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Nikita: Kill Jill

"Michael, you have no idea how much pain I can take."

The thing I've enjoyed most about Nikita over the course of its two seasons (and don't worry, no spoilers for future eppies here) is the fact that the writers never insult our intelligence as viewers. They ask the obvious questions and they tackle head-on any inconsistencies or plot points that other shows would shrug under the rug.

The fact that Nikki had planted a bug in Birkhoff's tooth as a decoy could have been easily stretched out for around half a season as a deus ex machina to be used whenever convenient. However, the writers choose to unveil this plot point quite early, effectively forcing Nikita and Alex to find some other diversionary tactic to distract Division. Not only does this development succeed in making us worry over Alex's safety, but it avoids portraying Percy and his crew as a gang of bumbling idiots. Impressive.

Unfortunately, the rest of the episode was not as exciting. In fact, it was again much too standalone for my tastes. I appreciated the fact that Jill was painted with more than one dimension (the amusing overeating comes to mind) but I still didn't find myself terribly caught up in her ordeal. Thankfully, Nikita's continued awesomeness and Alex's resourcefulness more than made up for any shortcomings in this week's mission.

Bits & Bullets:

- Absolutely loved Alex instigating a fight with Jayden and getting her ass kicked just so she could get a look inside Operations. Genius.

- Nikita taking out the van with that shotgun? I've died and gone to badass heaven.

- Maggie Q is beyond hilarious as an undercover bimbo whining about her boyfriend. I wish they gave her more aliases to take on.

- The coffee-shop fight was swift and oh so very cool.

- Loved how Alex unknowingly helped Division get to Nikita. And of course her cunningly using Red Bull to save the day.

- Michael vs Nikita is the show's first great one-on-one fight scene. It's stunningly choreographed culminating with our heroine breaking her own arm to escape. Superb.

- Fantastic ending as Nikki swipes the recorder from Jill with a hug, smashes it with her heel, and sexily struts away.

Nikki Notables:

Amanda: I believe that you believe that Birkhoff.
Birkhoff: Great, psychobabble. How much are you charging for this session?

Nikita: How do you know it was cocaine?
College kid: Either that or someone was about to bake a really big cake.

Percy: Last thing we need is another recruit discovering their inner Nikita.

- In the end, this was an enjoyable hour that managed to overcome an average standalone plot with some intelligent long-term developments.

2.5 out of 5 broken arms.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. The fight scenes on Nikita are always really good. And it´s great that Maggie does so much herself. But I hate it when a character hurts himself/herself. I can almost feel the pain and than the noise *shiver*

    Reading your reviews makes me realize how much Nikita got better with time.

  2. Yes I love the fact that Maggie does practically everything. I would always get distracted when I'd spot stunt doubles on Buffy or to a lesser extent Alias. But here it's practically impossible.

    And you're right Nikita improved SO much. It's pretty average at the beginning compared to the epicness it becomes by the time the second season is over. Truly one of the greatest on television at the moment.

  3. You're right on the bull's eye, Nadim.
    Nikita is one of those rare shows where the "bad guys" are intelligent.
    That's one of the reasons why we can let those cool and ridiculous gadgets slide along. hahaha.

  4. Average plot but an episode that becomes a delight to watch due to the action and fight scenes and again, the characters.

  5. Yet another great woman character, however briefly we see her. My cup overfloweth.

    Elmo: The Movie? Loved it! The writers have a sense of humor on top of everything else they are doing well.


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