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Doux News: April 1, 2012

This week: Game of Thrones -- Alphas -- Bones -- Torchwood -- Fringe -- Three Years Ago -- New at Doux: Mad Men and Castle


Game of Thrones returns tonight! Josie has been posting a countdown. And by the way, I love Game of Thrones. It's my favorite show. Just ignore all those comments on last week's Doux News.

The Killing is back for a second season. How much do we don't care? We were so disillusioned by last season's finale that Mark Greig stopped reviewing it. Which brings me to a terrific tweet I saw this week by @colsonwhitehead that I wish I'd said: "I don't know if I can watch #MadMen this season if they're going to keep reminding me that The Killing exists."

Alphas season two just began production and will air starting in July, with all of the original cast members and one addition. I really enjoyed Alphas last season, and I'm glad Dr. Nana Mom is reviewing it for us.

Renewals and cancellations

Being Human (the UK version) is getting a fifth season, despite, um, casting issues, which I won't go into because that would be spoiling.

Paul Kelly, who reviews Being Human for us, says:
The renewal comes as little surprise. Viewing figures have been decent -- a mere 300,000 down on last year -- and the public, by and large, have embraced the new characters. I suspect the six (instead of eight) episode recommission was down to the BBC tightening its purse strings. it may, however, work in the show's favour, by producing a tighter, less padded season.

Bones is getting an eighth season. With eight, David Boreanaz will have played Booth for as long as he played Angel. Is it wrong of me to prefer Angel?

I used to watch Bones. Somewhere around season three, I marathoned through it and then I watched it for awhile. And then it got old, probably because certain plotlines bummed me out. It takes a lot to keep me watching a procedural for season after season, and as much as I've always loved David Boreanaz's brooding, sexy cuteness, he just wasn't enough for me. Sorry about that, David.

Netflix has decided against taking on Terra Nova, which doesn't surprise me. Another network could still sweep it up, but it's a long shot. Terra Nova was my big disappointment this television season. I so wanted a show about time travel and dinosaurs to be good. Damn.

Speaking of long shots, Torchwood might not be dead, after all. Would a TV movie to wrap things up be too much to ask, BBC and Starz? Not that I'm counting on it, but wouldn't it be nice?

We're still crossing our fingers and hoping that Fringe will get a fifth season. Fox is actually sorta kinda helping the effort. Maybe they learned their lesson after the flak they got about Firefly. And maybe they're planning to cancel it no matter what and are faking that they love the show so they don't get so much hate mail. No, I'm not cynical about Fox at all.

Three years ago

Andy Hallett, who played Lorne on Angel, passed away three years ago this week. He was only thirty-three.

J. August Richards (@jaugustrichards) posted on Twitter, "Andy Hallett. Gone but not forgotten". Christian Kane (@ChristianKane01) posted: "To my good friend Andy Hallett: 3 yrs ago today you left us. We miss you still. Thanx for continuing to smile down on us all this time".

(I took this photo when I saw Andy Hallett and Alexis Denisof at an autograph event here in southern California. It was a thrill meeting both of them.)

New at Doux

Things are just rocking here on the site. Maxpower03 is now reviewing Mad Men. And we just welcomed a new writer -- ChrisB, who made a real name for herself posting comments, will be reviewing Castle. And yes, they're both planning to review earlier episodes. I'm a fan of both Castle and Mad Men and I'm just dancing around my living room right now while still managing to type.

Our comment of the week: Josie wrote an essay on "the male gaze" and posted it as a series of comments on my review of the Alias episode, "Phase One". A terrific read, well worth your while.

This is probably the best time to tell you all that I've reached a personal impasse. My real life job is so stressful and there is so much going on in my life that I've decided to give up writing. After the season finales have aired this spring, I'll be passing the blog on to my site partner, Josie Kafka.

Come on. What day is this? You didn't believe that one, did you?

That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. Okay Billie, you scared me for a minute there with your April Fools joke!

    I still watch Bones, but it's getting old and because of American Idol it's never on. Since Booth and Bones are having a baby I think I'm done with the show.

    Love the weekly newsletter!

  2. I used to watch and love Bones, too. The humor and the cast chemistry was always fun, and they also very effectively carried a lot of heavy dramatic weight.

    But by Season 5, I had started letting episodes stack up on the DVR for awhile before downing them in mini-marathons. I still enjoyed it when I finally sat down to watch it, but I always had a hard time getting myself psyched for it. (That happened to me with Medium in its later seasons, too.) About halfway through Season 6, I had enough other stuff on my plate that I decided I just didn't feel like catching up anymore. I think 'The Bullet in the Brain' was the last episode I watched.

    Very excited for Game of Thrones tonight! And that's no joke. :)

  3. Oh good..actually believed you'd stop writing..glad it was only an april fools. Excited for the Castle reviews..that's a cool show. I just wish Castle and Beckett would hook up.

  4. Another great one, Billie. But, you not writing??? No humour in that, my friend. :-)

    I, too, was a huge 'Bones' fan. But, I got bored with it. I managed to stick with it though season six although the fins were gathering quickly throughout. It jumped for me in the final episode and I called it a day.

    We don't get 'Game of Thrones' until tomorrow, so I'll have to content myself with just reading the book tonight. Enjoy!

  5. Billie! You almost gave me a heart attack with that retirement comment! :D But it's a good one I must admit. The best april fool's jokes are the ones that threten to take away something people love.

    Boreanaz will always be Angel for me, no matter how many seasons Bones gets.

    I'm super excited for the Mad Men reviews. I hope for some in-depth period analysis combined with the usual episode review. :)

    But not as much as I am exctied about GoT! Winter is comining, finally.

  6. That April Fool's joke was NOT funny!!! Really had me scared for a moment! What would Billie Doux be without Billie??? ;o)

    Boreanaz is a lot of fun as Booth, but to me too he'll always be angel!

  7. SOB !

    I took the bait ! I'll never learn (so no Josie Doux after all huh ?) (darn it)

    b) Seriously, I don't trust Fox (about the renewal or not of Fringe). I'll dance in my living room ONLY when the 5.01 ep will air, not before....

    c) once again, very happy to read about castle on this blog

  8. Jesus, Billie, you scared me, too!

    I'm a terrible coder and don't even have photoshop!

  9. Hehe, it's shocking just how much I reacted to your cruel joke! Well played.

  10. Billie, are you really watching Game of Thrones now or was that a joke too?

  11. Billie, don't scare me like that! I never could cope with April Fools Day...

  12. Finder, Alcatraz, Terra Nova are lost causes and this is the final season of House. I am not entirely hopeful about Touch either. "Some random things happen" is not a sustainable storyline. Fringe may survive after all, Fox has nothing for next year.

  13. Billie, how could you do that? Our poor, poor readers. Why would you put them through something like that? Do you have any idea how many of them you have left traumatised? What were you thinking? Honestly, why would you remind everyone that The Killing still exists? I have no intention of ever watching it again but just knowing it is out there gives me goosebumps. Please tell me that was just another of your April Fools? I don't care if it is a lie, it will still help me sleep at night.

  14. Mark, you get the virtual trophy for best comment today. :) Roman, I'm afraid it was a joke. Dan is watching Game of Thrones without me tonight.

  15. I read that sentence 3 times in shock before I moved on and saw your April Fools...PHEW!

    GOT - In 68 minutes!

  16. Really too bad Mark isn't watching The Killing. I just finished the premiere and it's redeemed itself in every way. Am always amazed at how it so completely immerses me in despair. And there's a lot more going on with Holder than anybody thought...and it's brilliant.


  17. I'm with Jen. The two-part season premiere of The Killing, picking up right where the cliffhanger left so many unsatisfied viewers last season, was simply awesome. The plot and character development are complex, deeply suspenseful and, yes, brilliant. I've already watched it a second time, which I can't yet say for Mad Men or Game of Thrones (both of which I loved --- what a week for fine television!)


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