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Once Upon a Time: The Price of Gold

“All magic comes at a price; looks like someone has just paid.”

Some part of me feels a little cheated. Don’t get me wrong, this was still all kinds of great, but I’m not sure how I feel about the blatant manipulation of one of my favourite stories, Cinderella. There was still a lot to love about this episode, and I’m not worried about the show’s quality just yet, but I feel like there’s a thin line between clever interpretation, and blatant destruction.

So far, all of the fairytales have retained the charm that they originally had, even when they were changed quite a bit; see ‘Snow White.’ For some reason, the way this was approached was rather strange, and altered the story a little too much. I still got a lot of enjoyment out of it at the same time; particularly seeing everyone continue to get further and further involved in deals with Mr Gold, I’m very curious about where that will all end up, since he appears to have just as much of a hold over Storybrooke as Regina does.

As far as our characters go, I’m still really loving Regina/The Evil Queen’s involvement. Every episode seems to build on her sinister and vindictive persona. I really loved the big revelation of her secret tryst with Sheriff Graham, too. It’ll be interesting to see how this will affect Emma when she becomes a Deputy. While we're on the subject, I really liked Emma's stories this week. The series is definitely doing a great job of what I'm assuming is painting her as a heroine, and they applied her heroine identity cleverly to such a seemingly stand-alone story beautifully.

It may seem like I was being a bit too negative about this one in comparison with the others, but I actually liked it a lot, and some of the alterations were actually genius and it tied in beautifully with Emma’s guilt at having given Henry up 10 years ago, but I’d like these stories to hold some of the magic of their source material counterparts a little more for this whole thing to work.


I love the fact that Snow and Cinderella are gal pals. It’s funny how easily this show has blended all these individual stories into one big universe.

Cinderella goes by Ella in popular circles...

He Said, She Said

Emma: “I know what it’s like, everyone loves to tell you what you can and can’t do, especially with a kid. But ultimately whatever you’re considering doing, or giving up; the choice is yours.”

Snow: “You showed that anyone can change her life.”

Regina: “People don't change; they only fool themselves into believing they can.”

Mr Gold: “Are you willing to make a deal with me.”
Emma: “What do you want?”
Mr Gold: “Oh, I don’t know just yet. You’ll owe me a favour.”

3 out of 4 dark contracts.

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  1. I think the last episode was a bit too romance-y but this is back to form for the series. Hopefully we will get more Regina next time!

  2. I hate what they did with Cinderella. But since she is also one of my favorite fairy tales, I wonder if I am just being too protective??

  3. I didnt like this episode as much as the previous ones but i liked how they combined cinderella with the miller's daughter story.. and any change that means more Rumplestiltskin is a welcome change :)

    I also loved the end... Henry's deadline... running on the stairs and leaving a shoe behind.. the Prince coming with a pair of shoes and Ella responding they fit perfectly...!!!

    I guess I am a sappy lil girl at heart...

  4. Rewatching this as part of my quarantine playlist, and wow I forgot what an annoying brat Henry was.


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