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Community: Origins of Vampire Mythology

“You're monsters! You're all Hitlers! You’re racist paedophiles! You’re the opposite of Batman!”

After high-concept episodes like 'Pillows and Blankets', things typically tend to calm down at Greendale. Or, at least, become less crazy. Calm isn't really something this show does. So, post-pillow war, we get a smaller, more character-driven episode from Community's own Lord Ruler, Dan Harmon.

The world's smallest carnival came to Greendale this week, bringing with it Britta's ex, Blade. Unable to resist his allure, Britta enlisted the help of the only responsible one in the group/recovering drug addict, Annie, in keeping her away from the recently promoted carnival worker. If not, she'd end up doing him like a crossword (which I assume mean she'd struggle for half an hour then give up without finishing).

But this storyline wasn't really about Britta and Blade or even Annie and Britta. It was ultimately about Troy and Britta. I haven't been on-board with the idea of these two getting together. That might be about to change. And all it took was that little smile Britta gave Troy at the end. I'm not saying I'm going to go Tumblr crazy over it, but I'm willing to support it.

If you're a Troy/Britta, Jeff/Annie or (god forbid) Pierce/Chang shipper, then this was pretty much the episode for you. There might not have been anything major like a kiss in the rain, a chase through an airport or an embarrassingly adorable declaration of love, but there were enough googly eyes and stolen glances to keep everyone's ship sailing.

Have I ever said how much I love it when Jeff and Annie make googly eyes at each other? Of course I have, I'm insanely obsessed. I swear, if they don't get together this season I am going to scream. Wait, that doesn't sound very manly. I'll start again. If Jeff and Annie don't get together this season, I am going to fly out to an island hideout, arm myself with enough weapons to equip a Roman legion, and then proceed to single-handedly wipe out the entire mercenary army of a disposed South American dictator who has kidnapped my daughter... before finally engaging in hand in to hand combat to the death with my former team mate turned bitter enemy. And now I'm starting to question whether it was wise of my parents to let me watch all those Arnie movies when I was younger.

Notes and Quotes

--The name of the carnival, Red Beard Amusements, is likely a reference to the 1965 Akira Kurosawa film, Red Beard. It was the last film where Kurosawa worked with his De Niro, the great Toshirō Mifune.

--Earlier this week, after a tense final round with The Walking Dead, Community won Hulu's Best In Show competition. Six Seasons and a Movie!

--After taking last week off, Evil Vice Dean John Goodman was back and putting pressure on Dean Pelton to get Troy to join the Air Conditioning Repair Annex. This was just a feeble excuse to get the Dean to spend the night at Troy and Abed's. Not that I'm complaining. More Jim Rash is always a good thing.

--Speaking of the Dean, that train driver uniform is definitely going in the Top 10 Dean Pelton costumes. Now I just need to work out what the other nine should be.

Annie: “She's calling him?”
Troy: “She was born in the 80s, she still uses her phone as a phone.”

Jeff: “None of us has to go to anyone. And the idea we do is a mental illness we contracted from breath mint commercials and Sandra Bullock. We can’t keep going to each other until we learn to go to ourselves. Stop making our hatred of ourselves someone else’s job and just stop hating ourselves.”

Shirley: “He's not as good looking as you.”
Jeff: “I wasn’t fishing for that.”
Shirley: “Oh no no no, I offered it freely.”

Troy: “Blade, 'sup, message.”

Dean Pelton: “Yeah, you’re just like Blade, man. Straight up!”

Shirley: “Why do you wanna know the secret to making a woman psycho?”
Jeff: “Why do we want to know how to blow up the earth or grow an ear on a mouse? In case we have to, Shirley. In case we have to.”

Jeff: "You tell anyone we did this, I will stop letting you do things with me I'm afraid to tell anyone about."
Shirley: "Hey, I get it. You want to take a look at Britta's ex-boyfriend and if you did it by yourself, you'd be weird."
Jeff: "You're the only one who really understands me."
Shirley: "Oh, honey."

Three out of four fantastic kickboxing vampire movies.
Mark Greig has been writing for Doux Reviews since 2011. More Mark Greig.


  1. Is it just me or is community firing on all cylinders this season?

  2. This was a powerful LMAO episode. (and I LMAO'ed after watching Modern family and New Girl, so this was a good week)

    And so was your review Mark.

    Toshirō Mifune was an excellent actor.

    I'd recommend the pink flashy dress in 3.01 because it was the same as Shirley's (the opening Glee number)

  3. Great review (love the crossword analogy!)

  4. I loved the Dean showing up in pajamas and everyone asking him why he was there. The utter weirdness of the Dean just works for me. Loved your Arnie riff, Mark.

  5. The Dean is certainly a loveable weirdo. Think when I come to review the season finale I will definitely include a list of the best Dean Pelton costumes of season 3.

  6. Very funny review, Mark.

    The best line of the episode was Abed, when he opens the door to find the Dean there: "I need help react to something". Deadpan humor gets to me.

  7. If not, she'd end up doing him like a crossword (which I assume mean she'd struggle for half an hour then give up without finishing). Absolutely hilarious -- and spot on!

    I love the Dean, especially in his pajamas. What a fantastic character beat that he would use pajamas and watching a movie as a way to talk Troy into doing something.


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