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Alphas: Alpha Dogs

Kat: “You’re Alpha secret agents, right?”

Sometimes I can’t decide whether I love or hate this show. As soon as I saw the “fight club” premise, I groaned. Not that I don’t like Fight Club, it’s an interesting movie with deep questions about the nature of modern masculinity and the problems with “civilization” but I am getting pretty sick of seeing it everywhere. And it often loses the subtleties and subversiveness that came with the book and the movie. That was certainly the case here although perhaps the writers just hoped that the audience brought those pieces with them. I’m just not a fan of people beating the crap out of each other for fun and enjoyment especially if it means people get killed. In any case, the fights do bring Bill and Kat together and consequently Bill learns to let go and let his ability become a part of him. I’m not sure this is necessarily a good thing as an overabundance of testosterone hasn’t really ended up producing good things. Isn’t there some other way that Bill and Kat could have met?

In a somewhat disjointed manner we also met a well-dressed man and woman who are gathering Alphas for experimentation. I wasn’t sure if the man who organized the fights was working with them or not. What is evident is that they are not above killing Alphas or as Rachel says, treating them like animals. Are they government or private entrepreneurs? I imagine we might be seeing more of them.

This Week’s Superpower

This week we were introduced to another bunch of abilities. There’s Ivan Basovich who can spit acid and Jack Duffy who can make electricity. They are both dead now. There is a rubber man who is so flexible that he bends if you punch him. And there is a man who can mess with your eyes so that you see double or triple and can’t actually see him. The fighters all seemed to be from Building 7 at Binghamton.

Our Alpha Team

We got two new members for our Alpha team this week. John Bennett is the new tactical lead for the team. I’m not sure what that is but I think it means he is replacing Clay and it most definitely means a love interest for Rachel although I could have kicked him when he shot her down about having dinner. Of course it is important to remain professional but he doesn’t have any idea how difficult it was for Rachel to ask him. Kat is going to be a fun addition. She is young and spunky and has an interesting ability. She can learn anything - mentally and physically, very quickly. The downside is that she only has a month long memory span. I can’t wait to see her and Gary together.

Gary is growing up. I felt terrible for his mother. It is difficult enough as a mother to let your children leave but when they have challenges that set them apart from what we consider “normal” it is excruciating. She has protected Gary all his life and it has probably been a full-time job. However, I did enjoy watching Gary assert his independence and come up with a very Gary-like solution to the problem of his screaming. Although the screaming is very disconcerting, it is also a very practical way to deal with what must be overwhelming emotions. Maybe we should all scream for 10 seconds between brushing our teeth and having breakfast.

Bill was central in this episode. Kat has helped him find a way to use his ability without the downside but isn’t there always a downside? I’m wondering what that might be now. At the end Bill goes back to the fights. Is he there because he is now addicted to the adrenaline rush of fighting or is he undercover? Hicks is falling asleep at his desk perhaps because he is having too much fun and Rosen is distracted and looking a little rough. Nina was nowhere to be found. I hope she pops up soon. All in all, the team is still fractured and struggling.

The Anti-Alpha Team
(or maybe just Stanton Parrish — what happened to everyone else?)

Stanton Parrish has been around for two centuries and appears to feel that he is a law unto himself. I imagine that 200 years would give you an unusual perspective. He seems patriotic as he has fought in every war and been shot many times but Rosen doesn't seem to think this cancels out any of his bad behaviour. I tend to agree. Parrish sets it up so Rosen can learn about him but he seems disappointed by the conclusions Rosen comes to. The scene in the diner was very interesting. Rosen is talking about his cellular research and says that it gave him an understanding of the whole picture. Parrish gets up and leaves. Was Rosen too close? Was he so off base Parrish didn’t think he was worth his time? Or is he just playing games with Rosen? I’m still wondering about his connection to Dani. Is he her great-grandfather? We are working our way towards a “Lost-like” amount of questions.

Bits and Pieces

I loved the bit where Hicks finally goes to tell Rosen about him and Dani. Of course, Rosen already knows. It was pretty obvious.

As I said before, I really like the music in this show. This week they played bits of my favourite Elbow songs - “Station Approach” from the Album, Leaders of the Free World.

John has a father and two sisters in the army and a brother who is a police officer. I enjoyed he and Rachel connecting over family pressures.

I was worried that Kat was going to seriously injure or kill Bill. She is going to be a bit of a loose cannon.

The use of the pop machine by Bill was brilliant. It “harkened” back to an earlier episode.

Another favourite bit was the exchange between Gary and his mom through the blinds. He still needs her and loves her. That just about made me cry (can you tell I’m a mom?)


Hicks: “Maybe it’s squatters.”
Rachel: “Happy squatters?”

Rachel: “It’s like a spice rack exploded in my face.”

Gary: “I scream so we don’t have to discuss it.”

John: “ I figured while we were on stake-out you should get to at least choose how I smell. That really sounded a lot better in my head.”

Rosen: “So as long as you make my daughter happy you can keep your job here.”

Hicks: “Hey Rocky, try and remember why we’re here.”

Kat: “Stop fighting who you are, just let it go, man.”

1 comment:

  1. I loved the Tarantino reference. More than the episode, in fact.

    This season seems off, but maybe it's intentional. I can say I don't like it as mach as season 1 so far, though. Hope I'm suprised.

    What disappointed me the most was that I loved the cojones the show had to end last season with a world changing revelation. They burned any bridges that could take them to the formula of the first season.

    But season 2 came... and the world is the same. They quickly rebuild a bridge, flimsier than the ones in Indiana Jones. It hasn't convinced me.

    But Gary is a fascinating character. He's annoying and adorable at the same time, and he's responding to the changes around him, not shutting down. He was very mature to move out: he didn't ignore his feelings or his mother's. He'll keep screaming because he needs to, but Mom doesn't need to listen.

    Kat is very small, but next to Bill, it's a wonder they're the same species. And the actress is cute, to, which never hurts.


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