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Being Human: Serve God, Love Me and Mend

Annie: "What is it with me and volatile, unsuitable men? Be honest, am I Ulrika Jonsson?"

Well, there goes Saul. Hugh was right: what a twat. Not only did he assault Annie, he also tried to drag her down to hell with him. I'm guessing that's where he went-- black feathered men with sticks and ropes doesn't sound much like the other place. Did Saul redeem himself by letting Annie go? Maybe. There were mitigating circumstances. But why is Annie so deserving of hell anyway? And who's pulling Wogan's strings? I always suspected 'The Floral Dance' was demonic.

Saul was so smarmy, it was obvious something was amiss. Him pulling Annie and then rubbing Hugh's face in it was pretty low. Admittedly, the bulk of Saul's wacky behaviour was the result of cognitive impairment from the accident. Was there any supernatural influence at all, or were his hallucinations mostly drug related? I guess a case could be made for either, but telling Annie about his own near death experience was the perfect way of getting her to trust him. Finally, someone who can understand what she's going through.

Unfortunately, Saul wasn't around long enough to be much of a shoulder to cry on. It's hard to understand the criteria for people going to hell in this show. Annie missed her scheduled departure time because she was busy helping a friend. Not exactly the most heinous of crimes. Unless, of course, that friend is a vampire. Don't demons know that vampires are the new angels and angels the new devils? Who's running the place: Abraham Van Helsing?

Hopefully, with him gone, Annie's pro-Saul rants will cease. She's got Hugh to obsess over now. Or had -- before she inconveniently turned invisible again. Just as her and Hugh were starting to get intimate. Talk about atrocious timing! Annie's inability to be seen seems linked to her state of mind -- although, to be fair, she didn't look too upset the morning after Saul's death. Hardly surprising after the way he treated her. Was Saul's last minute decision to free her an act of self preservation, or a genuine attempt at redemption? I guess we'll never know. I'm not even sure I care.

There was a weird Gothic charm to Mitchell's flashback. Mitchell tied half naked to a chair, while Carl played Auld Lang Syne, was an oddly festive affair -- but Carl killing Dan was a real confidence stripper for Mitchell. If Carl can't stay clean, then what possible hope is there for Mitchell? In many ways, Carl was Mitchell's inspiration. But what do you do when your heroes fail? Simple: you fake their deaths and then send them across to Brazil in a cargo container. Initially, Carl seemed completely in control of his bloodlust. All it took was one slip and Dan was dead. No wonder Carl wanted to die. He even refused to bring Dan back for fear of changing him, preferring instead to remember his kindness.

I suspected Nina would leave. Despite loving George, there's just too much resentment. Him aiding and abetting Carl didn't help matters, either. As well as the life altering physical and mental changes, Nina's had to endure massive cultural changes, too. Werewolves, ghosts and vampires are, by and large, an unsavoury bunch. The reality of mixing with murderers and reprobates sits uneasy with her -- especially now she's one of the 'monsters'. What if she were to hurt a child -- or worse, kill one? But what can she do? Jaggat can't cure her, and the decompression chamber just blows people up. Where else is there for Nina to go?

Bits and Pieces:

-- Type ones are vampires, type threes are werewolves, which must make type twos ghosts.

-- Has a vampire existed more glorious than Ivan? It takes real skill to pull off moody and funny at the same time. Plus, he likes Kate Bush. How can that be evil?

-- Loving Mitchell's slow metamorphosis into George. He'll be wetting himself next.

-- Yeah, the photo has nothing to do with the episode -- I just like it.


Annie: "Hugh is like a brother to me."
George: "Oh, promise me you'll never tell him that."
Annie: "I think he's really sweet."
George: "Really sweet? Oh my God! Why not just stab him in the face? A brother? Annie, trust me, the only man who'd ever want to hear that is your actual brother."

Mitchell: “Someone's been sick in the shop. Some days it's all about the poo, but today everyone's... being... sick.”

George: "You are being careful aren't you?"
Annie: "Thanks, but I think I'm a bit old and dead for the contraception conversation."

Mitchell: "I don't know how to talk to you. I know I came on too strong the other day but now... Oh my god, I've become my flatmate."

Mitchell: "You! Don't get all you about this. Of course I've lived with other people. You think I've spent the past hundred years waiting for you and your... three different kinds of upholstery cleaner to show up?"

Ivan: "Okay, two rules for Ivan's car: no food or drink and I get to choose the music, and tonight we shall be listening to Miss Kate Bush."
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  1. This is the first time watching Being Human for me and I'm annoyed about Nina leaving. Why couldn't annoying Annie leave instead?

    The flashback sequences reminded me a lot of Buffy. I'd take Mitchell over Angel any day. He's more my type :)

  2. I was gutted to see Nina go after just two episodes. Something about Sinead Keenan's acting draws me into her characters. Here's hoping she returns before the end of the season.


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