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Revenge: Lineage

"You may think I knocked you down, but you landed on your feet."

Towards the end of last season, Revenge set a whole episode in the past and I found it to be spectacular (contrary to public opinion). Eight episodes into the show's sophomore year, and we get another time-jump hour. While this episode wasn't as impressive, it had enough intriguing moments to make the trip worth it.

I'm not too sure how I feel about Victoria's backstory. On one hand, it was somewhat satisfying to meet her mother (a development I honestly never even considered), but the whole mother-turns-a-blind-eye-to-her-pedophilic-husband shtick has been done before and it's just never fun to watch. So now we're supposed to pity Victoria? I honestly always found myself fascinated by the character that I didn't really need her pigeonholed into the vengeful victim stereotype. The revelation honestly disappointed me, as I was hoping the writers would come up with something more creative to explain her cutthroat demeanor. The good news is this backstory allows us to draw even more parallels with Emily: both women found themselves in some sort of institution after dealing with psychotic moms, and both eventually found themselves hellbent on revenge (or as Emily so wonderfully puts it: "a journey with no end.") The fact that Victoria orchestrated an entire scheme so she could finally corner and destroy her mother at that dinner table was genius, however, and effectively carried out.

Surprisingly, this was actually a stronger hour for Aiden, whom we discovered joined Team Takeda (I'm copyrighting this term) thanks to Emily. It's a compelling point that imbues their relationship with even more weight. The two avengers are just awesome together, and the fact that Aiden's dad is also connected to the David Clarke conspiracy is just icing on the cake. Suffice to say, the writers have done a great job of repositioning the season the past couple of episodes, after a somewhat shaky start.

Vengeful Bits

- It was nice to see Takeda again, and in the field causing damage, no less.

- Emily met Ashley when she was trying to package herself as a whore? Priceless.

- Daniel and his poetry made me laugh.

- Marian making her daughter shoot her dead husband was a bit too dramatic for me (and that's saying a lot).

- Even Jack's dramas in the past were boring. Okay, so present day scumbag is the son of past-scumbag who was killed by Jack's dad's friend? It's too painful to care...

- I liked how protective Conrad was of Vikki. I'm really rooting for the couple now.

- Badass moment with Takeda, Emily and Aiden triple-teaming the thugs in the bar.

- Nolan choosing a "convicted terrorist" over his boyfriend was a powerful moment to showcase his decade-old loyalty to the Clarkes. I wasn't actually enjoying Nolan and his CFO boyfriend until we jumped back to the present and Daniel contacted him. This should be interesting.

- Aiden calling Emily "Amanda". I think it's the first time ever someone does that in the present day?

- I absolutely adored Emily sharing her infinity box with Aiden. It's a truly poignant and satisfying moment in the show's journey.

Devious Delights

Takeda: Are you afraid?
Emily: No... I'm ready.

Marian: I thought you'd at least enjoy taking pity on me.
Victoria: Pity is not a quality you've taught me.
Marian: I have nowhere to go.
Victoria: Hmm.. well, we do have a good number of rooms here. Pity, as you say, none of them are for you.
Marian: You vindictive bitch.
Victoria: Oh I learned from the best. Goodbye, Mother. I have no doubt that you'll land on your feet.

Conrad: Has the darkness finally been lifted?
Victoria: Ask me tomorrow.

Aiden: Double infinity?
Emily: A journey with no end.

- While I didn't enjoy the episode's primary reveal, this was a nonetheless entertaining and intriguing hour of Revenge.

3 out of 5 Team Takedas.

Previously posted at Nad's Reviews.


  1. Allo, Nadim.
    Nice review.
    Let's just clarify one thing:
    Amanda saw and knew about Ashley in the Russian harem; but Ashley never saw Amanda who gave her the money.
    When she opened the cubicle door, Amanda has left.
    So, this is another ace up on Amanda's/Emily's sleeve.
    Love it. Hehehe.
    Love this ep but for the back stories on Jack which we can do without.
    The Victoria back story, well, I agree with you - somewhat over the top. :)

  2. You're so right Platinum I didn't even notice that Ashley didn't see Emily (I don't call her Amanda so I don't get confused)
    Haha thanks for clearing it up!

  3. I like flashbacks because we get to see people again -- even Sammy.

    I agree about Victoria's backstory being too OTT, but I love a good, old-fashioned revenge plot. The parallels between the two women are fascinating.

    While Jack is certainly not the strongest character, I do like him. Don't forget the teaser of the first episode this season. Something tells me that this shooting is the beginning of how that boat eventually goes down.

  4. Was glad to see Sammy - even for a second...

    I find myself a bit confused about Emily and Aiden. A bit of a continuity issue for me... she very very quickly jumped to "you're staying here" and "don't ever disappear on me again" when only few eps back they didn't seem all that close. Yes, I know they were lovers back then, but ever since Aiden showed up, Emily was clear she wasn't all that happy about it, and now this... just found it a bit upside down

    I thought it was not possible to make Daniel look more stupid - I stand corrected

    Didn't mind Victoria back story, it didn't make feel pity for her, but the fact the she orchestrated her mom's meet with that man only to be able to ruin it - that did make me feel pity. It would have been so much better if the guy was really into her mom and she avenged by braking the real thing....

    god! am rooting for break ups, too much "Revenge" on my screen :)

  5. The Victoria story was interesting and her mother sure was a piece of work. Nolan's old boyfriend was more intriguing than Padma..please lose her soon show.


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