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NewsFlash: Supernatural and Vampire Diaries Renewed

Well, who didn't see that coming?

Okay, only one was ever a certainty. But it has been obvious for a while now that both shows were safe. And now it is official. The CW has renewed The Vampire Diaries for a fourth season and Supernatural for an eighth.

The network also renewed 90210 for a fifth season. Yes, we live in a reality where that show gets five seasons while Firefly barely got one. Go figure. There has yet to be decision on the fates of Gossip Girl, Nikita, The Secret Circle, Ringer and Hart of Dixie (don't worry, Paul, I'm sure it will be back).

Happy about this news? Please let us know in the comments section below.


  1. Yay! Two shows I love are getting another season!

  2. "Hart of Dixie (don't worry, Paul, I'm sure it will be back)."

    Phew! There's me sleeping easy tonight then. Life wouldn't be the same without Rachel Bilson's completely realistic medical skills.

  3. The only reason why I'd be happy about The Secret Circle being renewed is this:

    Gale Harold.

    Or just throw Gale and Matt Bomer on True Blood and I'd be happy.

    I wonder if they'd bring in Danneel Harris/Ackles onto Supernatural at all? I doubt it, but it'd still be cool.

  4. Well, now. That certainly was good news for first thing in the morning. No surprise about TVD, but am thrilled that I get another year of Sam and Dean.

    And Paul and Mark, snigger all you want, but I love Hart of Dixie. I think we all need our guilty pleasures... :-)

  5. I NEED a Secret Circle renewal right about now.

    And hey! Leave 90210 alone, that show is great trash TV.

  6. Hey Chris, don't let me poking fun at Bilson's medical chops detract from the fact that I love the show, too. Hart of Dixie is awesome(ish) . It's the new Everwood.

  7. Yay, excellent news!
    Now if they would just renew Nikita as well, I would be really happy.

  8. Great news! Now, all I need is a Nikita renewal and I´m satisfied!
    Really, that show needs to be renewed, more than 90210.

    And, btw, more people need to give Nikita a shot. It´s truly an amazing show with good storylines, very good acting (Lyndsy Fonseca steals my heart, Maggie Q has gotten better, so as Shane West as Michael, Xander Berkeley, Melinda Clarke and more. It has a lot of action but also a lot of heart.
    I know it starts out rocky but it gets better and season two is just freaking amazing.
    Please, people, give it a chance.

  9. Great news. More Damon is great.

  10. Guys please, there's only ONE Everwood and nothing can ever come close to that show. Not even Rachel sole-reason-for-sticking-with-the-OC Bilson can achieve that.


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