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Doux News: July 22, 2012

This week: A little bit more about Comic-Con -- The Emmys and Mister Spock -- Summer shows -- New shows -- This week in casts -- This week in cats, and other items presented without (much) comment -- Comment of the week

I didn't follow every last tittle and bit coming out of Comic-Con. Does that make me a bad person?

But I loved the above photo (which I got from my friends at True-Blood.net, the best True Blood site on the web, and I'm not saying that just because they carry my episode reviews).

And as a Supernatural fan, there was one particular clip I enjoyed the most. It's Misha Collins, Jim Beaver and Mark Sheppard talking about what they'll be doing in season eight without actually giving anything away. Not an easy feat.

As I'm sure I've mentioned before, I used to go to a terrific con back east almost every year (let me give Shore Leave a plug) before I moved to southern California. Every year, I've sort of hit myself that I haven't gone to Comic-Con. And then there was a recent thread in our suggestion box, and reader Jencat posted her sad story, and I realized that the time to attend Comic-Con has passed. It's just gotten too big and too commercial, and that's not me.

The Emmys and Mister Spock

I don't have much to say about the Emmys that Mark Greig didn't already say quite well. Interestingly, though, and with commendable loyalty (there's a reason I still love this guy), Leonard Nimoy has weighed in about the lack of Fringe nominations. He posted on Twitter, "Shouldn't be so surprised about Fringe. Emmy has given short shrift to Star Trek for 46 years. Amazing. LLAP." Several sites picked up on his comments, including TV Line.

Summer shows

Alphas and Warehouse 13 return tomorrow! Drnanamom is catching up on season one Alphas reviews, and she'll be ready. And after completing reviews of the entire run of Eureka last week, Jess Lynde will be reviewing this season of Warehouse 13.

Breaking Bad and True Blood, the two summer shows I review, are now competing with each other. Don't you hate it when that happens? (At least they both run more than once during the week.) True Blood appears to be doing fine, though. And so does Breaking Bad, since the premiere of season five was their most-watched episode ever.

New shows

It feels like summer just arrived, but fall is coming so quickly!

Here's an interesting Youtube clip of Eric Kripke talking about the premise of his new fall show, Revolution. This is the one I'm waiting for and hoping against hope that it won't turn out to be FlashForward or The Event.

Ron Moore of Battlestar Galactica fame has chosen a new project, too. He's hoping to sell a series based on the Outlander novels by Diana Gabaldon. I've read most of them, although to be honest, book five sort of lost me and that's when I stopped. But as far as story potential goes, it's got a lot of good stuff -- terrific characters (especially the female lead), a great star-crossed love story, time travel, World War II, 18th century Scotland. Could be terrific. If it happens.

This week in casts

Okay, so her guest arc on Chuck wasn't all we hoped it would be. I think Chuck as a whole was in mid-fizzle, so it wasn't her fault. At any rate, Linda Hamilton will be playing a badass on season three of Lost Girl, which I heard somewhere will start airing next January. And by the way, if you aren't watching Lost Girl, you might want to give it a try. See, it's about this succubus who works with her quirky sidekick best friend as supernatural detectives, sort of. Which just sounds ridiculous, but the two female leads and the supporting characters are terrific, the episodes are always enjoyable, and the whole thing is somewhat Whedonesque.

This week in cats, and other items presented without (much) comment

Cute cats take over the world! You like lolcats, I like lolcats... well, maybe you don't like lolcats. But they're here, they're cute, get used to it!

Okay, maybe I should start again. Ahem.

Salon did an article this week about the Internet Cat Video Film Festival, and what it might mean as an example of internet art and shared experience. Apparently, the Salon writer thought that it was interesting as a cultural phenomenon but ultimately ridiculous and pointless. Personally, I wouldn't go to Minneapolis to attend, but I love the way the internet is changing things.

Joss Whedon is exhibiting yet more proof of his enduring coolness. He's starring in a video "Written by a kid", in this case, a five-year-old Brett Baligad.

There is a Lego version of The Wire. A Lego version. Of The Wire.

Comment of the week

My favorite comment this week was by Tricksterson on J.D.'s review of the Falling Skies episode "Homecoming". Although I should add that if you haven't been watching the series, the comment might not make much sense. And if you plan to watch Falling Skies at some point, it might spoil you in a very silly way.

Finally, thanks so much to Josie Kafka and Jess Lynde for writing Doux News for the past few weeks while I was immersed in catching up with Breaking Bad. They were both awesome. But then again, they always are.

That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. Do anyone intends to review Teen Wolf?

  2. Not yet, Johan. Sorry about that. I hear it's gotten pretty good -- is that true?

  3. Oh yeah.

    First season cant compare to what has haeppend this season. The amount of clues and plots are amazing, almost like Harry Potter in planning.

    It reminds me of the first seasons of Supernatural withouth the filler episodes. Also reminds me of Supernatural first seasons is that so far very few knows about it.

  4. Ooh, I got a namecheck in Doux News :o) (mostly for being a sad sack and whining, but hey, namecheck!)
    I have to admit my friend and I do keep talking about whether there would be a fun way to do Comic-Con again, now that Twilight and Potter are over, and it might not be so certifiably crazy,(also I hear they're building an extension to the convention centre) but... it's a big gamble. We'll see.

    Also: seconding the Lost Girl recommendation. The first series is one of my favourite things ever (I watched all 12 eps in about 5 days first time around), even if the second series does lose a bit of the crazy momentum. But, really, the characters are consistently awesome (even if the plots struggle to do them justice occasionally!).

  5. Also jumping in on Teen Wolf.. one of those things that should be irredeemably naff and yet found its feet during the first series to offer up something surprisingly interesting. And the second series has so far been getting better and better. It's far more impressive than anything called Teen Wolf has a right to be, basically!

    Also, they make sure that all of the ridiculously good looking cast are half-naked at least twice per episode. The eyecandy alone makes it worth checking out, but the story may well keep you watching :o)

    As an aside, the new series 2 title sequence is a thing of awesomeness (which the show itself still doesn't *quite* live up to. It's that awesome. I must have watched it a ridiculous number of times of Youtube alone at this point...!)

  6. LMAO for the videos, and Tricksterson's comment as well. Kittens in slow mo look awesome (as do cats in real time) and Mister Whedon as a Swat captain just made my day (after my 4 episodes of Lost)

    YAY for W-13's return tomorrow ! Another highlight for me this month.

    I'd like to point that Leverage restarted last week for it's fifth season. No vampires, no cats, no time travel, no meth lab, no community college, but an excellent show, brilliantly written and acted, with plenty of humor. I have and will continuously recommend(ed) it warmly.

  7. Oh !

    and FYI ? I LOVED both Flashforward and The Event........

    Yes. I did.

  8. Teen Wolf is actually a pretty fantastic show. It has a huge following on Tumblr and the storylines aren't all supernatural and they actually tie in real life consequences of the supernatural verse. Dylan O'Brien is probably one of the best things about the show.

    Even if you don't review it, you should definitely check it out. Tyler Hoechlin is not bad to look at and it's funny, endearing and still has the creepiness factor you need for a supernatural show.

    You even forget that it's MTv and that on some occasions you want to smack Scott in the face with a frying pan for being a little bit slow.

  9. I was so excited when I heard that Ron Moore was involved in the Outlander show. I'm an unbelievably massive Outlander fan (like, in a borderline scary way) and this should be, at worst, a really interesting experiment.

  10. Just to point out that Joss is a "SQUAT" commander. it is an important distinction adding to the general silliness. The episode is quite funny.

  11. This comment has been removed by the author.

  12. Love Lost Girl, Teen Wolf, Warehouse 13, Alphas, among others. :)

    It would be great if you get to review Lost Girl and Teen wolf.

    Have a nice day!


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