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Nikita: Consequences

"Death is the last step of her journey."

Oh Amanda, how I've missed you so. If this ends up being Nikita's final season, I couldn't imagine a more perfect Big Bad for the show to really go out with a bang.

From using a body to launch a bio-weapon inside Division to that brilliant video message, Amanda really infused this season with some spectacular momentum. Melinda Clarke stole the show and she's just outstanding in her portrayal of our favorite psychopath who is capable of literally anything. The show really needs Amanda, and I can't wait to see what plot she hatches next.

I'm unsure how I feel about the writing decision to have Alex back on drugs. From a character standpoint, it makes a lot of sense given Alex's past and all the hell she's been through over the past few years. However, from an entertainment perspective, it might get grating to have her secretly pop pills as the rest of Team Nikita obliviously carry on with their lives. Hopefully, this will be addressed in the next episode and my worries will have been for naught.

I was also glad to have Owen back. He's always had a unique history with Nikita and I look forward to seeing him become part of the team full time. The fact that Amanda did something to his memories gives the character an intriguing goal although I do wonder how Sean fits into the team now. There just isn't much time to give all the characters their due and he already hasn't been very notable this season. Nevertheless, I have faith in Nikita's fantastic writers.

And finally, true to form like the past two seasons, the ending was dripping with ominous overtones as Amanda launches a new plan in a bid to "teach Nikita" some more. It's a seriously sinister scene coupled with one heck of a haunting musical score. The fact that Amanda is rifling through personal pictures of Nikita and her family (particularly Michael) makes it all the more terrifying. The stakes are personal and we love the gang so much that it feels like a frickin' horror movie with Amanda's vengeful final look. Incredible.

Bits & Bullets

- Badass moment as Anne shoots the guard through the head and Owen's face gets splattered with blood.

- Double date on a New York rooftop with our four spies? Awww. If only Sean wasn't an ass!

- Epic Amanda entrance, and with a haircut no less. Although I definitely prefer the old look, she definitely exudes an even more threatening vibe this way.

- I like Anne. She's tough and she fits as Amanda's lackey.

- Amazing moment as Sean kisses Alex (after berating her for staying at Division).

- The attack on Amanda and Ari's mansion was excellent. From Alex's brutal knockdown fight (which she thankfully barely won) to Owen getting stabbed after Amanda's mind-games. Truly gripping all throughout.

- So Amanda has a mole inside Division? Maybe Owen is transmitting info in some way thanks to his brain surgery?

Nikki Notables

Sean: Honey, why haven't you shot me yet?
Alex: Keep talking.

Owen: You've been busy: Percy, Amanda, Ari. You've checked a lot of people off your to-do list while I was gone.
Nikita: I got a haircut, too.

Ari: That's why you went into the field. You wanted to make sure your human bio-weapon would end up on Nikita's doorstep.
Amanda: Some thing can't be delegated.

Birkhoff: (to Sonya) Yes that's my girl... uh, excellent professional colleague.

Ryan: Amanda is fond of fairytales. Operation black-forest.
Nikita: Let's burn the witch's house down.

Birkhoff: (to Nikita) If you do see Amanda, you might want to avoid eye contact. Maybe you won't turn to stone, but why risk it?

Amanda: Death is the last step of her journey.
Anne: Her journey?
Amanda: Oh I'm not done teaching her Anne. I am not done teaching her.

- A riveting and tantalizing episode of Nikita. Well done show.

4.5 out of 5 brain surgeries.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Great review Nadim!

    Methinks Sonya is the mole... or would that be too obvious?

    And I'm going on the record to say I do NOT like Amanda's new hairdo! But am otherwise very glad she's back! ;o)

    Now I'm trembling for the lives of Michael, Alex, Sean, Owen, Birkhoff and Ryan! Nikita's family is in Amanda's crosshairs. Not good! :o(

  2. Sonia being the mole is way to easy I think the writers are smarter than that. That said, I support the theory about Owen and I totally see Amanda implanting something on him (Like Jaden)

    I don´t like Amanda´s hair, it´s way to short but I think it provides a darker vibe and that must be the point.
    Her relationship with Ari is disintegrating faster than I thought it would since Amanda is keeping him in the dark.
    My favorite scene was when she told everyone she was going to find them and they were going to pay with their life. I still miss Percy even when I understand why he had to go.

    Alex´s with the painkillers - For me it seems like an obvious development, I´m curious about who is going to figure it out first?

    Sean is such a sweet guy and Alex needs someone who can provide her with some normality with such a crazy life. Since I think there is going to be some kind of Sean-Alex-Owen triangle I´m siding with him.
    (How weird is that this episode mark their first scene together and people have been shipping them since last season "Olex")

  3. Finally Amanda and Owen are back and the episode had instantly a higher quality than the one´s before.

    The rift between Amanda (she is so badass) and Ari will definetly get bigger. As soon as he realizes that Amanda used him it will get interesting, I think.

    Sonya would be very obvious but I don´t want Owen to be the mole. Speaking of Owen I really like his story. One of the best characters. Did anyone else think that Owen could be Percy´s son?

    I don´t like Alex´ story so far. Her being on drugs is kind of...I don´t know but at least this giant did not get slapped around by her. And I hope they give Sean more to do and don´t make him just the love fool. I don´t see how Alex can be so involved in Devision considering how well known she is.

  4. Amanda and Owen are back. Yippee!

    A really good episode and a great review, Nadim. I am very curious where they are going with the various plot lines they started up this week, but I am hoping that whomever it is that has to die (and you just know it will be someone) is neither Alex nor Michael. Either of those losses, I think, would send our heroine into a spiral she may not recover from.

  5. What an amazing episode filled with action, great character moments and the return of Amanda and Owen.
    Amanda is really terriyfing and that last scene makes me fear for Team Nikita.


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