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Breaking Bad: Bug

Skyler: "Maybe you could start thinking about an exit strategy?"
Walt: "I'm working on it."

When I first saw the title of this episode, I wondered if it was going to be a sequel to "Fly." I suppose if you're talking about some small thing (the bug on Jesse's car) representing a much bigger issue, then it sort of is.

Gus made his next move, and wow, it was a smart one. He managed to divide and conquer the gruesome twosome by treating Jesse with respect and enlisting his help in the war with the Cartel. The big question is, can Jesse recreate Walt's formula? If he can, Gus will kill Walt. If he can't, Jesse could be in serious danger. Either way, it's all bad news.

I thought Jesse again showed some serious bravery, facing Gus down and saying how come you're treating me like a buddy now when a month ago, you were ready to kill me? Jesse went to Walt for help and advice at exactly the worst possible time -- when Walt had just caught him in a lie. Walt was so nasty that I wasn't surprised that it devolved into a somewhat comical but ultimately uncomfortable fist fight. Which Jesse won. He's young and has probably been in a few, so that wasn't surprising.

(While I'm talking about courage, Gus is sort of amazing. Walking right out into a hail of bullets and opening his arms? Wow. Walt showed some nerve, too, calling the cops on Tyrus while looking him right in the eyes.)

Of course, Skyler's problem with Ted and the IRS was somewhat parallel to Gus, Jesse and the Cartel. Ted, the idiot, had no idea what to do about his IRS audit. Skyler showed up with bangles and cleavage and a ton of make-up and did an extremely convincing and fun to watch dumb blonde act that got Ted off the hook. Except Ted has no assets and no way to pay the $617,000 he owes. I despise Ted. I bet Skyler does too, at this point.

Please don't tell me Skyler is going to give him the money she has under the house? Geez. Walt will have a cow. (I've said that a few times, haven't I? But he will.)


-- Red circles, and circles in general, were definitely a theme. There were lots of drips of blood and the sun being blotted out by them, as well as circles of light on the floor at Jesse's house. We also got broken glass again (Walt's glasses).

-- Gus again had a guest for dinner, and his family wasn't there. That's odd. Could he have been lying to Walt about having a family?

-- Jesse likes the TV show Ice Road Truckers.

And pieces:

-- Hank now knows about the chicken ranch. Mike sounded out Jesse about killing Hank, and Jesse responded with, "who cares what I think?"

-- Wow, is Hank in a good mood these days, or what? He was even singing. It was nice to see him getting along with Marie again.

-- Walt was just smoking in order to see if Jesse still had the poison, right? He's not really smoking, is he?

-- Mike has had it with Walt. He told Walt if he called the cops on "one of my guys" again, he should get two barrels. Does Tyrus work for Mike? I thought Tyrus worked for Gus.

-- Skyler mentioned getting Junior a nice used car for his birthday. I doubt that Junior will be happy with anything she gets him at this point.


Marie: "See, I knew it. Mineral show is just some sort of guy code for strip club."
If only it were that simple.

Hank: "Chicken-slinging son of a bitch."

Hank: "A guy this clean's gotta be dirty. What's the play here, buddy? How do I get this guy?"
Walt: "Yeah. how?"

Jesse: "Don't you have enough cancer already?"

Jesse: "I said I'd do it. I'll do it."
Walt: "What does it matter? We're both dead men, anyway."

Skyler: "You want me to uncook your books?"

Walt: "Is this going to be a regular thing now? Meth cooking and corpse disposal?"

IRS auditor: "Quicken. You used Quicken to manage books for a business this size?"
Skyler: "I did. Oh, do you guys use that here? Because it is the best. It's like having a calculator on your computer."

Three out of four aerodynamic GPS devices,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. Great episode! Great Review! Your almost there Billie!

  2. I hurt whenever someone calls Jesse worthless. At this point, Jesse and Mike are the only characters I like.

  3. Hank singing "Eye of the Tiger" sounds like me singing "Eye of the Tiger." I'm convinced Jensen Ackles is the only person who knows all those lyrics.

    Oh, and, from the way Walt was smoking, I'm going to say he's definitely not a smoker.

  4. Billie, you forgot Jesse's quote "What if their cooking equipment is in Mexican?"


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