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The Walking Dead: Tell It To the Frogs

Shane: "Lori, could you just wait up a sec? I think we should talk. We haven't had a chance..."
Lori: "No. No no. That's over, too. You can tell that to the frogs."

Wow. This show just blows me away. The writing, the acting and the music just come together perfectly.

We got to see the camp and get to know more of the group. It is still early days and it just seemed like people were on holiday. A brother and sister were fighting over a stick, Carl was getting his hair cut by his mom, Shane was kidding him about shaving and catching frogs. It can’t last. For one, it would make for boring TV and the reality is that things are just going to get harder as the zombies leave the cities and supplies dry up. But that’s what this show is about: the slow erosion of humanity and how able we are to cling to what separates us from animals.

The big event for this episode was the return of Rick to his family. I was really anxious waiting for him to leave the van. It was actually uncomfortable to know what was about to happen, especially as Carl cried thinking his father was not there again. And although I was happy when the family finally reunited, it was difficult to watch Shane and the mixed emotions that crossed his face. The world had fallen apart but he was happy and in his element. Rick is going to ruin everything for him, but he can’t even let himself feel sadness or anger because this is his best friend. It didn’t help that Lori was so cruel to him. She is feeling guilty but instead of dealing with that herself, she is taking it out on Shane, justifying it as anger that he told her Rick was dead. It’s not like she went and checked, is it? The look on Shane’s face as he trying so hard to smile and be glad that his friend is back was pitiful.

I also actually felt sorry for Merle even though he’s obviously an ass. Rick was right. Nobody and nothing should die like that. I couldn’t help thinking that Merle should have just taken off his thumb. He didn’t have to take the whole hand. But who would be able to think such a thing through when you are terrified and delirious? I really hope they don’t run into him. He’s going to be mighty pissed off. And we got to meet Daryl who seems quite interesting, although almost as volatile as his brother. He does know how to use a crossbow, though. A very handy guy to have around.

The relationship between Ed and Carol illustrates that not even a zombie apocalypse will end violence against women, although men taking responsibility for ending it might. I’m not sure that meeting violence with violence is the best solution, but if Shane was going to end up beating up someone, I’m glad it was Ed. I’m with Jacqui. Just because the world has ended doesn’t mean that we have to go back to the dark ages of gender inequality. Let’s have some women who kick ass and some caring men. There seemed to be a lot of testosterone flying around. There is some hope. If those women keep doing laundry with washboards, they are going to have amazing biceps.

Bits and Pieces

Shane and Carl seemed so good together. I was sad when Lori ended their fun. It was obvious that Shane would never take Rick’s place in Carl’s heart.

Lori had been wearing Rick’s ring. For some reason I thought it was hers. How did she get it?

I liked the shot of Shane on the RV with the storm behind him. A portent of things to come?

Were those Shane’s shoes in Lori and Carl’s tent? It didn’t look like he was staying in their tent.

Poor Glenn. He finally gets a cool car and they strip it for parts.

Grossness I could live without - the zombie eating the deer and after being beheaded, opening its eyes and continuing to try and chew.

It was interesting to see Shane and Rick take down Daryl. They must have been effective cops.

Rick went back to the city for Merle, the guns and the walkie-talkie. I wonder if he would have gone back for just Merle?


Shane: “You just get through this with some manly dignity and tomorrow I’ll teach you something special. I will teach you how to catch frogs.”

Dale: “Words can be meager things. Sometimes they fall short.”

Daryl: “What you know about it, old man? You take that hat and go back to Golden Pond.”

Daryl: “It’s got to be the brain. Don’t you all know nothing?”

Rick: “I’d like to have a calm discussion on this topic. You think we can manage that?”

Daryl: “Choke holding is illegal.”
Shane: “File a complaint.”

Rick: “Four men, four rounds, what are the odds?”

Jacqui: “Can someone explain to me why the women ended up doing the Hattie McDaniel work?”
Amy: “The world ended. Didn’t you get the memo?"


  1. Doc, I, too, was pretty anxious waiting for Rick to get out of the van and reunite with his family. I loved the way it all played out though. From the mixed emotions on Shane's face to Rick breaking down as he hugged Carl (which made me cry) to Lori's utter shock and bewilderment. I also really loved her pulling out the family album when Rick told her how he knew they were alive. It was nice to have some evidence that she does love him.

    Overall, I'm not sure what to make of Lori at this point. I find her personality kind of grating, but I did find myself feeling for her at times in this episode. I think what really stuck in my craw was her initially seeming to support to Rick's plan to go back for Merle, but then publicly guilting him about it at go time. (Maybe I just misread her initial support.) Of course, it fits with what Rick told Shane back in 'Days Gone Bye' about her giving him attitude when he does express his feelings and undermining him in front of Carl. Erg. So not only are we lacking in kick ass women, we've got a semi-manipulative flip-flopper. Sigh.

    Re: the wedding ring. I just assumed the hospital staff had given it to her after Rick was initially shot. They probably removed his personal effects when treating him, and they may have given his ring to his wife during a pre-zombie-apocalypse visit.

  2. There seemed to be a lot of testosterone flying around. There is some hope. If those women keep doing laundry with washboards, they are going to have amazing biceps. Fantastic! That comment made me laugh out loud, Doc.

    One thing about this show, it doesn't hold back. By the end, it already felt as though Rick had been back for a while, not just a day. I sense some upcoming conflict between Shane and him over which is the alpha. What I really hope is that Lori doesn't become the prize in that conflict.

    I'm not sure how I feel about Lori either. There is something about her that I instinctively don't trust, but I do like the way she interacts with her son. She may not be the greatest wife or friend, but she's a very good mother.

  3. Fun fact: I discovered on IMDB that the walker that was eating the deer was played by Executive Producer Greg Nicotero!

  4. I love this site it gives me the excuse too watch these old shows again


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