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Dexter: Do the Wrong Thing

Dexter: "When I said I wanted to take you out, this is what I meant."

Things aren't going well between Dexter and Deb. And now they're seeing other people.

Was it finding out about Lumen? Deb was so angry (and jealous?) when she got Dexter to admit that he cared for Lumen, and that he helped her kill the men who victimized her. And now she knows Dexter falsified evidence about Hannah. Another wedge to drive Dexter and Deb apart at a time when they need to hang together.

I really thought Dexter was going to kill Hannah. He had her to rights – he had evidence that she killed her husband, her mentor, assorted bunny rabbits. The fact that he decided to kill her at the Santa Christmas place with an obvious lack of plastic sheeting should have been a clue that he wouldn't. Or maybe he thought he was going to do it until she said, "Do what you gotta do." She totally accepted Dexter as a killer, even in what she thought would be her last moments. Wild sex at Santa's. Now what? Hannah and Lumen may both be tall, stunning blondes who dig Dexter, but they're completely different people. Dexter isn't gullible. He knows Hannah could turn around and kill him.

The Dexter/Hannah exchanges were full of wonderful double entendres. (Actually, some of them could have been triple entendres.) Deb dating Sal Price (Santiago Cabrera from Heroes), a true crime writer going after Hannah, was nearly as much fun and included nearly as many double entendres. I do have to wonder if Sal's interest in Deb has something to do with the Ice Truck Killer, though. Or at the very least, the fact that she's a lieutenant in Homicide. Probably both.

In other news, Quinn is in deep trouble. Returning the money didn't work, and now Quinn is stealing evidence and he still can't reach Nadia on the phone. She's either dead, or she was working him. And Isaak won't be in prison for long. I'm getting the feeling Quinn won't be a cop for much longer.

Bits and pieces:

-- Terrific episode title. Dexter did indeed do the wrong thing. He should have killed Hannah, not succumbed to her. It makes me wonder about what happened to Wayne all those years ago.

-- Hannah came to Dexter's door with a blood spatter flower. That was hilarious. Is Hannah's longing to see fake snow a desire for the purity and goodness that she'll never have?

-- Maria was smart to start looking into more recent possible Bay Harbor Butcher murders. I bet it'll work, too. Deb won't be able to keep deflecting Maria forever.

-- Sal Price's home had some weird and interesting art. Not as creepy as Louis Greene's, though.

-- Angel is thinking about retiring and buying a restaurant? Now? With only one and a half seasons of Dexter to go?


Hannah: "Occupational hazard. I can get pretty dirty."

Dexter: "I really need to kill someone."
I don't know why, but comments like these always make me laugh.

Dexter: "I want to take you out."
Hannah: "On a date?"
Dexter: "That'll work."

Harry: "A date? Really?"
Dexter: "She caught me off guard. I had to think of something."

Deb: "Come on. Don't be a cop tease. A good theory totally gives me a girl boner."

Deb: "If you show it to me, I'll totally make out with you."
Sal: "Best first date ever."

Dexter and Deb scenes have always been my favorite, but I enjoyed all of the Dexter/Hannah Deb/Sal scenes in this one. Three out of four blood spatter flowers,

Billie Doux loves good television and spends way too much time writing about it.


  1. By how affected Deb was throughout Season 5 by the barrel girl tapes and killings, I always figured that it would be a breakthrough for her when she figured out that was Dex. After all, she let him go in the end because she thought it was justified. It was really clever of the writers to have her jealousy skew what she previously saw as justice.

    "Thank the sweet fucking baby Jesus," another great line from Lt Morgan with the potty mouth. :)

  2. Will Dexter ever learn not to confuse damaged blondes with someone who actually sees him for who he is and accepts him? I liked the sex scene if only for the fact that Dex looked like a little boy after she told him to go ahead and do what he had to. He's always searching for that someone to accept him, even with Deb. Poor thing.

  3. ... Well that's never happened on the kill table before.

  4. Another great episode of a very strong season.

    Great performances by all.

    Forgotten to say that last week, but Harry's "presence" has such a....6 Feet Under vibe.

  5. I can't help but wonder if Dexter is trying to make a new Lumen or Rita. More likely Lumen. He's chosen a hot blonde who seems to share the same killer instincts, but he's doing his darndest to ignore the fact that Hannah's resemblance to Lumen is only superficial.

    Hannah isn't Lumen. Hannah is Jordan Chase.

  6. All I can say is that I hope they are leading in to bringing Lumen back! I loved her and her with dexter! It's amazing how much a serial killer needs approval and the things he does to get it. I think Deb was jealous and looking for a way to get past her feelings for Dexter. Can't wait for the next episode! Deb will freak when she realizes dexter is screwing Hannah! If she had that bad of a reaction to Lumen, who she felt was justified in killing the freaky five, then she is going to hate dexter with Hannah!

  7. So far, worst episode of the season. :( Strange behaviour for everybody. Angel longing for a retirement, Masuoka telling Debra about it, Dexter not in his best shape and not killing Hannah... And finaly Debra, unconvincing face to face with Laguerta. However I wonder – are we going to see Lumen this season? I would love to.

  8. Not a fan of Dexter´s Hannah fling. He promised not to make the same mistake again and yet here we are....with Hannah still alive. I hope this does not ruin a good season so far. Most people weren´t a fan of Lumen, although their story fitted but I don´t see that with him and Hannah. She needs to go, soon.

    And Deb has a new Lundy but younger. I hope Dexter´s mistakes and Sal´s investigation don´t drive Dex and Deb too far apart from each other.

    Quinn needs to go too...he is overdue and plain stupid. His story goes on my nerves.

    And somehow the Ukrainian mafia does not look so frightening anymore. I feel slightly underwhelmed with this story development.I hope they change that and focus on that story and not on Dexter´s love life.

  9. I admit it. It was hot. I was hoping he wouldn't kill her, there's too much potential with her character. I love seeing the alpha sexual side of Dex.

  10. Maybe I just don't think ahead when watching Dexter, but the writers managed to surprise me twice at the end - once with Dex putting Hannah on the kill table, then again by not killing her. Dammit! I love Hannah, she has so much potential to cause trouble for Dex and Deb, but I can totally see why Dex would fall for her too. Maybe Deb should dye her hair?


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