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Game of Thrones Is Coming (Part I)

Game of Thrones returns on Sunday night for a second season that promises even more conspiracy, more blood, and more death. And (drumroll, please) dragons. If you think you can't wait the 54 hours that remain until the premiere (as of this posting), you might enjoy this clip of "The North Remembers." And more clips are coming!

On a scale of dragons--with 10 dragons being the most excited and 1 dragon the least--how excited are you?


  1. I didn't watch the clip (I want to go in relatively unhyped), but I'm still at the 10 dragons level! And I just called to hook up the HBO, so I'm pretty much set for Sunday night. :)

  2. Haven't read the books. Did see the first season though. Not really a fantasy guy. But it is so well done and the finale just blew my mind. So therefore and for theses reasons, I'm giving it 8.5 Dragons (one of them is not fully grown)

  3. I'm reading the first book now, and am beginning to see why those of you who had read them were so pleased with the first series.

    I'm looking forward to the second more than I thought I would, but we country cousins across the pond have to wait until Monday night for our showing. At least it's not the usual months.

    I'll go with celticmarc on 8.5.

  4. There aren't enough dragons to say how excited I am!

    To the point that I just rewatched all of season 1 a couple of weeks ago and pored through all the extras, and have almost finished re-reading the first book so I can write a post looking into the two of them (page vs screen).

    Bring on the dragons!!!


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