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Doux News: July 29, 2012

This week: Cool stuff -- New shows -- This week in casts -- This week in cats -- New on Doux

This week in cool stuff

How can you get any cooler than Jean-Luc Picard and Doctor Who carrying the Olympic torch?

Difficult to follow the Olympic torch goodness, but I really enjoyed an article on Salon this week about the power of baldness on Breaking Bad. To baldly go...

John Noble (our beloved Walter Bishop on Fringe) has been taken ill, and Fringe has halted production. Get well soon, John. Leonard Nimoy, who has been vocal about Fringe being Emmy-snubbed, came up with his own awards, and bestowed the first on John Noble. From Twitter:

"John Noble or, as I call him, Noble John, I bestow on you the first annual Nimoy Award. LLAP"

This week in new shows

The Killing has been axed. Mark Greig, who reviewed most of the first season, has been heard to comment, "I was going to say something snarky but I just couldn't be bothered. This show is undeserving of my snark."

With the cancellation of The Killing, AMC has decided to go in a more Walking Dead-like direction with a new show called Area 51, based on a book by Annie Jacobsen. Walking Dead/Terminator/lots-of-other-cool-stuff producer Gale Anne Hurd will be developing the project. I'm looking forward to hearing more about this one.

NBC has decided it's time to jump on the vampire bandwagon with a ten-episode miniseries starring Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) as Dracula, the guy, the count. Okay. We'll see.

This week in casts

Ken Leung will be guest starring on Person of Interest with his former Lost co-star Michael Emerson. Margo Martindale, who rocked the second season of Justified, will also be guesting on Person of Interest.

There were several casting announcements for Once Upon a Time: Sinqua Walls as Sir Lancelot, Sarah Bolger as Sleeping Beauty, and Jamie Chung as Mulan. Emilie de Ravin (Belle) and Meghan Ory (Red Riding Hood) are now series regulars, and yay for that.

This week in cats

Cutest baby-with-cat photo ever.

And who is that baby? It's Keeva, the daughter of Alyson Hannigan and Alexis Denisof. Hannigan posted the photo on her Twitter feed with the caption, "Maybe Keeva isn't a cat person?" As many commenters noted, I see a strong resemblance to a certain Wesley Wyndam-Pryce.

New on Doux

Let's give a big, warm welcome to longtime friend of the site, Juliette! She's visiting from her own site, Pop Classics, where she writes about historical Greece and Rome in pop culture. Juliette will be reviewing Star Trek Voyager and eventually, The West Wing.

(With odd timeliness, StarTrek.com just posted a lengthy interview with Voyager star Robert Beltran (here's part 1 and part 2) where he talks about bunches of things, including how the advent of Seven of Nine kinda sorta wasn't his favorite thing.)

The addition of Voyager to our site immediately sparked discussion in the virtual writer's room about coverage of the other Star Trek serieseses, and yes, we're hoping to cover them, too, or maybe eventually. And why can't Ben P. Duck and I seem to finish our reviews of the original series? Okay, we got distracted by The Prisoner, but we're back on the job, I promise, and will finish those final dozen episodes. We're planning to tackle the Star Trek movies afterward.

That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. I love that Jonathan Rhys Meyers will be back on the small screen after the problems he had following The Tudors. He has definitely the charisma and secrecy to pull this off. A pity this show won´t be on HBO or Starz - the reason is obvious I think ;)

  2. I saw that wonderful tidbit with Patrick Stewart and the Olympic torch earlier in the week, and I was anticipating you would cover it here! I loved that he was included, and how moved he was by the experience.

    Speaking of the Olympics ... NBC's ads for Revolution are doing it no favors. Especially that one with the swords and the horses. Oy. I was trying to convince my husband to check it out this fall after hearing some of the chatter coming out of the Television Critics Association press tour that's going on right now. But after he saw the first few ads for it, he was like, "Yeah, I don't think so."

  3. Can't entirely blamethe baby as the cart has a "Who is this intruder into my realm?" look on its face.

  4. Jess, you are 110% correct. The ads for Revolution make it look like some sort of Hallmark movie version of SF. And cheap, too. Didn't it look cheap?

  5. Wow

    I've just read Juliette's mini résumé, CV as they say over there, and don't be jealous Josie, but she just got a new fan. This blog has a lot of interesting and intelligent people. Fun.

    Noble John. The best compliment from an actor to another one. (and I dreamt about the Fringe cast this morning) (again).

    Awwwww for the baby picture. But you gotta admit that the bootless puss seems annoyed.

  6. Now, I'm going to watch Lost's 2.11 The Hunting Party from my (slowdowned) marathon.

    Engage !

  7. The ads for Revolution look cheesy? NOOOOOOOO! It has such a terrific pedigree. Let it not be so!

  8. Thanks celticmarc! :) And thanks everyone for the lovely welcome. This is a great site and I'm delighted to be part of it.

    Also, Steerpike as Dracula? Awesome.

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

  10. Rhys Meyers as Drac? Should be worth a look. More Ruby on Once upon a time is awesome.. She deserves a few episodes to herself.


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