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Alphas: Bill and Gary's Excellent Adventure

Gary: “Everyone’s calling me Agent Bell.”

This episode was a lot of fun in many ways. The focus was on character development rather than moving the plot along. There was no new superpower because the enemies were “normal” humans after a quick buck. (Something many “normal” and Alpha humans seem to be about.)

The central story was Bill trying desperately to get his old life back. He uses Gary, almost gets him shot and stonewalls the rest of the team just so he can be the hero and rescue a trapped heiress, Lisa Collier. He knows that if he can find this girl, her powerful father will make the call that will get him reinstated. The kind of narrow vision that is required to do the many stupid things that Bill did seems to be a problem that many law officers suffer from. I was very happy that Bill finally realized what an idiot he was being and focused on the real issue — getting a kidnapped girl home safely.

Bill’s nemesis, Agent Lou Persky, seemed annoying in that officious FBI kind of way but wasn’t really a bad guy. I’m not sure that I would be too keen on someone who broke my clavicle, either. I was glad that Sara Nelson, the security guard gone bad, didn’t kill him. One should not receive a death sentence just for being annoying.

Superpower of the Week

There were no new superpowers this week, which I found interesting. I’m not sure if the writers ran out of ideas one week or really wanted us to focus on the utility of having people with superpowers around when we need them.

The Alpha Team

Gary was the foil for Bill’s obsessive pursuit. He just wants to be helpful and considered one of the team. His lack of social skills also means that he is upfront, honest and very literal. That often makes for funny situations. I worried a bit that when I laughed at/with Gary that I was being inappropriate, laughing at someone’s disability. But I paid close attention this week and it often isn’t Gary I’m laughing at, it’s his insights and his triumphs. He is working so hard to be “normal” that I want to cheer for him when he gets it right or when he catches someone else on the team doing it wrong. He always stayed on task — helping the sad girl he had found. I hope we all knew that Bill would find his way and decide to stay with the Alpha team.

The other interesting development was the relationship between Hicks and Nina. There has been a slow burn there and it was bound to boil up at some time. They make a pretty attractive couple. Having Rachel walk in on them was a great touch. Work romances are problematic in run-of-the-mill offices. This should be interesting.

Nina has bits of her past following her. It made sense that she would keep pushing Detective Kellerman to keep him away from her, but Hicks was right when he urged her to deal with it. Obviously Nina felt responsible for her fiance’s death, so it was good for her to find out that she had nothing to do with it. I wonder if she could actually push someone to kill themselves?

Bits and Pieces

Poor Gary did exactly what he was told to do and it got him arrested. A well trained police officer would know he was dealing with an autistic person. However, Gary at the police station was quite funny. His lack of understanding of the rules makes those rules evident and often highlights how stupid they are.

I really enjoyed Gary's enjoyment of the adventure, particularly his attempt to keep his cover as a data analyst, which he then quickly gave up for the title computer genius.

I also laughed at Gary trying to separate the bits of his burrito. I know people, children mostly, who hate their food touching.


Rachel: “Gary, we’re going to have to run.”
Gary: “No, we just ate, you’re not supposed to run after you eat.”
Rachel: “Gary, please.”
Gary: “No, it’s a medical fact.”

Gary: “Bill, I keep saying that, you need to work on your listening skills.”

Gary: “Bill, Bill, don’t break his clavicle.”

Gary: “I was already arrested today.”

Gary: “DCIS, you don’t have to be scared anymore.”

Bill: “C’mon, you know, why don’t you just say it. Say it, c’mon, I want to hear it.”
Rosen: “What, Bill?”
Bill: (imitating Rosen) “Bill, aw well, you know given the choice you decided to stay, blah, blah, blah, blah, you know, science.”
Rosen: “Sounds like me minus the blah blah. No, Bill, I’m a professional, I can gloat in private.”

Bill: “Gary, brake, BRAKE.”

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