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Roswell: Into the Woods

“Everyone has their reasons for keeping people away.”

And we’re back to normality. 'Into the Woods' slams us back into alien heritage land as a mysterious sighting givens Max, Michael and Isabel the hope that maybe they’re not as alone in this world as they think. It’s an episode that takes things further by hinting at something bigger on the way, but it’s one that also remembers the more banal lives of these teens at the same time. It’s another fun balance between the ordinary and the extra ordinary, even if it gets a little vague in parts.

One of the most undesirable qualities of the females in this show, predominantly Liz and Maria, is how driven and controlled they are by their feelings for these two strange and socially inept guys. They follow them around like puppy dogs, and though their lousy treatment doesn’t really kick in for another few weeks, it’s a relief to know that they have some desire to live their lives away from them, even if it’s a short lived attempt like it is here. Maria being the outspoken one tries to get Liz to show Max that he isn’t in control of her life, and she can still have fun on her own terms. Liz’s confession of how taken she is by him isn’t quite so desperate and pathetic when we know that she’s given this all-consuming relationship some fore-thought.

The quest for answers reaches a slight turning-point here. It’s one that isn’t all that heavy, or very specific, only re-enforcing their belief of another of their kind out there, the arrival of whom could prove interesting over the coming weeks. This alien hunt played well of Valenti’s own witch-hunt as he attempts to get answers. Kyle takes a break from his position on the lowest point of the titular love triangle to fulfill his role as low-priority baggage for his Dad. It’s a plot that’s a little dull, but it’s also a worthy catalyst to force Jim into confronting his own father, who is in a position that Jim himself is in danger of falling into one day.

I think this is the point where the show has finally fully sunk into its own skin. The characters are all being well utilised, the dialogue is sharp, if a little garish at times, and though some stories are a little more absorbing than others, Roswell’s debut season is still remarkably decent. It’s nice to know that there’s even greater material still to go before the year’s out.


Maria and her water/ice bra should be a regular thing.

He Said, She Said

Hanson: “Here’s your root beer, son.”
Kyle: “Hanson, I’m 16.”
Hanson: “I’m sorry. Here’s your root beer, sir.”

Liz: “Contrary to what some people may think, gum is not a dental hygiene alternative.”

Maria: “You can’t let go of him, can you?”
Liz: “I don’t want to.”

2.5 out of 4 alien sightings

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