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Game of Thrones Is Coming (Part II)

If the first clip from the upcoming Season Two premiere of Game of Thrones didn't strike your fancy, perhaps something a bit more scathing will do the trick. Click on for some patented Tyrion insults as we countdown to the most exciting thing to happen on a Sunday in April since the invention of Cadbury Creme Eggs.

I'm going to rate that a 10 creamy, chocolaty eggs out of 10. And now I'm picturing dragons popping out of my favorite seasonal candy, and I'm a little grossed out.


  1. Oh Tyrion, how awesome you are. I don't have time to read all the books right now - I wonder if I could just read the Tyrion chapters...?!

  2. I love Tyrion, he's my favourite character in the books and TV series, alike. Peter Dinklage odes an amazing work in bringing him to life. We're very excited here in Brazil because unlike last year, there will be no delay and we'll also sitting on the edge of our seats and not even blink.
    The cold winds are rising. And it was about time!

  3. Juliette you actually could considering his name is at the top of lots of them! ;o)

    I'm SOOOOO looking forward to Season 2 finally beginning! :o)

  4. lol! I've been working on a post for a couple of weeks now to help me get ready for season 2! :o)


  5. CrazyCris, thanks for posting that!

    I have to ask, though: do you cover all the books, or just Season One and Game of Thrones? I'm trying to avoid re-reading the second book (or even reminding myself of it), so I can watch Season Two as fresh as possible.

  6. I did a book report of all the books (minus Dance of Dragons which wasn't out yet) last year in advance of the first season on HBO. But unless you click on the link to that you won't find anything except season 1 and book 1 in what I wrote there! :)

    I've been debating wether to NOT re-read book 2 to keep myself fresh for the series... or actually try and read and watch simultaneously (by guessing which chapters will make up an episode).

    Anyhow, I look forward to reading your weekly reviews! ;)


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