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Roswell: Blood Brother

“How long do you think you can keep something like this a secret before it all blows up in your face?”

'Blood Brother' appropriately ties all of the various plots that were introduced during the past few episodes around this one personal catastrophe. Max’s accident spurs a series of events that forces Liz to confront yet another consequence of her involvement with him, causes Topolsky to get closer than ever to the aliens’ secret; and for everyone to realise the gravity of the situation they’re in.

In almost every series there’s one character that doesn’t really get a huge role, is relegated to background 90% of the time, but someone who also changes all the other characters’ lives in different, equally profound ways. In Roswell, that character is Alex (Colin Hanks). He’s someone who immediately inspired a strong fan fallowing, and deservedly so. In 'Blood Brother' he represents the massive lie that Liz has been living, and unlike Maria, he hasn’t been privy to this life changing secret, a secret that has changed Liz as a person, and in Alex’s eyes, as a friend.

There’s harshness and coldness to Alex’s treatment here. He’s been brushed off for the past few weeks, been accused of theft, and has lost two of his closest friends. It’s a horrible position to be in, and to be asked to lay his own fate on the line for people who treat him like a doormat is more than a little aggravating. This episode makes it easy to side with Alex, and to see why there’s a reason for Liz to break her agreement with Max and his alien brethren, and let people in.

Along with Alex, a lot of the obstacles that these guys face don’t necessarily total pure evil, falling somewhere in that morally grey area that Sheriff Valenti (strangely absent this week) resides in. After Toploskly was ousted, she mentioned that they didn’t just help themselves. It’s a moment of forewarning that’s both strange and scary, and gives the show even more fuel for further exploration.

'Blood Brother' is a nice break from the heavy alien mythology of the past few weeks, that takes apart all of the internal dynamics of Roswell in a fun and exciting way.


This episode really slammed into gear from the start. That part with the car crash coming off the back of this serene, peaceful, happy moment with Max was disturbing.

Maria’s “Mom, I told you to stop calling me” line was hilarious. Delfino has a knack to comedy, I’ll give her that. Although, her hair is looking way better this week.

“The B-Team”: That’s harsh Kyle. It’s even harsher for Alex that Kyle didn’t even buy into the idea of him not knowing.

Maria and Michael’s differing version of events were cute. I love those two together, even if Michael’s a cheap, tasteless douche.

He Said, She Said

Alex: “Great new friends you’ve made, Liz.”

Alex: “What are you people hiding?!”

Liz: “I swear to you I am on the right side.”

Toploskly: “If you think you’ve just helped yourselves, you’re wrong.”

3 out of 4 blood samples

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  1. My heart broke for Alex in this episode, but I cheered when he did the right thing at the end. I do hope that the Scoobies let him into their secret soon. He would be a good ally for them.

    Speaking of which, Toploskly's parting shot gave me chills. I'm not sure if I believe her, but I might. I hope the kids haven't burned someone who might have helped.


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