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Billie's Best of 2011

Happy new year!

I really had to think about my faves post for this year, because the new stuff this fall was somewhat disappointing. I really wanted to fall in love with something new, but at the most, I fell in "like." Once Upon a Time, Alphas, and Person of Interest have potential. Terra Nova was a disappointment; if they get a second season, they'll have to do some drastic upgrading in the story department to keep me watching. American Horror Story was the surprise break-out hit, but it goes just a bit too far into genuine gooey horror for me to handle.

Yes, I still love Supernatural and Dexter. Yes, both shows are getting long in the tooth and starting to wane a bit, but I'm in it with both of them until the end. Hey, I hung in there with Smallville until the end, although it was difficult to continue writing about it after my favorite characters left, and I don't put Supernatural and Dexter in the same category because they're still fun to write about. Yes, I am hung upon the completion thing. You got a problem with that? :)

So what did I love most on television in 2011?

The Vampire Diaries. Wow. How did this show get to be so good? The complexity of the stories, the constant surprises and exclamations of omigod, I can't believe they just did that, the way Stefan and Damon as characters keep refusing to stay firmly in their good/evil pegs, all make Thursday night must see TV. Damon and Elena are probably my favorite ship right now. I am so glad Josie is reviewing this show, because if she weren't, I'd have to do it.

The Walking Dead: Somehow, they managed to create a second season (or the first half of it) that featured the same edge of your seat, harrowing end of the world drama that they gave us in season one. This show never sits on my DVR, either. Let me repeat myself -- I'm so glad Doc is reviewing this show, because if she weren't, I'd have to do it.

True Blood: Season four got mixed reviews, but not from me. I loved every minute of it, and it was my favorite so far. True Blood tends to be something of a guilty pleasure for me because it's so sexy, bloody and over the top, but it's still a fave. And like Supernatural and Dexter, I'm in this one for the long haul. I'll review it until they stop making it. The end.

Breaking Bad: Every season, I reach the end of Breaking Bad and I'm just wowed. Walter White's descent into darkness is epic, disturbing, funny and deeply tragic, and the end of season four was exceptional. That's why I finally decided that I was jumping on board with reviews for its final season this coming summer. Hey, better late than never.

Justified: I liked season one. But I loved season two. Justified refuses to sit in a niche and play nice. It has exceptional actors playing complex characters, smart and often dryly funny dialogue, and stories that just don't conform to the typical television crime drama. I decided to take on Justified in the hope that season three (coming January 17) will be as terrific as season two. Fingers crossed.

There are some other shows I really enjoy, too. Fortunately, Doctor Who is still going strong. Community is a fave, although now I'm worried that it won't get the six seasons and a movie that it clearly deserves. Ditto Fringe, which is still innovative but doesn't have the ratings. Glee is still fun, although it might be losing its magic for me. I enjoy the geekfest that is Eureka, but it's only getting one more season. The failure of Miracle Day might have sunk any chances that Torchwood will get another season.

Fingers crossed that the winter premieres will give us at least one more terrific show to love. Will it be you, Alcatraz?


  1. quoting you :

    "although now I'm worried that it won't get the six seasons and a movie that it clearly deserves"

    LMAO And you've just made my evening ! Season 3, so far, blew my mind.

    First half of Fringe's (another) 3rd season ALSO blew my mind last spring.

  2. oups, a PS

    Anna Torv was simply extraordinary last spring (still is, of course)

  3. Thanks, Celtic Marc. I think it was Mark Greig who said "six seasons and a movie" somewhere and I just picked up on it. :)

  4. No Game Of Thrones love, Billie??

    It was at the very least the best genre series this syear

  5. Hi, Sid: I'm sure Game of Thrones is as great as everyone says it is and it's on Jess's list and I'm sure it'll be on Josie's, but it's just not my thing. I don't know why.

  6. Agree with you on Game of Thrones, Billie. I watched the pilot and wasn't into it, but it's hard to describe why.

  7. I credit this site (and the fact I was sick and had a copy of the first season DVDs on hand) for getting me to sit down and give Vampire Diaries another try. Before I started glancing at the reviews here, I watched the first few not very good episodes, muttered something about the CW raping my childhood, and gave up. Now it's probably one of the TV things I look forward to most in the new year, so... thanks ya'll. :)

  8. lisam, I'm a bit relieved it isn't just me.

    Rachel, I had felt the same way about Vampire Diaries. Josie had kept watching it and finally decided to review it, so I gave it another shot. I'm so glad I did.

  9. In my defense (because those first 7 episodes were so dull): I didn't keep watching it. Rather, I got sucked into the hiatus rerun marathon that the CW aired, and then I got hooked.

    I hope Alcatraz is awesome. And I hope--well, I hope without much hope--that Person of Interest transcends the standalone limitations of CBS.

  10. Billie, I love that there is so little overlap between our lists. We do watch a lot of the same shows, but the things we get truly passionate about are often quite different. Good for diversity on the site, yes? :)

    Happy New Year!

  11. Happy New Year to you too, Jess! And to all of our writers and readers.

    You and I have always had overlap on the shows we love as well as serious difference of opinions, and it's definitely good for the diversity on the site. We're covering such a wide range of shows these days. And I love it.

  12. This a great list Billie. Breaking Bad is the best show on television right now without a doubt. I had mixed feelings about this season of True Blood, but I still love the show, and from what I've read, next season sounds very cool. Did you stick with American Horror Story for the whole season by any chance?

  13. Hi, Roman: No, I didn't stick with American Horror Story, and now I'm sort of sorry. I might catch up with it on DVD before the next season.


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