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Falling Skies: Silent Kill

Margaret: "You guys belong at Medieval Times."

I don't think there was a theme in this episode, or at least I didn't see one. Which is disappointing for an episode with several pivotal plot points. We did have some great scenes, and some interesting character development. The mission out into the world was one of the best we've seen yet. So why didn't I feel that this was the best episode of the season so far?

I think it's great that Margaret was an active part of Tom's team this time. Whether or not she was a full member of the group, she seems to fit really well. We discovered quite a few things about her in this episode. She has some rather large tattoos, she's good with crossbows, and she seems like she's really nice under all those layers of pain. It's almost a shame that she had to get so tough, but at the same time I really like the character as she is. Speaking of tough, having this hard as nails character reveal that she had cancer when she was a teenager was a really nice window into why she's so strong. I also really liked her interaction with Lourdes, and the pregnant woman Sarah. Then there is her blossoming relationship with Hal. There was definite sparkage, and it was nice that Hal finally thanked her for all her help. Is Hal the first person who has thanked Margaret for anything?

Hal felt like he finally came into his own in this episode. During the mission to the hospital, I thought he handled himself with grace and obvious skill. How hard must it have been for him to lay down and do nothing with his enslaved brother only a couple of feet from him. Then there was that tense moment with the creepy Skitter nanny. The thing looked like it actively cared for the harnessed kids under its guard. What really sold that scene was the way the harnessed kids were reaching for the Skitter, like they were trying to stop it from dying. It's almost like a whole new level of Stockholm Syndrome.

Tom felt off in this episode. I don't think the writer of this one really understood the character. Tom may have been gung ho to get his son back from the Skitters, but he doesn't strike me as someone who wouldn't think about the situation with at least a bit of logic. He's had weeks to think about it, and weeks to center himself about the situation. He shouldn't have have been acting so rashly and recklessly. Hal, Margaret, and Weaver all had to correct his tactics. It was also his fault that the mission almost failed this time. This isn't like Mike trying to rescue Rick. This felt a bit like character assassination.

The opposite is true for Dr. Glass. I finally feel like we're beginning to understand the character. Her ruthless attack on the Skitter seemed to come out of nowhere, but it did tell us how controlled she usually keeps herself. That warm exterior hides a person who is very broken. She's barely holding herself together, and that glimpse of her fragility made her finally feel real. The fact that she has nothing left of her family is really horrible. She seems to have a past with Scott, who she referred to as Uncle, is he family? And who is Sam? Her husband, son, daughter?

Weaver also had some interesting character moments in this episode. He had a personal reaction to the song, "Many Rivers to Cross". Could this be about his kids? Was Sophia his daughter or wife? It created some new depth to the character even though he's still mostly a mystery. What is worrying is how he popped some pills while Tom and Hal were going at it during the mission briefing. We have no idea what he's taking, but if it was something normal why would he hide it?


The Heartwarming Moment of the Week: The baby shower for Sarah, who we don't know at all. This was the most random sappy moment we've had so far. If she had been established earlier in the season, this would be fine. I feel like they're starting to scrape the bottom of the barrel for ideas to inject episodes with artificial moments of hope.

The Unexpected Brutal Death of the Week: Dr. Harris was killed rather horribly by a Skitter. He may have been an ass, but he was good at his job. Dr. Harris, you'll be missed... sort of.

Lourdes was pre-med. I think this was mentioned in passing in a previous episode, but it was an important fact in this episode, since she seemed instrumental in helping Dr. Glass with the harnessed kids.

Skitter mouths must be huge to allow an arm down their throats up to the elbow.

Dr. Glass managed to save five out of the six harnessed kids Tom's team rescued. For a relatively untested procedure that had a 100% mortality rate before, those are pretty good numbers. Of course, she took it personally.

I liked the argument between Dr. Glass and Captain Weaver about the Skitter prisoner. They both had very valid points, which is probably why he relented and gave her more time.

Rick is now awake, and really weird. He doesn't eat, and shows almost no emotion. But he does seem to remember his captivity.

The wail the Skitter Mechs make when they patrol is really cool, and very ominous.

I wasn't expecting them to rescue Ben so soon. I know this is episode five, and they've been talking about his rescue since the first episode, but it's cool they didn't drag it out longer.


Dr. Harris: "How much water are you gonna give that damn thing?"
Dr. Glass: "Enough to keep it hydrated."
Dr. Harris: "It's not like it'd be hydrating you if you were its prisoner."
Dr. Glass: "I don't remember Rick being dehydrated when we got him."
Dr. Harris: "Ah, that's true. But he did have 12 metallic spikes bored into his spine, and the brain function of a moderately sophisticated tomato."

Margaret: "Don't get your blood pressure up. It's not good for the baby."
Sarah: "What's not good for my baby is sharing my home with a killer alien from outer space."

Margaret: "And it's a slow, steady pull on the trigger and the kick comes from the front. (Hal aims the crossbow and takes his shot, missing the target) Here's another idea, make sure you're close."

Lourdes: "It wasn't easy for me at first either, settling into a new community."
Margaret: "A community, huh? That's a pretty fancy name for a bunch of old people and teachers with guns."

Tom: "No, I'm trying to explain you don't understand how easily you can die."
Hal: "Are you kidding me? Cause every last person who's still alive on this planet realizes how easily they can die."
Tom: "Well, I'm not gonna let it be you."

This felt like another episode that didn't come together as a cohesive whole. I thought there were some really great character moments, yet again. But I feel like they have fallen into a bit of a formula. I think they've laid enough of the groundwork and done all the world building they need to make us comfortable with this scenario. Now they need to step it up, and take it to the next level.

2 1/2 out of 4 wailing Skitter Mechs.

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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