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Nikita: Arising

"If you walk out that door, we will hunt you down."

Although the Cassandra character was handled horribly in the past, I'm pleased to say that her arc here was handled reasonably well and given the appropriate amount of closure.

The writers could have easily resorted to love triangle antics and I'm so glad they didn't because realistically, Nikita and Michael have much more important things to worry about. All three characters dealt with the situation like adults, which was a refreshing change to how most shows would handle it.

Speaking of Michael, he had a touching farewell with Cassandra and Max. I would be fine if we never saw them again, as they unnecessarily complicate things. I'm still not sure it was a good idea to even have them enter the picture earlier in the season, but this episode at least salvaged that misstep.

Alex's storyline wasn't the greatest because I find her mother severely miscast. Moreover, I can't really get behind their relationship as Katya wasn't the most genuine or likable of characters. Thankfully, I doubt we'll be seeing her again anytime soon either.

And finally, Semak's death was completely anticlimactic (particularly in that it wasn't Alex who did the killing) but at least we're through with that lifeless void of a character.

Bits & Bullets:

- Sean calling Cassandra "Belarus Barbie". Ha!

- Nikita saying she's not mother material was heartbreaking.

- Excellent alley fight scene. I particularly loved Nikita giving the thug a hurricanrana (an awesome wresting move).

- Loved Nikki and Michael saving Cassandra.

- Badass moment as Nikki jumps out of the moving car.

- I enjoyed Amanda's brief appearance with the forced contract. Still too little screen-time for her, though.

- Brilliant plan by Nikita to board the plane and fake Cassandra's death.

- Sad scene as Michael bids goodbye to Max and Nikita assures him that he did the right thing.

Nikki Notables:

Nikita: I'm not mother material, Michael.
Michael: Why not?
Nikita: Because... it's FRIDAY and my life is insane!

Nikita: When I was growing up, I thought that any parent that gave their child up was unforgivable. That there would never be a reason or an excuse for it. And now I'm standing here, what you did was an act of grace. You're a good father, Michael.

- Not the most explosive hour of Nikita, but it at least dealt with many of the season's annoying loose ends.

2 out of 5 forced contracts.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Goodbye to Cassandra and Max...please don´t come back.

    I´m totally with you concerning Alex´mother. Don´t like the casting and the relationship between Alex and her is weird. Don´t understand why Alex is so loyal to her after all that´s happened.

    I hoped they would do more with Semak. Somehow I thought he would be more badass and frightening...not such a lovefool wimp who basically was nothing more than an ambitious and jealous rich suit.

  2. This episode was weaker than the string of episodes we´ve been having but I liked how it provided for closure for Michael.


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