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Dexter: Swim Deep

Dexter: "I didn't want you to drown."
Deb: "You were my hero."

This episode was relatively light and amusing, at least by Dexter standards. And there was actually flirting and sexual tension along with the blood spatter. How about that.

"Harry" was right. Deb was upset and conflicted; her meltdown in the elevator with an explosion of obscenity was marvelous. (They should just mail her her Emmy now.) It's just not in Deb's nature to cover up murders and lie to her detectives – especially Angel – and she's not going to do it any more.

Deb's decision came after she spent a night sharing a cheap motel room with Dexter that had some oddly intimate vibes, even though Dexter (walking around with his shirt off) was completely oblivious. Deb, obviously referring to her feelings for him, muttered, "This is not how I ever imagined spending tonight," and Dexter, not getting it, said, "We've stayed in motel rooms before." It launched them into reminiscing about their childhood vacation at Myrtle Beach, where (symbolism alert) Deb was always chasing Dexter and couldn't catch him because she wouldn't take off her flippers. He'd dive under the waves and "swim deep," out of her reach, while she was stuck on the shore. (Why, when she had the flippers?)

But how practical is it for Deb to just turn a blind eye to Dexter's murders? It can't possibly work. Especially since he just lied to her not once (Isaak), but twice (Hannah); you know it'll come back to bite him. And Deb did just keep Dexter from being outed as the Bay Harbor Butcher. Maria won't stop any time soon. I'm starting to wonder if this is the season Dexter gets caught? If they only have one more season, it would be fascinating if they went that way.

Anyway, I enjoyed the heck out of the scenes with Isaak this time. Loved Isaak's body language while he was lying in wait at Dexter's apartment, and the two exceptionally frank phone conversations between Dexter and Isaak bordered on the flirtatious. (Isaak even called Dexter "Handsome.") Loved Dexter leading Isaak right into that Colombian bar, too. It's this sort of clever plotting and dialogue that got me into this show in the first place. Unfortunately, Isaak believes in eternal vengeance. Dexter will have to find a more permanent solution than prison for Isaak, and he'll have to find a way that won't enrage the Koshka Brotherhood. Hey, Dexter can do it, if anyone can. He's always up for a challenge.

Dexter is also considering a permanent solution for Hannah, who has gotten away with murder. She was outright thrilled that Dexter figured her out, since she's not in danger of prosecution. She so obviously relates killing to sex. Dexter doesn't, but he was definitely flirting with her while they talked about blood and death. Hannah and Isaak are both homicidal and both amused with Dexter, and neither of them have any idea what they're dealing with. (Although Isaak's new orange jumpsuit might have him rethinking his earlier approach.)

Bits and pieces:

-- I guess Louis Greene's DNA would be on file. Actually, I assume everyone who works in law enforcement would have DNA and fingerprints on file, if only so that they can eliminate them when working at a scene.

-- Blast from the past with Frank Lundy's notebook. I bet we'll be seeing it again.

-- Loved the "Schooner or Later." Because, schooner or later, Dexter is going to kill Isaak.

-- The son of Philip Barnes, the homicidal wedding photographer, gave Deb and Maria corroboration that Dexter took out someone awful. Is that someone we saw Dexter kill in an earlier season?

-- I was right about Quinn taking a bribe, because he just did. I have a feeling the young woman he's seeing is going to end up dead. They're telegraphing it pretty strongly.

-- Wonderfully hideous motel room that reminded me of the ones on Supernatural. Deb put her own pillowcase over the motel pillow. I do that, too.

-- Back when she was cast, Yvonne Strahovski told reporters that her character was evil. So I knew. She should know better than that.


Deb: "Dex, we are in a storm of fuck."
As I'm typing this, Hurricane Sandy is hitting my home town, Atlantic City, New Jersey, and I'm terribly worried about family and friends back home. Gee, I don't know why "storm of fuck" made me think of that.

Deb: "Why in fuckville are you telling me to meet you in the parking garage?"

Deb: "I need you to promise me something."
Dexter: "What?"
Deb: "That you will never take a case from the police department again. From me. Ever."
Dexter: "Okay."
Deb: "Are you lying to me?"
Dexter: "I don't think so."
Deb: (yelling) "You don't think so? You don't fucking think so?"

Dexter: "First crime scene I ever worked, a woman stabbed her husband after fixing him a sandwich. By the time I got there, he looked like he was asleep, just floating in a sea of red, the sandwich next to his head. Seemed so sad that no one was going to eat it."
Hannah: "Look at us, talking blood and gore like we're on a date sharing our first sexual experience."
Um. Ick.

Deb: "So we're looking for the fucking terminator."
Yes, Isaak was impressive.

I am so enjoying this season. Three out of four schooners,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. "(They should just mail her her Emmy now.)"

    She'd be up against Claire Danes. So not happenin'.

  2. I personally don't think Jennifer Carpenter is doing her best work when she lets lose with the 'f' word. I think it's her interactions with/reactions to Dexter that are more Emmy worthy.

    As long as the sexual tension between them is subtle I'm okay with that aspect of the show. They need to have her express her feelings for him in the right context, or not do it at all. I'd hate to see them run into each other's arms or suddenly be engrossed in each other ala Jimmy Stewart in 'It's A Wonderful Life'.

    Dex killed a photographer in season 4, but his name wasn't Phillip Barnes, and he wasn't a killer. As for Isaak he is a smooth possibly gay operator, a true villain for Dexter to battle against, I'm very happy with the Big Bad for this season so far.

    Anyway, I was riveted by this episode, it wasn't a four out of four, like the first two, but it was very good.

  3. Yvonne never said her character was evil, she said she has dark past, which she repeated few times since then. And we already knew it from the get go. (and if you heard something like that, pls show the source).

    The only time we heard evil phrase, was when Ausiello said to her, he heard her character was evil, but she never admitted to it.

  4. I don't like being told to "show the source", but this is the Comic-Con coverage back in July that I read. Will this do?


  5. Yeah, this is an interview I told about in my previous post, but it's not her who said Hannah is evil, but Ausiello and she tried to dance around the subject. And he didn't find out from her, but from other sources.

  6. Then apologies to Ms Strahovski. I remember reading that she gave it away, but I guess it was Ausiello's fault, somehow?

  7. Another GREAT performance by Jennifer C. ! Although I laughed during the elevator scene.

    Quoting you : "They should just mail her her Emmy now." Hum, make sure there are at least half a dozen in the box. SOB, I'll even pitch in !

    (And the Academy should mail Josie a new laptop, but this is a different story.) (SOB)

    Personal thought : the way it is going this season, I am indeed convinced that Dexter WILL be caught, and it will end tragically for him (and now Deb also). But we'll continue this part of the conversation after the 12th episode. And the title of said episode on a nameless web site seems to indicate that I'm wrong...we'll see in due time.

    Quoting you a 2nd time : "I am so enjoying this season." Ditto. Big time.

    Oh crap, hope is well with your relatives over there.

  8. Oh wow.

    One neighbouring town to your home place is called Pleasantville. Same name of one of my top ten US movies.....

  9. "Quoting you a 2nd time : 'I am so enjoying this season.' Ditto. Big time."

    Quoting a quote, huh? How original. I wonder how I'll top myself after that.

    Anyway, I agree completely with whole review, and I'd like to expand a little on what you said: "This episode was relatively light". "Relatively" is the operating word here. This episode was packed: Dex confronted the Big Bad, had him caught, confronted him again, was almost caught by Laguerta and saved by Deb, they made a deal on how Deb should be involved in Dex's hobbies and that he wouldn't take a case from the police again, he flirted with Hannah and shared a bedroom for a night with Deb. In a weaker season, this would take at least 3 episodes.

    The fact is that this whole season has been packed. This episode was slightly lighter. Wow.

    After we cleared that Ms Strahovski hasn't said her character is evil, I'm still hoping she'll survive the season and stick around. I don't like not having her in at least onje show I watch.

  10. I´m really liking this season and yes it would be interesting to see Dex get caught.

  11. Would be interesting if Dex had to get arrested for him to kill Isaak eh?

  12. The only thing I want for Christmas is for Walter White to survive Breaking Bad, move to Florida and be Dexter's next Big Bad. Can we make this happen? Please, Santa.


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