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About Us: Jess Lynde

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the second 2012 About Us Interview: Jess Lynde!

Jess Lynde reviews Eureka, Farscape, Warehouse 13 and The X-Files. She has previously reviewed Stargate Universe, Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles and Wonderfalls.

If we just handed you a million dollars (you never know), what would you spend it on?

I wrote out an answer for this one, but it was so practical and boring that I decided you really wouldn’t want to read it. What can I say? I’m a mom and a planner with an engineering background. I can’t help being fiscally responsible, even with imaginary money!

Are you a dog person or a cat person, or is there another animal involved?

None of the above. After many years of pet ownership, I’ve come to the realization that I yearn to be pet free.

What show would you recommend everyone finally get around to watching this summer?

Breaking Bad. I can’t recommend this more highly. That is, if you think you can stomach a series about one man’s self-destruction and the collateral damage he unleashes on his slow spiral downward. The level of intensity is not for everyone.

If you prefer a series with a more positive trajectory, check out Deadwood. It’s violent, profane, and often quite dark, but ultimately it’s a show about creating community, becoming part of the civilized world, and all the challenges that building something so complicated entails.

Of all the shows we don't cover, list your: (1) guilty pleasure, (2) favorite reality show, and (3) favorite from childhood.

1) No guilty pleasures, simply because I don’t have anything I’m embarrassed to admit I watch at present.

2) Finally kicked the reality habit, which probably explains my answer to #1 (although I can easily get sucked into cooking competitions on the Food Network).

3) I LOVED Voltron. The one with the lions. So much so, that I’ve been afraid to watch it as an adult for fear of ruining my childhood memories.

Fill in the blanks: If ___ weren't already reviewing ___, I'd want to do it.

If Doc weren’t already reviewing Alphas, I’d want to do it. (Apparently, I’m going to miss being double booked on Mondays over the summer.)

You are hosting a dinner party for 8 TV characters and/or actors. Who would you invite?

I decided to approach this one from a “If I’m putting in all the work for a dinner party, I want guests that are intellectually stimulating but also know how to relax and have a good time” perspective. I don't want any tension, drama, or secret agendas. (My husband suggested inviting Rodney McKay from Stargate: Atlantis, and I was like, "No way! He'd be a nightmare guest! Can you imagine all the stress of menu prep if he was coming?") No. Drama. I like to save that for my television viewing.

Since I’ve chosen a number of couples, I decided to bump up the guest list by two: Carter and Allison (Eureka), Eric and Tami Taylor (Friday Night Lights), Darrin and Karen Tyler (Wonderfalls), Henry Deacon (Eureka), Helen Magnus (Sanctuary), Angela Montenegro (Bones), and Rupert Giles (Buffy). This seems like fun blend of artistic, intellectual, and down to earth. I could easily see various combinations of these characters getting on well and sparking some really interesting discussions, or just kicking back and enjoying a drink or five. (And Carter and Coach could always sneak off to watch sports on the big screen.)

More about Jess, including her original Q&A, can be found here.

Next week: Nadim!


  1. Jess -- great answers! I think your dinner party sounds amazing. I'll cater it for you so I can sit in the kitchen and eavesdrop on what I know would be some fun discussions.

  2. I just want to know about the mysterious "practical" and "boring" invention!

  3. Josie, I love that picture. Love it! You really did manage to find a cute one!

    There's no invention. It was just seriously boring stuff. Pay off the house, set aside money for the kids college funds, donate to charity, ... I even thought about the tax implications of the "gift" and how much I'd actually net. I did add in some world travel with the hubby and a second house on the riverfront in the 1000 Islands, but that's the extent of the non-boring, non-practical stuff. Sigh.

    Thanks, Chris! Catering would be awesome. So long as I can help with the planning and prep. I love cooking for guests!

    I'm really looking forward to seeing who everyone comes up with for party guests and how they approach it. I loved Panda's choices of Marc and Amanda from Ugly Betty! They are super fun characters, but I could never have them at my own party. Too. Much. Drama. :)

  4. Jess, not to spoil my own upcoming Q&A, but that's more or less how I spent my imaginary money, too. I pretended it was a tax-free gift, because surely we're not taxing imaginary money, right?

    I love having an excuse to look for adorable pictures of animals and trying to match them with how I picture the writers.

    I'm a really good waitress, and would love to be a cater-waiter for your dinner party.

  5. Well, Jess, it certainly looks as though you've got your staff sorted for the night!

    It sounds as though you and I would make a great catering team. The prep is my least favourite part and I actually like the washing up at the end of the night. I know, I'm odd, but it works somehow...

  6. OMG ! this interview thing is soooo hilarious. (I need to browse back and find the first one)

    I BADLY wanna go to that supper !!! Badly. Hey, I won't mind pouring the wine and cleaning up the mess. And yes, I can wash the dishes afterwards.

    Rodney McKay

    Ya, sure, the Canadian guy !!! I'm from Montreal, and you won't see with me with a Canadian flag on my sleeve LOL

  7. Some great answers, Jess!

    I think BB is a show that seems to be well written, but I don't think I could handle the grittiness of it.

    I love your choices for the dinner party, too. Mine was just one big party, I'm kind of ashamed that you went and chose proper intellectual types for some ACTUAL conversation!

    Can't wait for Nadim's next week.

  8. These are so much fun! Great answers so far and I love how seriously we take our answers :)

  9. Voltron with the lions was my favourite childhood cartoon too! :o)

    Can you just imagine Rodney at your dinner party? "Does this have citrus? Are you SURE this doesn't have citrus? How about this?" arrrrrrgh!!! :p

    I'm LOVING these interviews! :o)


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