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The Walking Dead: Sick

Tomas: “Who are you people, anyway?”
Axel: “You don’t look like no rescue team.”

You know you have been through hell and back again when the safest place you can think of is a prison and you don’t think twice about taking on what in the old world might have been the most dangerous of people.

There is no question that Tomas, for example, is a crazy, lethal killer but he becomes just another danger to assess for Rick, Daryl and T-dog. The way Tomas waved around his gun and tried to intimidate Rick and the others was almost laughable. He just had no idea of who or what he was dealing with. When it came to it, Rick put him down like the mad dog he was. So much for justice, mercy or any other of those luxuries that seem to have disappeared. There is still a line, although it gets hazier with each passing day. You don’t kill someone unless you have to and you definitely don’t enjoy it like Tomas seemed to.

This episode was filled with suspense and the writers faked me out at least twice. The first time was when Hershel died and Lori was trying to resuscitate him. I was sure he’d turned into a walker and Lori was going to get bit. It wouldn’t be beyond this show to kill off Hershel and I was glad when he actually came around. Maggie was ready for him to die. She seemed to hope that he would so he could escape the horror. I wonder if that says more about her than him? The scene where she said goodbye to him was very well done. The second time the writers faked me out was when Rick put his hand on Lori’s shoulder. I actually thought they might reconcile but what Rick said put Lori firmly outside a relationship with him. She isn’t my favourite character, but I felt sorry for her. I don’t know if Rick can really afford to love anyone right now. If he does have any space, it will go to Carl.

The prisoners' lack of knowledge of the outside world showed just how far our group has come. It was interesting to see the prisoners react to the dead bodies and talk about their stash of food as “just a little”. We take the plenty around us for granted. Having Rick reiterate all that was lost reminded us how bleak the situation is in the outside world. I would agree with him that over half the population is gone and more are disappearing every day. It is only going to get worse. If they can plant food and make the prison safe, they might have a chance.

I was impressed with our little crew and the way they work together. Rick didn’t have to tell Daryl and T-dog to stay back and deal with the prisoners. Glenn was standing by to deal with Hershel, and Carol and Lori took over Hershel’s care. The whole group works as a team. Even Carol is hard enough to take out a walker to practice on. Carl is taking off on his own, finding the infirmary and killing two walkers. Of course, Lori was upset but Carl won’t accept being treated like a child. He really isn’t one anymore.

Bits and Pieces

The prisoners were locked in the cafeteria for 292/4 days. It’s been almost a year.

Nobody seems to be put off by being covered with blood -- zombie or otherwise.

Lori essentially gave Rick permission to kill the prisoners. Does he even need it anymore?

Rick running after Andrew was not smart.

Gory bits I could do without: close-up of Hershel’s chopped off leg, Tomas covered in blood, but the creepiest thing was the row of prisoners who had obviously been executed.

Loved the shot with Daryl waiting, crossbow at the ready. He still wins my vote for the guy I’d most like to escape zombies with.


Daryl: “Today’s your lucky day, fellows. You’ve been pardoned by the state of Georgia. You’re free to go.”

Tomas: “This is our prison. We were here first.”
Rick: “Locked in a broom closet? We took it, set you free, spilled blood. It’s ours.”

Lori: “Look at me, do I look worried?”
Carol: “You look disgusting.”
Lori: “So do you.”

Maggie: “What if he does wake up, then what? He can’t even walk. All we do is run.”

Lori: “I know that I’m a shitty wife and I’m not winning any mother of the year awards, but I need you to know that not for one second do I think that there is malice in your heart. You're not a killer, and I know that. I know that. So do whatever you got to do to keep this group safe, and do it with a clear conscience.”

Glenn: “Everything you're saying is completely sane. Your wanting to use a walker for practice is a sane thing. I’m just trying to wrap my head around it.”

Tomas: “Shit happens.”
Rick: “I get it. I get it. Shit happens.”

Oscar: “I ain’t never pleaded for my life and I ain’t about to start now. So you do what you got to do.” I respected Oscar for that. It might have been what decided Rick.

Lori: “We’ll give Carl a safe place to do whatever it is he does now.”

Rick: “We’re all grateful for what you did.”


  1. I had much the same reaction, Doc. I kept expecting Hershel to bite either Maggie or Lori and I was on the edge of my seat. And I really, really wanted Rick to kill Tomas, but didn't expect him to actually do it. (Although I do feel bad for the guy Rick locked out in the courtyard. Couldn't Rick have just shot him?)

    I liked Big Tiny, and was hoping he'd make it. Ah, well.

    Great review, Doc.

  2. Loved this episode. Rick has become such a badass. I adored him killing the lead prisoner so viciously and then trapping the other one in the Walker courtyard. This show is just so gritty, raw and brutal and I LOVE IT! Seriously my love for the show grows with every hour! Wonderful review :)

  3. Great review, Doc. I loved the way Tomas and Co, despite being prison bad-asses, looked like rank amateurs next to Rick's gang. They had all the enthusiasm, but none of the technique.

    This is an ultimately depressing show. The characters are always on the back foot, their victories are negligible, yet the human drama never fails to intrigue. On which other show would you consider acquiring a sack of oats and losing a leg as a win?

  4. Goodness gracious me! TWD just keeps getting better and better. Best thing about it is that it always keeps me guessing - I have absolutely NO idea what's going to happen.
    For instance: in this episode I was sure Maggie would kill Hershel, that Tiny would live and Thomas also - only to become a greater threat later.
    As I've said before - they're doing things differently than in the comics and that's a very, very, good thing.
    Still a bit worried about one of the plotlines from the comic - involvning one of the prisoner survivors - let's hope that doesn't happen. 'cause it's just stupid.
    Sadly, Robert Kirkman really has no feeling for characters and how the act and react, but the writers on TWD sure as hell do.
    Fantastic episode!

  5. The premiere was really fantastic, but this episode was just as solid. The tension was high, but they still made time for some really good character beats. I broke down crying when Maggie was telling her dad it was okay to let go. So heartbreaking! Lauren Cohan was just amazing in that scene!

    And I really loved the dynamics between Lori and Rick. While not always the smartest cookie, Lori knows how badly she hurt Rick when she recoiled from him after he confided that he killed Shane. And I think she's doing her damnedest to try to make up for it now. Probably because she's not expecting to make it through childbirth and she desperately wants him to know that she regrets her reaction in that moment. She needs to clean up her ledger, so to speak. That's why she "gave him permission" to kill the prisoners with a clean conscience. Still, I was glad to see him calling her out when she first offered her blessing ("Sure, you say that now ...").

    I actually think at the end he was trying to give her some hope that maybe things weren't completely lost between them. I think that's what the hand on the shoulder was about. He's not ready to just kiss and make up yet (because he's been carrying the bitterness and sense of betrayal for a long time now), but he's not ready to give up entirely. After all, he could have just said what he came out to say, then walked away without reaching out to her. I think that small gesture was the best he was capable of in that moment.

  6. Jess, I definitely agree that Rick is trying to do the best he can, even if he's obviously feeling hurt about her back-and-forth over last season's events. But the snarky part of me (approximately 56.3% of my makeup) wants to grab Lori, shake her, and say: Zombie Apocalypse! Why bring up divorce in the middle of the Zombie Apocalypse! Couldn't you find something better to do, like boiling water?

    But my annoyance with Lori is nothing compared to how much I loved Maggie's great scene with Hershel. Lauren Cohan is awesome.


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