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Nikita: One Way

"I knew you'd gone rogue, I didn't know you'd gone delusional."

A bit of backstory on Michael was a long time coming and this hour did not disappoint. It gave the character some much-needed dimensions and further complicated Nikita's dynamics and mythology.

The revelation that Michael was married, with a daughter no less, was an undeniably interesting one. The flashback with his family dying in a explosion was pretty darn heartbreaking and Shane West sold it like nobody's business. After a slew of episodes where all he had to do was grunt and frown, this hour allowed West to really showcase his formidable range. I was also impressed by the fact that Kassim wasn't painted as a one-dimensional villain. It's too easy to do that with one-shot guest stars, but he showed genuine regret for taking away Michael's family, which was a welcome development.

Moreover, I absolutely loved Nikita and Michael working together on the op. They have a wonderful, playful dynamic that just pops off the screen anytime they're on. And that final call as she begged him not to go through with the murder was just excellent. And of course, her getting him detained at the airport was genius. Always thinking on her feet that one.

Finally, I have to mention that visually, this episode more than any that have come before, was just a stunning piece of film. You'd never think this was a CW show as it looked like a feature-length picture and that's an achievement of monumental proportions.

Bits & Bullets:

- Seriously, no cameras in the infirmary? I'm glad the doctor suspected Alex or things would have been way too easy.

- What was the point of the in media res opening if we got to it within 7 minutes? It's not like it was was that exciting. Pretty pointless and stupid if you ask me.

- Awesome moment with Alex injecting the doctor and knocking him out.

- Maggie looked particularly smoking in that dress (as always). And she plays the drunken floozy well.

- Loved the visual of Nikita kicking ass through Michael's sniper rifle.

- The cinematography during the outdoor fight scene was gorgeous.

- I am beyond impressed by Nikita's fight choreography. Loved Maggie throwing the empty gun in the guy's face and then flipping her way to a beatdown.

- Hmmm, water-boarding. That's always a treat.

- Alex setting up Jaden in exchange for her help in getting rid of the Doctor was pretty darn clever.

- Nikki getting herself a police car: too cool as always.

- I got goosebumps when Michael gave Nikita that chilling look at the end after she got him subdued.

- Percy pitching Division to Michael in the flashback was so convincing I practically wanted to sign up myself.

- Stunning ending with Nikki telling Alex that she found Michael and then she lost him.

Nikki Notables:

Nikita: I saved your life.
Michael: Then I saved yours.
Nikita: Great. Co-dependent relationship.

Michael: Because I am still Division and you're still
Nikita: Nikita.

Ahmed: Where I come from, this is like mother's milk.
Nikita: I'd hate to meet your mother.
Ahmed: She was an icy bitch.

Nikita: Revenge is not the answer.
Michael: Excuse me, is this Nikita talking?

- Another exhilarating and surprisingly touching hour from a solid debut season.

4 out of 5 Michael daggers.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Yes, the Michael backstory was overdue and much needed to connect with the character. I liked that the writers kept the difficult family situation, but took a different approach than LFN.

    I appreciated that the writers didn´t go full force with the love story and left Nikki and Michael with a conflict although they worked together so well and felt the chemistry between them. The way Nikita supported and understood Michael but tried to save him from doing something stupid, was really touching. Seeing them working together despite being enemies at the moment was a great way to make the viewer understand their chemistry and different attitudes.

    My problems with the Alex story in season 1 was that it always was too easy and made division look like fools.

  2. This show's action sequences never seizes to amaze me. The choreography is mostly original and excellent.

    Good review, as usual, Nadim.

  3. They really keep topping themselves with every episode. And I swear it's so hard to spot Maggie's stunt double because she does practically everything! So darn impressive.

  4. Great episode as I love, love to watch Michael and Nikita work together.

    About the final scene, I believe that Michael now knows that he can trust Nikita and he is lying to Percy. And this is something that I believed from the start, from my first watch when I didn´t know what was gonna happen. The writers left that vague and ambiguous and it was a great choice.

  5. I loved this episode! The dynamic between Nikita and Michael just leapt off the screen and I love how ambiguous the ending was.

    Michael's backstory was heartbreaking. I'm sure that part of his conflict with Nikita is a direct result of telling his wife that there would never be another woman. Imagine saying that just seconds before your wife dies. That's the kind of thing that haunts.


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