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Nikita: Coup de Grace

"Don't underestimate people. All they really want is someone to believe in them, someone to fight for what they want."

After a slew of arc-heavy episodes, it's a bit weird to have such a standalone hour in the middle of the season. Nevertheless, I can't deny that it was still highly enjoyable. I just wish it did more to advance the season's various arcs.

One thing this episode did quite well was convey just how efficiently Nikita and Alex can work together on the outside. Alex was particularly resourceful and that was just a joy to watch. It cements just how impressive she is and why Nikita gives her so much responsibility.

Still, the whole Prince Eric-Christina stuff was just way too fluffy and disposable for a show such as this one. I'll allow it because Nikita has been on a roll lately but I really don't like it when we have to waste time on episodes such as this one.

Nevertheless, Coupe De Grace did have one long-term development that was plain awesome: Michael now seriously suspects Alex. I love that they didn't ignore how worried Alex looked when she answered Nikita's call during the mission and Michael caught it on the security camera. Any other show would have easily ignored that to help the plot move along. But again, Nikita doesn't belittle its audience and that's what makes it so great.

Bits & Bullets:

- I really don't like the love triangle undertones with Michael, Nikki, and Alex sometimes. It was probably a CW suggestion.

- Love that they didn't waste any time revealing that Princess Christina is the one behind the hit.

- Nikita with the samurai sword was beyond badass. God I love Maggie Q.

- Brilliant Alex thinking on her feet and breaking Leela's finger instead of killing her to get Nikki's attention.

- Awesome moment as Alex punches Christina to "sell the act."

- It was pretty darn cool how Nikki disguised herself as FBI to escape the building.

- Nikki giving Alex a glass of milk as she drinks wine: epic! Seriously adorable ending.

Nikki Notables:

Alex: (To Michael) Done making this place Nikita-proof?

Prince Eric: People in love don't try to kill each other.
Nikita: Are you serious?

Nikita: It's okay, I've had worse.
Prince Eric: From doctors or other men?

- Slightly underwhelming, but a nonetheless entertaining standalone episode of Nikita.

3 out of 5 glasses of milk.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. It´s only a good episode and Nikita has done and will do better. But still, I enjoyed this episode even more this time around.

  2. Agree that it's not the strongest episode, but I love watching Alex on the outside. But, I must admit that I thought the milk was a tad twee -- the woman is 19, after all, and she is seriously badass. A glass of wine wouldn't kill her.


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