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Nikita: Origins

"The level of incompetence around here can be breathtaking. Perhaps we need some cancellations to properly motivate all of you."

I can't praise Nikita's sophomore season enough. It really is one of my all-time favorite seasons of television ever. The second half of the season in particular is a magnificent thrill ride with a sprawling cast of fantastic characters.

Carla in particular has proven to be quite compelling during my rewatch. While I find her phone call to Percy at the end quite annoying, it nevertheless makes a lot of sense given her fanatic and cult-like obsession with saving Division. She possesses a creepy conviction that makes her a worthwhile addition to the cast as she brings out a different side to all of our characters. Moreover, the multiple flashbacks of her interactions with Percy and Amanda were highly enlightening, as well as the insight into the creation of Division which in Carla's mind really was never meant to be used for evil.

I'm also loving Amanda and Ari's evil partnership. Both characters are surprisingly quite likable and it's interesting to discover that they both want to flee and be together (with Zetrov's money, no less). It brings a human quality to both of these complex antagonists. I'm also quite fond of the fact that Amanda is obviously quite attached to Alex, as I've always sensed a sinister mother-daughter vibe between the two women (and they have been through a lot together).

Bits & Bullets:

- Amanda torturing Bryan by beating him with chains: insane.

- Birkhoff calling Ari Lord Vordemort was hilarious (and strangely fitting).

- Alex announcing herself at the conference was a wonderful moment.

- Loved Percy referring to Amanda in the flashback as a "rising star in psy-ops".

- Short but very cool fight as Alex fends off her hotel room attacker and stabs him with the needle.

- So Amanda wanted Carla dead because the latter had seen her with Ari. A tad anticlimactic.

- Quite a few people recorded each other saying incriminating things in this one. People really should start watching out for that.

- Loved Birkhoff pointing his gun at Carla all protective of Alex.

- Amanda ordering her agent to save Alex: great moment. She really does love her.

- Nice moment as Michael saves Alex but she has to get into the car with Division.

- Fantastic final speech by Alex about taking back Zetrov.

- The look on Percy's eyes when Carla reveals Amanda and Ari's partnership was priceless.

Nikki Notables:

Alex: It's weird, it feels like I'm going to tell everybody I'm Iron Man or something.

Birkhoff: (To Nikita) I hate to tell you this, but your friend is cuckoo for a certain cereal.

Birkhoff: (To Carla) Which brings us back to: PUT... MY... HARDWARE... DOWN... BITCH!

- "Origins" is an excellent entry from a stunning sophomore season.

4 out of 5 standing kill-orders.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.

1 comment:

  1. I´m the first to comment on this episode!
    Well, it was amazing. All the characters are compelling and we can see that Nikki helping Alex back when stemmed from Carla helping Nikki and stating that someday she (Nikki) will be helping.
    All the flashbacks were well done and I lack the words to describe these amazing last episodes.


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