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Once Upon a Time: The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter

“I’d rather have nothing, than settle for less.”

This episode felt like the perfect way to end Once Upon a Time’s first episodic run. It raised the stakes, revealed some secrets, and ended with some serious heart-break. The show continued its tradition of breaking it this group of unique personalities, by expanding classic ideas of them in new and exciting ways.

It’d be nice if I was shocked at the outcome of this episode, it being such a huge twist and all, but the truth is I wasn’t. Not only because of the constant advertising which indicated that someone would be biting the dust, but because the episode only felt like it was heading one place. The huntsman was such a tragic character, and had little left for himself, in both worlds. It’s a little bit cheating that his role as Sheriff was just so Emma could take the reins, but in reality he made a far bigger imprint on the show than just a passing figure.

The story-telling methods I talked about in the "That Still Small Voice" review were utilised wonderfully again, here. They all seemed to tie together with all that we saw going on in the real world, and managed to let more characters shine than the central huntsman. Regina’s evil crusade still doesn’t have a whole lot of merit, since we haven’t learned what has spurred her hatred of Snow yet, but this episode let us see what a dark place she’s in now, as she sacrifices someone she may very well have cared about (again) in the name of revenge. I loved watching the Regina in the Enchanted Forest transition into more fitting black attire, too. She does have an eye for the dramatic.

Once Upon a Time’s opening arc has been a largely consistent one. The show still has a long way to go before it reaches its full potential, but for the place it’s at now it doesn’t seem too far off track at all, and that's a comforting fact.


The catfight between Regina and Emma was pretty amazing; more of this please, show!

I love watching all this girl talk between Mary Margaret and Emma. You can tell there’s something more going on underneath it.

He Said, She Said

Emma: “There’s nothing wrong with being cautious.”
Mary Margaret: “True. But Emma, that wall of yours; it may keep out pain, but it also may keep out love.”

Regina: “I always felt there were two kinds of people: Wolves and Sheep; those who kill and those who get killed. And you, huntsman, you are most certainly a wolf.”

Snow: “You’re going to kill me.”
Huntsman: “You have good instincts.”
Snow: “And you have too much armour.”

Regina: “You’re leaving me for her.”
Graham: “I’m leaving you for me.”

4.5 out of 5 crushed hearts.

Previously posted at PandaTV.


  1. This one kind of broke my heart! I really liked Graham! After wondering for a while if he was the Wolf, I settled on the Huntsman a few episodes before this one came out. I for one didn't see his death coming! :o(

    Fortunately we'll still get glimpses of him in the Enchanted Forest...

  2. In my opinion, one of the best episodes yet if not the best. I agree with every word and now with people breaing free of the curse there's going to be some DRAMA :D


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