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Lost Girl: Lachlan's Gambit

Bo: "I really gotta do this, don't I? This is on me, isn't it?"
Kenzi: "Yes, it is. But we have all got your back Bo. From a very, very safe distance."

After last week's excellent episode, this one felt a little disjointed. Perhaps it is because all the events didn't start in this episode, and none of them ended, either. That's a problem inherent in bridge stories, and it takes a real depth of skill to overcome that obstacle. Which is sort of unfortunate, because we lost two big characters in this episode. And neither of their deaths had the impact they should have had.

Both Ciara and Lachlan chose to sacrifice themselves for Bo, and it made me like their characters a bit more than before. However, Ciara returning felt like she was tagged with a big 'I'm here to die' sign. At least Dyson got a chance to spend a bit of time with her at the end. And at least Dyson was suddenly himself again. Maybe the writers realized that making him a giant asshat was a bad idea. But I didn't like the group hanging their hats on Dyson's plan, when he is admittedly kind of messed up and might not be interpreting things properly, or at least empathically. I can see how he heard "your role will be significant" and believed that meant he was the chosen one.

I also thought there was some minor character assassination. They all abandoned Lachlan, who is not exactly the nicest guy, but is the only one that can supposedly kill a Garuda (with his venom). Someone, like Kenzi, should've mentioned that to the group. They also had Trick torture that Mole Fae, admittedly the creature was a traitor and they are at war, but does that justify his actions? I did like how Trick used the favor owed to him by the Mole Fae to pull the Garuda underground. But what happened to the Garuda? Is he dead?

The stuff with Lauren initially rubbed me the wrong way. I thought her mood shifts towards Bo were inexplicable. Then I thought about it, and realized that she was probably angry at herself and projecting it onto Bo. They were both complicit in Nadia's death, but neither of them seemed to have another choice in the moment. I guess that's why Lauren showed up on Bo's doorstep for comfort. Bo might be the visible instrument of Nadia's death, but she's also someone that Lauren clearly loves. I can't imagine that kind of emotional conflict, talk about inner turmoil.


I get the idea that they have to make the Garuda think that he's won, which makes Lachlan's sacrifice more noble. It just feels off that they didn't rally behind the Ash from the beginning, and coordinate the assault properly.

Dyson and Ciara's pillow talk felt like a nice goodbye scene for her character. I also liked Ciara stepping in to protect Bo and Kenzi -- it felt like the right beat for her character to end on. But Dyson pausing in mid-battle to cry over Ciara's body really broke the tension of the moment. If he had time to mourn the dead, then maybe things weren't so dire.

The group appearing at Trick's bar to save the day seemed a little convenient. Ciara showing up was one thing, but Hale coming into the bar at the exact right moment was too much of a stretch.

Kenzi touching Hale's face after the bar fight with the Berserkers, and her reaction when she hurt him were priceless. Again demonstrating why she is my favorite character.

So Nadia was an unwilling spy. That explains what happened to her. Sort of.

How does the Garuda instill loyalty in his minions when he kills them with such little provocation? I guess he buys his henchmen at the same place every evil mastermind get their guys, at the 'I'm okay with being a punching bag and killed when I fail' store.

All the new second season recurring characters are dead now, except for Ryan and Nate.

The Garuda is a fire eagle. I think I liked the Garuda better when it was possessing Nadia. I thought it was a nice touch when the group started to attack each other verbally, and the Garuda was mouthing the words they spoke.

They brought up Bo's vision from earlier in the season again.

The Mole's name was Alastor Cornish. That's a pretty nice name for such a lowly, foul smelling Fae. Those kind of little details make me truly like this show.


Trick: "What's really disturbing is this: every single snake at the zoo has disappeared."
Bo: "Maybe they're on a plane?"

Hale: "I hate to further break up this song circle, fellas, but at this way station, it's actually a three ass-whupping minimum."

Bo: "Is being a complete tool a requirement at guard college?"

Lauren: "It's in much the same way a person who's having a heart attack often feels a sharp pain in their left arm. It's the brain's way of redistributing the pain so that it's all not concentrated in one area."
Bo: "I love it when you totally geek out."

Kenzi: "This place creeps me out."
Bo: "It's not too late to turn back, Kenz."
Kenzi: "Are you kidding? I've been waiting all day to kill me a Berserker! (stops, screams, and turns brandishing a club at Ceira and Dyson) Ahhh... I'm too cute to die! (They both give her a look.) What? It's true."

Overall, I sort of liked this one. There were some nice moments, but I just think they had too much story to cover. Perhaps they started wrapping up this arc a bit too late in the season.

2 out of 4 Vials of white goo that will maybe kill the Garuda and save the world?

Samantha M. Quinn spends most of her time in front of a computer typing away at one thing or another; when she has free time, she enjoys pretty much anything science fiction or fantasy-related.

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  1. I agree that this episode was uneven and that the character deaths didn't have the impact they should have had. I did love Kenzi staying behind and saving Dyson. And I liked that Dyson was himself again.

    Here's hoping that the last two episodes get back on track.


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