushing and snorting.
Malcolm: Creative...
Bridget: I don't like needles.

Olivia: French women are high maintenance.
Andrew: Then you must be French...

Juliet: You think you and daddy are gonna try again, or --
Bridget: I don't think so. I really just want things to go back to the way they were.
Juliet: Maybe we can get a dog instead?

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  1. Great review! I'm totally looking forward to the triangle as well. I was also bummed with the quick resolution to the baby plot. Seemed like a cop out.

    I'm curious if the Juliet character is going to become something more important plot wise. I've noticed that the last four episodes have been titled after something she has said

  2. Max, what a fun review.

    Sadly, I think I'm pulling my hat out of the ring. (Pun!) I forgot to record Ringer this week, and once I realized that I also realized that I didn't care enough to hunt down the episode online. Even with SMG and Jason Dohring, it's just not interesting enough for me to devote 45 minutes of my life to it.

    I will keep enjoying your reviews, though. I hope it gets better!

  3. Anonymous I also noticed the Juliet episode title thing. She feels a little shoehorned in at times, because of the network, and I only really like her stuff with Bridget.

    Josie I don't blame you, heh. I'm not abandoning the show, but I'm not exactly eager or excited to watch each episode. It's fine, but nothing more than that right now.

  4. I'm still watching, through my teeth most of the episode and recorded ....but still watching...

    I'm really disapointied in Jason being there as a potential love interest for Juliet.... bad idea! bad!

    Also I was amazed by the way Malcolm while being high still is able to keep Briget's secret. Can anyone actually have that kind of control????

    Great review!


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