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Doux News: December 30, 2012

Happy New Year!

This week: New at Doux, and I do mean new -- Dexter and Homeland finales -- Leverage canceled -- Star Wars vs. Firefly -- Deception -- Arrow coolness -- Justified -- S.H.I.E.L.D.

New at Doux, and I do mean new

I have big news about our site! We have a cool new name and we're moving to a new domain, hopefully tomorrow -- the next big step in our master plan to combine my original site and our blog and get it all under one roof.

Nothing else is going to change, I promise! Same writers, same shows, same format, nobody's going anywhere, and Josie and I will still be co-owners. We're just moving to another address on the information highway. We'll keep you all posted, of course.

Late news, but still worth talking about

The season finales of Dexter and Homeland set rating records on Showtime. Very cool, especially considering that it was Dexter's seventh season. I still haven't seen Homeland, but it's probably time I got around to it, huh?

Leverage, a show that features Angel fave Christian Kane, was canceled after five seasons. The last episode aired Christmas night. Even though I've missed most of the last two seasons, I still plan to watch the finale at some point; it's waiting on my DVR. (I once drove five hours to wait in line for hours to meet Christian Kane. I admit it.)

A couple of weeks ago, there was an opinion piece on Salon on the purchase of the Star Wars franchise by Disney and why Joss Whedon's Firefly is an outright better story with better characters than Star Wars. Presented without much comment, although I'll readily admit the writer has a point. I still think Star Wars has a certain amount of magic, though.

This week in casts

Okay, it's news from earlier than this week, but holidays.

Victor Garber, who played my favorite character on Alias, has signed on to play the patriarch on Deception, a new show that looks just a wee tiny bit like Revenge.

Arrow is continuing its delightful habit of casting science fiction favorites. I was pleased to hear that they've cast Colton Haynes as a continuing character; in fact, I hope they make him a cast member. Haynes's work on Teen Wolf as Jackson Whittemore was memorable. I sometimes hated him and sometimes felt sorry for him, but Haynes managed to evoke some sort of emotion from me in nearly every episode. That's saying something.

I could say much the same about the character James Callis played in Battlestar Galactica, and guess what? He's got a guest star spot coming up on Arrow, too. And I could have sworn I reported it in an earlier issue of Doux News, but Seth Gabel from Fringe is also going to be on Arrow. This all makes me wish I liked Stephen Amell more than I do.

Sam Anderson, who played Holland Manners on Angel and Bernard on Lost, will be playing a recurring character on the upcoming season of Justified.

Casting for S.H.I.E.L.D. is now complete. How come there's no Nick Fury? (Is it obvious that my knowledge of S.H.I.E.L.D. is limited to Iron Man and The Avengers?)

That's it for this week. Opinions, raves, rants, questions? Post a comment!


  1. A new site ? Wow. Billie 3.0

    Leverage. I've ranted, I've babbled, I've said, I've commented often that this show is top notch. It is. I'll just say that that very last scene made me smile hugely. Great show, great cast. And greatly appreciated director Jonathan Frakes' multiples cameos throughout the series. And Christian Kane ? Quite sure he was worth all these miles.

    Star wars. Just the first 3 (real) original movies please. And we shouldn't compare apples with oranges. Hence, the practicality of Multiverses.

    Victor Garber. Another great actor. I'll have to say that he played my SECOND fave character on Alias; the gold going of course to his daughter. I am so gender biased.

  2. ....say that the very.....

    A typo, not over excitement.

  3. A new site, how very cool.
    James Callis on Arrow? Very much a yay. Loved Baltar on Battlestar..sometimes loved to hate him but whatever..he was always interesting.
    Iwan Rheon, Misfits' Simon is on Game of Thrones..also a yay.

  4. I'm excited for our new debut tomorrow!

    I'm surprised you left out the news about The Walking Dead being renewed for Season 4, but without Glen Mazzara! I know I'm relatively new to the series, but I was seriously bummed out by this news. The first half of S3 has really stepped up the show's intensity and impact, and I've been enjoying it tremendously. So the prospect of a new showrunner has me fairly apprehensive. But who knows? Maybe after we see the back half of S3 we'll all be happy or relieved that someone new is coming in. :)

    Happy New Year, all!

  5. Thanks, Jess. My bad! I saw a couple of pieces about it and just didn't make a note of it.

  6. I'm definitely going to watch Deception. It's sold as soon as I saw Victor Garber will be in it. Nothing can come close to my favorite Spy Dad. :)

    A bit sad about the cancellation of Leverage. I will sure miss the gang. Though with the finale, a spin-off maybe a possibility.

    My, the powers that be in the Arrow series is really beefing-up the show. Pulling in Colton Hayes will definitely add to the ratings game.
    Hope that they don't forget to put Kelly Hu to use. Her screen time boils down to a few seconds. Not happy.

    Congrats on the new site, Billie. Looking forward to see it. I'm sure it'll be a cool one. :)

    Have a nice day.

  7. Victor Garber never stays unemployed for long. He's so good. i love that he's so different in everything he's in. Amazing.

    Thanks for the link to that Salon article. Awesome.

  8. The Salon article was a very interesting read. I agree with all of the expressed sentiments!

    Very excited for the new site tomorrow. Yippee!!

  9. They are being very coy about information regarding S.H.I.E.L.D., my guess is that it is a division that operations autonomously from the Avengers/Nick Fury side of things. That doesn't mean they won't bring in Superhero stuff and movie actors. I could see some of them making cameos, including Samuel L. Jackson. Unless of course it is set in a time period before the movies.

    Love all the new Arrow casting news. It gives me some hope that the show will continue grow and get better as it pushes forwards. Plus it looks like Colton Haynes might be a love interest for Thea which makes me happy.

  10. Billie, you don't like Stephen Amell? Just LOOK at him!

    Really happy about Colton Haynes appearing though. He seems like a rising start at the moment.


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