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Nikita: The Guardian

"What do I want? What I want is to empty a clip into your face."

Wonderful. Although I've seen both of Nikita's seasons, I've been pleasantly surprised during my rewatch by how impressively the show evolved during its first season.

First off, I really appreciated the writers' efforts to add to the mythology by integrating the black boxes and the Guardians. Both are very intriguing concepts that only add to the show's awesome evolution. Moreover, the introduction of Owen was an undoubted success. Devon Sawa is a charismatic presence to be sure, and I loved Nikita seeing herself in him and wanting to help him escape Division.

Alex's adventures continue to be quite compelling as it's always a thrilling treat watching her fend for herself inside enemy lines. Tom on the other hand doesn't interest me in the slightest and has proven to be quite the useless character. Sadly, the actor was just as irritating on Revenge.

And finally, that ending was superb with Nikita and Alex both lying to each other about unexpected complications culminating in the reveal of a wounded Owen in Nikita's bed. Brilliant.

Bits & Bullets:

- I really loathe the horrible title credits font. I'm so glad they change it eventually because it's embarrassing and cheesy.

- Alex eavesdropping during sit-ups - innovative!

- I love how effortlessly Nikita slips into other personas from the stained-glass shopper to the wronged girlfriend. Maggie Q is so underrated (and hilarious).

- Excellent fight between Nikki & Owen in the classroom.

- Love Alex obtaining Birkhoff's fingerprints and sneaking into Percy's office. Not to mention helping Nikita find Percy. Quite effective that one.

- Emily getting shot out of the blue was fantastic.

- Birkhoff was quite slimy trying to get Jaden to take the fall for what he did.

- I really enjoyed seeing Owen kick Roan's ass. The latter just makes my skin crawl (in a good way).

- Percy looked like quite the terminator with that big-ass rifle.

Nikki Notables:

Nikita: Percy never moves into the field. Pretty sure he takes vacations in Logistics.

Nikita: (In disguise) The man could not keep it in his pants if it was tied to his zipper, you know what I'm saying?

Birkhoff: Wow snappy banter, you should really write for reality TV.

Nikita: That's the difference between you and me Percy. You'll kill anyone at any time. I don't waste life.

- Thrilling and expertly realized, The Guardian is an excellent hour of Nikita.

4 out of 5 black boxes.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. I do like Owen, and I liked how he was introduced. Nice review, Nadim.

  2. Fabulous review. I'm rewatching Nikita as you post your reviews. Like you said, it's even more impressive in retrospect.

    Great episode, but Bianca Lawson was lifeless in her role. She took me out of every scene she was in.

  3. Thanks guys! Glad you're enjoying them!

    I just realized Bianca Lawson was Kendra in Buffy! I knew she seemed familiar! Anyways you're right she didn't seem to have much presence in this one! At least she went out with a bang :)

  4. I think you´re right. Adding the black boxes and the guardians was a great move and helped to move away from just having the plain old cases of the week.

    I love Owen/Devon Sawa and especially his chemistry with Nikita/Maggie Q. But his presence always makes me think that his charisma/chemistry outshines that of Shane West. I like Owen´s story and the evolution of his relationship with Nikita.

    I´m totally with you regarding Thom. The writers didn´t know what to do with his character, same with Jaden.

    Hmm, now I have to watch the title credits again to see if you´re correct :)

  5. I finally began watching this show because someone on this site began to review it. I didn't like the pilot and thought it was a wannabe-Alias, but by this time in the first season I could feel myself beginning to get sucked in. Great episode. Owen is a great character, and I'm glad Nikita's circle of allies is beginning to grow.

    I'm now halfway through season one of Nikita and am fully addicted. So thanks for reviewing this show, Nadim. You're reviews are great and I can't wait till you're all caught up so I can hear your thoughts on the stellar twists and turns that occur throughout the season.

  6. Miguel,

    Your opinion is a very refreshing one to hear. You see when I started watching the show last year, I thought the same exact same thing: it felt too much like an Alias-wannabe. (and I so wanted a replacement for Alias which has always been my one true love).

    Without spoiling anything, I believe it was "All The Way" that finally made the show epic so I can't wait to get to that. And of course, the second half of season two finally brings the show to Alias levels of awesomeness if not better (because Nikita is not bogged down by the sci-fi stuff that frequently weakened Alias).

    Thank you for reading and enjoying the reviews. It's nice to know I'm getting other people invested in it!
    I'll try to continue rewatching and reviewing the season fast! If I don't catch up to you, you can find my season 2 reviews on my blog for the time being (as I'd like to hear your thoughts)

    Thanks again Miguel!

  7. Nadim, it was all the way that fully convinced me of the shows epicness as well. That episode had me riveted ad glued to my seat, and there's one particular moment with Nikita in chains (Trying not to spoil it) that made me officially love her character and proved her to be the badass that the characters regarded her as. I can't wait gi you get to that episode as well

  8. Read my mind Miguel. That moment in chains is what converted me too!!! I intend on devoting practically my entire review of that episode to that one, iconic, goosebumpy moment!

  9. This episode is awesome and I love the introduction of Owen and his chemistry with Nikita.
    Just like the first time I watched it, this show is surprising me again and it´s a very pleasant rewatch.

    btw, it was the next episode, Resistance that sealed the deal for me.

  10. Just FYI -- Bianca Lawson was also Emily Bennett in The Vampire Diaries, another role she didn't do very well in. Guess it's a good thing she's so pretty...

    I actually like the character of Thom. I think he adds another interesting layer to the Nikita/Alex relationship. Nikita has her odd relationship with Michael; Alex has hers with Thom.

    Now, Jaden on the other hand just irks me. As Alex is, by definition of what she is doing, already in so much danger, I'm not sure why the writers felt as though she needed such an antagonist.


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