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Haven: The Farmer

Fiance: “When this wedding is over, I’m so done running.”

I was disappointed in this episode. I like Haven because it is light and fluffy and is careful not to take itself too seriously. Well, I think the writers went over the edge with this one and tried to go for dark and serious. I just found it annoying and icky. Plus, they won’t stop sticking new people into the mix. I want to continue to explore the relationships between the characters I already know, not meet some annoying police officer from Boston who isn’t who he appears to be.

Tommy, the cop, was terrible. I didn’t like his acting and I didn’t like the character. It looks like he’s going to be around for a while, unfortunately. Instead, I would have liked to spend a lot more time exploring how Audrey’s betrayal of Duke will affect their relationship, or a bit more lead up to the friction between Audrey and Nathan. I felt terrible for Duke but it didn’t seem to phase Audrey much. Did she not realize what she was doing?

Weekly Weirdness

Having your organs fail is a serious trouble. Fixing that problem by ripping other people’s organs out through their throats is just offensive. Harry Nix was quite one-dimensional nasty. I think I turned off when he went after his own son. But I guess a guy who is willing to create dozens of babies so he can harvest their organs later is pretty evil. I would have liked him to be a tiny bit ambivalent about sucking out the organs of his own son. My guess is they had to make this trouble so reprehensible in order to justify Duke actually killing him.

Overarching Mystery

Audrey seems to have accepted her fate. She will disappear in 46 days which is tantamount to dying. I don’t know if I would go to work if I was going to die in 46 days. I think I would be more than happy to party with Duke, or at least try to find out how to stop it with Nathan. At least Audrey told Nathan what was coming. As I said above, I’m not keen on the new character Tommy, but he’s obviously there for a reason. The bolt gun guy is certainly getting around. Is he someone who can end people’s troubles and their family’s by killing them?

Bits and Pieces

What happened to the fun episode titles?

The psychiatrist is still around. I found her a little less annoying this week.

Of course Tom Bowen’s trainee came up the hard way.

Uber icky - Harry Nix can smell his children.

Of course Audrey is trying to push Nathan away. Why is he falling for such a transparent ruse?


Duke: “I really couldn’t handle living in the town with Nathan if you disappeared and he didn’t know why.”

Audrey: “Does anybody like it when their shrink says interesting?”
Dr. Callahan: “Nope, that’s half the fun of saying it.”

Thomas: “Not a big fan of the Feebs.”

Audrey: "That’s the freaky thing about me?"

Duke: “I choose not to give into my fate. I choose the life I live, and you can, too.”


  1. I agree, the feel for this season is a bit off. (1) Nate is still acting like a jerk. (2) Introducing one new apparently regular character was enough...I didn't need another (3) Audrey is just too calm about her upcoming disappearance - even for a tough gal like her, she is just too accepting of the situation. (4) As awful as this guys trouble was, Audrey was just too calculating in her use of Duke.
    What I did like though, is that Duke is still Duke...and his reaction to the way Audrey manipulated him I thought fits his character.
    Nate seriously needs to push back with Audrey...he has got to catch on to the fact that she is pushing him away on purpose...I mean, come on.

  2. I agree with you Sooze, Duke was the best part of the show. Nathan does need to get a clue but actually not having a clue is in character for him :). Still I really hope the next episode is better.


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